Top 140+ Happy 11th Birthday Wishes


With 11th birthday celebration, the boys or girls this age are growing up into more serious but still playful little people. To make it more special, use these birthday wishes for their 11th birthday, so when they look back, they will remember and cherish their special part of life. Also, make sure you add these birthday images to your greeting card, as images speak, a not a thousand, but at least words more. …More

Best Happy 8th Birthday Wishes


Here are some of the best birthday wishes for 8th year old boy or a girl. In these years there are sweetest little people that keeps us surprising with their smart, and sometimes funny, observations of the world around them. …More

Happy 27th Birthday Wishes


Celebrating a prosperous new year of life has always been a wonderful experience. Turning 27 is a memorable time of life, it’s the stage when you ought to know the path you choose to go in your journey. It is the happiest especially when you celebrate it with the important people in your heart. Here are some collections of 27th birthday wishes to send to the special person in your life, make him/her happy and loved. …More

21st Birthday Quotes and Wishes


Doesn’t matter which angle and how hard you look at it, turning 21 is both exciting and amazing! If you have a friend or know someone who’s celebrating their 21st birthday today, don’t miss the chance to welcome them on this Big Day and greet them with a happy birthday message. Check out our list below for our funny and inspirational birthday wishes and quotes. …More

Top 170 Happy Birthday Photographer Quotes


A lot of times, our photographers are underappreciated and are not give the credit due. If you have a dear photographer who is celebrating his/her birthday, these messages may help you. Show your love, care and appreciation by sending you these greetings. …More

Happy Birthday Crazy Girl Wishes

Others may consider her weird, but to you, she is just perfectly crazy. Sometimes, misunderstood by people who don’t really know her. You know that she cares for you, but had a unique way of showing it. Besides, we all need a little craziness in our lives. Below is a list of birthday wishes for the special but crazy girl in your life. Show her that you are one lucky person to have her in your life. I am sure she will love you more for it. …More

The 180 Happy Birthday Paragraph

Sending well-wishes to someone having a birthday may be considered a simple gesture. But that simple gesture will mean something to the birthday celebrant. It would remind them that someone is thinking of them on their special day. That they are loved and appreciated. No need to break the bank for elaborate and expensive gifts. Words coming from the heart are enough to move them and make them feel extra special. Don’t miss the chance to do so. Here’s a list of Happy Birthday Paragraph to make your life easier. You can choose from the list or use it as an inspiration in making your own. …More

200+ Happy Birthday Football Player

Footballers bring a lot of entertainment to most people around the globe. It is a lot of fun whenever they start playing with the ball. Do you have a favorite footballer? What would do if you were given a chance to be a part of their birthday? It’s always a good idea to let them know how you appreciate them for playing the game and giving you something that you can watch and enjoy. A simple birthday message can brighten them up. You can browse some birthday greetings from down below, find the perfect birthday greeting, and send them to your favorite football player. …More