33rd Birthday Quotes

33 is a beautiful age.
It’s the time to look back when you finished your 20s and started your 30s.
It’s time to be thankful for the remarkable career and new chapters in your life.
If you have a loved one who’s celebrating their 33rd birthday, make it more special for them by sending them your greetings, thoughts and wishes.
Here are some messages, which could serve as your inspiration.

I pray that you’ll have a blast on your birthday. It’s your 33rd year on earth so expect more exciting things to come. Best birthday, my favourite!

You’ve turned 33 today, and it’s time to party all night long. Forget about your worries even for today and let’s make this day a memorable one. Best birthday!


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Your birthday comes once a year so let’s enjoy it to the fullest. You’re an amazing person and we love to celebrate this special day. Happiest 33rd birthday!

May you have the best of everything as you celebrate your 33rd birthday. I pray for more wonderful presents than your previous birthdays. Happiest birthday!

You’re a wonderful person and you are worthy of every blessing that you receive. May you have many more birthdays. I pray that all that you dream of come true.


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Your age seems getting older but I know that you are a child at heart. You may start evaluating your priorities and behave like a 33-year-old. No matter what, we still love you. Enjoy your birthday!

Every birthday is special. I hope that your 33rd birthday will give you more than you wished for. I pray that you’ll grow each year with wisdom.

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My dear, always remember that you can count on me anytime even though we don’t see each other often. Have fun on your 33rd birthday. I wish you all the best in life.

You might get a year older this year but I pray that this year will bring lot of good things. May you be wiser and bolder with each decision that you’ll make. Happiest 33rd birthday!


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My dearest, you know how much I love you. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. May today bring you lots of fun and blessings.

On your 33rd birthday, I pray for success and abundance in the coming year. You’re a great blessing to us and you deserve great blessings from the Almighty.

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Today is the best time for us to remind you how special you are. Take time to relax, disconnect and thank God for another year He has given you. Enjoy your time with your loved ones. Best 33rd birthday!

Happiest 33rd birthday! May your day be as special as you are to us. Always remember that you’re unique in a good way. Stay cool and cherish this wonderful day.

Let me take this chance to thank you for the friendship we’ve shared. May success come to you easily and may you have all the blessings in life. Use your new year wisely. Happy 33rd birthday!

To my dearest friend, happy birthday! I can’t believe you’re already 33! You seem already a vintage. Just kidding. You’re far from it. May God’s favor be always upon you.

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We might be in our 30s now but it doesn’t mean our momentum is going down. We can show the world that we have so much strength to start something ant to reach our goals. Happiest 33rd birthday!

Dearest friend, may you have the craziest and most fun birthday celebration. It’s time to level up since you’re already 33. Old age is getting nearer as you celebrate your birthday each year.

Congratulations on becoming 33 today. This isn’t to remind you that you’re getting older but to tell you how blessed you are to reach this age gracefully. Best birthday!

Forget about the past and just look forward to a brighter future. There’s still so much ahead of you even though you’re already in your 30s. Happiest birthday!

Time seems to go by very fast because you’re already 33. Don’t worry because you still look good. I wish I looked young as you when I was your age. Cherish the new year given to you.

Dear, you’ll always be special in my heart. In case you don’t know, you’re so important to me so stay the way you are. Have a fun 33rd birthday!

I can’t believe how many of our birthdays we’ve spent together. Happiest 33rd birthday, dear. It’s nice to have you in my life.

At 33, you look like an angel. You’re so beautiful inside and out. May God’s blessings pour upon you as you start this new year of your life. Love you lots!

Now that you have kids, I know that you don’t make your birthday a special day anymore. Since you’re a special friend, let me still greet you a wonderful birthday. Stay blessed and happy.

To our boss, happiest 33rd birthday. May this year be filled with success in your personal life and career. May God give you good health and grant you a long life.

You know how much I like you because I can keep up with your silliness and craziness. Remember that I love you for who you are. Enjoy your 33rd birthday, my dearest.

Happiest birthday, dear. I know that you don’t have a good taste in throwing parties so let me do the honor this time. I know you’ll have a blast.

Today is the best time to let loose. Party all night long. Anyway, it’s your 33rrd birthday. You won’t know how time will fly so fast and you’re already too old for parties.

Your 33rd birthday comes once in your life. Don’t waste it just by staying at home. Let’s go out and paint the town red. We’ll make sure you’ll have a night to remember. Best birthday!

Your smile sends so much positivity. I pray that you’ll always have the reason to smile. Have a wonderful 33rd birthday!

Most of the time, life gives us many reasons to be busy that we fail to keep in touch with our loved ones. Thank God for birthdays. It’s the best time to tell you that you’re always loved. Happiest 33rd birthday!

It’s your time to shine and to show the world how special you are. Thank God for your life. I can’t any friend crazier than you are.

No matter what you are, you’ll always be my brother. You might be a bastard now but I know you’ll turn into a responsible man. Best birthday! Enjoy your 33rd!

Happiest 33rd birthday to my dearest friend. May God give you your heart’s desire as you start another chapter of your life. I know God will bless you more than you could imagine.

I never saw you as someone in his 30s because you look young. You just can carry yourself very well. But I realized how much wisdom you have when I looked into your eyes. Happiest birthday man!

You’re an awesome man. I wish you nothing but the best especially on your natal day. Remember that we want to see you happy all the time.

Happy birthday dear! I pray that your day will be filled with fun and that you’ll experience ultimate joy of celebrating your birthday. Enjoy your 33rd year!

Life is amazing. We just didn’t notice that you are now 33. Let’s start making more wonderful memories as time passes by so fast. Best birthday!

I pray that on your birthday, God will fill you with His love and that this year will be abundant for you and your family. More blessings to come and have a wonderful 33rd birthday!

On your birthday, may you feel that you are so loved. May you enjoy your loved ones’ company and love the wonderful presents they bring. Best 33rd birthday!

Happy birthday, dear! I know that there are many people who don’t forget you and your birthday. That is already a great blessing. May you have a successful year ahead.

You’re blessed to look younger than your age. I know nobody could believe that you’re already 33. Happy birthday, baby face!

I couldn’t ask for more than having a daughter like you. You’re everything I prayed for in a child. I’m so proud that I have a caring, loving and kind daughter. Happiest 33rd birthday. I always pray for your happiness.

I know your birthday is special so I pray that this birthday will even be more special than the previous ones. Happiest birthday! Enjoy the wonderful celebration.

Having a child is a blessing. However, having you as my daughter is twice the fun, I was so excited knowing that I would give birth to a beautiful girl. I’m so grateful about our relationship. Happiest 33rd birthday!

It’s another year to build new dreams and to finish the things left undone. May this year a fruitful one for you. Happiest birthday!

Raising a child is challenging but I’d like to go through that again if you were that child. You’re so precious and I’m so proud that you’ve grown into a beautiful and amazing woman. Enjoy your 33rd birthday, dearest daughter.

Only for today, forget about your diet. Eat anything you want and as much as you can. It’s time for ice cream and cake and other treats. Let’s celebrate your 33rd birthday in a grand way.

To my loving daughter, happiest 33rd birthday. I pray that God will shower you with His love and blessings. You deserve every good thing. Have fun on this blessed day!

The best things in life are free. So on your birthday, I pray for love to envelop you and peace to calm you and happiness to inspire you. Don’t worry because I’ve prepared a real present too!

As your mother, I can say that you’re one of the best people in the world. I’m so grateful for all the wonderful times together. I pray that we’ll have more mother-daughter moments. Best 33rd birthday!

At first sight, I didn’t think you’d become an important friend to me. I’m glad we’ve become good friends. We’ll make this day extra special for you. Happiest 33rd birthday!

May you have the most awesome birthday celebration. It’s the perfect time to celebrate your life and thank God for all the wonderful things you’ve experienced in the past years. May your 33rd birthday be filled with happiness and love.

You’re so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people in your life. I congratulate you for turning a year older. Have a blessed 33rd birthday!

My daughter, today is the best time to show my appreciation to you. Thank you for teaching me how to love unconditionally. I love you no matter what. You’ll always be my baby even if you’re turned 33. Best birthday!

You’re a gem and you’re special to me. I pray for your success in life an in your career. Just keep on holding on to your dreams. Best 33rd birthday!

Raising you wasn’t a breeze. We had some storms in our life but I’m glad I was able to raise you well. Those difficult times made our mother-daughter bond stronger. Thank you for being a good daughter. Best 33rd birthday!

You’ve grown into an independent and lovable woman. I know you’ll continue to touch lives as you turn a year older. Happy 33rd birthday, dear!

You’ve shared your light to everyone for 33 years. It’s the best time to celebrate your life. You’ve gone through a lot and I’m proud of how you faced those challenges. You make me a proud mother. Happiest 33rd birthday!

Dear, you’ve cared so much for us and for the others. It’s time to think about yourself. Enjoy your 33rd year on earth. Explore and try new things. Happiest birthday!

Even while you were young, I know that you were brave and wise enough to handle different situations. I knew then that you would become so successful. Love you dearly. May you enjoy your 33rd birthday. God bless you!

You’ve grown wiser and more mature but still, you remain to be so friendly and loving to everyone. Please stay that way. May you have the birthday celebration you hoped for. Enjoy every moment of it.

Son, you always make me so proud. I know you’ve been through a lot of difficulties but you continue to survive gracefully. It makes me happy knowing that I raised you well. Happiest 33rd birthday, my awesome son!

You’ve become so successful because of your hard work and by God’s grace. Do whatever makes you happy especially today. You deserve to have fun on your birthday.

It’s always fun to reminisce the times when you were a baby and the fun moments while growing up. I’m always excited about everything you do and everything you will accomplish. Love you so much, dear son. Enjoy your 33r birthday!

My son, I can still remember the first time I held you in my arms and that was 33 years ago. You are our bundle of joy and will always be. We always love you. Best birthday!

I know sometimes things get rough and it’s difficult to find the answers. Just hold on to what you think is the right thing to do and wait for victory. For today, just enjoy your natal day. Happiest 33rd birthday!

To a wonderful son, happy birthday! 33 years ago, when we had you, I knew we would have a good relationship. While you were growing up, I felt that you had so much wisdom than everyone in your age level.

Dear, you’ve been working so hard. May your 33rd birthday be a good reason for you to take a break. Unwind and have fun. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, my dearest son. I thank God for the wonderful blessings of good health, happiness and safety He’s given you. You know how special you are to us. We love you always. May God bless you more.

My love, you’re a workaholic but you need to stop working even for today because it’s your birthday. Happy 33rd birthday! To deserve a breakfast in bed and a grand party later in the evening.

My dearest son, may this new chapter bring you more joy and success. As your mom, I always pray for a good future for you. Continue to be a good influence to others. Have a great 33rd birthday!

To my dearest, happy birthday. It was fun as well as challenging looking for the best present for you because you seem to have everything. I hope you’ll love it.

To my wonderful son who I dearly love, happy birthday. For 33 years, I’ve been praying for God’s favor to be upon you and all the good things in life. May you live up to God’s expectations of you.

Today is a special day because we’re celebrating your birthday. You mean so much to me and no one else could take your place. Have fun!

As you celebrate your birthday each year, I feel like I’m getting older. It’s okay because I see your success each year and that makes me proud and happy. May God help you with your goals. Happiest 33rd birthday, son.

It’s amazing how successful you’ve become and I thank God for that. I know how much hard work you’ve put into anything you do. For now, enjoy your special day. Happy 33rd birthday, love!

Son, you’ve grown into a person we’ve been praying to God for. I’m so blessed to have you as my child. We love you more each day. May you have a blessed 33rd birthday. Best birthday!

My darling, happiest 33rd birthday! Stay awesome as you start to realize your dreams. I wish you happiness and luck in the new phase of your life.

My son, thank you for making parenting an easy job for us. Thank you for the love and the care you always show us when you’re here with us and far from here. Have the coolest 33rd birthday celebration.

Distance could not hinder me from greeting you a happy 33rd birthday. You’re always in my mind and in my heart. Have a blast!

You might be 33 today but your face looks like you’re in your 20s. Thank God for the good genes. Cheers to new adventures this and fun moments on your birthday. Have an awesome birthday!

My dearest friend, distance only makes our friendship stronger. I wish to see you soon so we could celebrate your birthday. Happy 33rd birthday!

Happiest 33rd birthday, friend! May you have all the strength to blow out the 33 candles on your birthday cake. If not, then I can help you with it.

Dearest friend, happy 33rd birthday! May your birthday celebration be as awesome as you are. Forget about your worries and just have fun.

Every time a dear loved one celebrates a birthday. I feel so giddy. It makes me thankful that I would get to spend more time with him or her. Thank you for being a friend. Best 33rd birthday!

I know you’ll receive many presents today but the best present I can give is my love and care. I hope you’ll enjoy your special day. May you have the best life ever. Happy birthday!

We need the brightest candles to light because it’s your birthday and you’ve just turned 33. Let’s celebrate your special day and create wonderful memories.

My love, you occupy a great space in my life. Thank you for being a part of me. May you have the greatest year ever as you turn 33. Happy birthday!

I wish I had baby face like you so people won’t treat me like an old person. Happiest 33rd birthday! Enjoy the next 24 hours of your life to the fullest. Stay young at heart.

You might already be 33 today but you don’t look like one. Don’t let the age bother you because you’re aging gracefully and with much wisdom.

I just can’t believe you’re 33. You look way younger than your age. I wish you would tell me your secrets to staying young. May you have the best day ever.

Make a wish and I know that God will grant your desire because you have been a good person and a great influence to others. Have the happiest birthday ever!

To my dear friend, thank you because you’ve made my life more meaningful and exciting. May you have everything that you’ve asked for. Don’t worry about getting old because you’re aging gracefully. Happiest 33rd birthday!

I’m so glad that I’m one of the people whom you consider special in your life. Happiest birthday! A toast to a new beginning and more adventures.

I remember so well how anxious you were that you were turning 30. Three years has passed and you’re doing well. 30s look good on you so be thankful for another year. Have the best of everything from today onwards.

Today is a day to be thankful because another year has been added to your life. May this be the best time to reminisce wonderful times and look forward to a successful future.

In our life, there are people who come and go. I’m glad that you’re one of the people who choose to stay with me in my journey. Thank you for being with me always, my best friend. Happiest 33rd birthday!

We shouldn’t be anxious about getting older because we have each other. Age is just a number and I know we can still do great things as the years go by. Enjoy being 33.

Each birthday is an opportunity to reassess our life, move forward towards your goals and be thankful of the previous years. Enjoy your birthday celebration. Have the best 33rd birthday!

I know turning 30 was hard for you but be thankful because of another year in your life. Now that you’ve turned 33, enjoy your life despite the challenges because it pays to be positive.

Each birthday is special and I pray that this year will outdo last year’s celebration because you keep on getting more special in my life. Happiest 33rd birthday to my dearest best friend!

To my dearest friend, happy birthday. May your 33rd birthday be filled with delightful things like unlimited drinks, overflowing food and wonderful gifts. Let’s not care about gaining some pounds today.

I’m glad to see you always happy, my love. I pray that there will be more reasons to be inspired as the years go by. May today bring you so much joy.

You’ve lived for 33 years and you’re doing well. Thank God for giving you wonderful years and this new year in your life. Have the best birthday ever! A toast to more wonderful years ahead.

My love, may your birthday bring you so much delight. Enjoy the party and create wonderful memories on this day. Best birthday!

At 33, you look so beautiful and amazing. Keep on doing what you love and continue to be an inspiration. You make me so proud. Happy birthday!

In life, we face difficulties but may God give you strength and wisdom to overcome those. I pray that this year will be filled with blessings. Cheers!

I’m so glad that I have a twin sister. It’s like having a mirror every now and then. Happiest birthday to us, sister! May our 33rd year be a good one for both of us.

Spending my life with you for 33 years has been a bliss. Our lives might not be perfect but it’s easy to overcome difficulties with you by my side. Happiest birthday!

Your dog age might be too old but don’t mind it. You’re a human being and you just turned 33. May you have the best birthday, my dearest friend.

It’s cool to have a friend who has the same birthday as me. Happiest birthday to the two of us. May we both feel blessed and special on this day.

It’s amazing how time flies so swiftly. You’re now 33 and I know it’s a good age to discover more new things. Please remember that you are loved by many, especially me.

Every time I look at you, I am in awe of your beauty and kindness. You always do something with ease and with love. Love you so much. Enjoy your 33rd birthday because you are worthy to be celebrated.

Dearest twin sister, I’m so glad we’re twins because there’s someone I can lean on and vice versa. Let’s make the most out of our 33rd birthday. Cheers to a wonderful year ahead.

My love, I’m so blessed because I have someone who eases my pains and makes me smile in times of sorrow. Thank you for loving me that way you do. Love you dearly. May all the good things come upon you.

You get better and look prettier each year. I guess that beauty comes with maturity. Keep it up. Love you, honey!

I’m glad that you were born 33 years ago today. It’s amazing how fate brought us together and now you’re one of the special people in my life. My love, happiest birthday. I’m excited to be with you on birthday.

My pal, you’ve been busy and have been working so hard. Today is the best day to start a grand vacation. Go, explore and experience something new. Happy birthday!

I guess I’m more excited to celebrate your birthday than you are. This day is special because it’s the day you started existing and I’m happy to be a part of your life. Love you lots! Happiest 33rd birthday!

Since it’s your birthday, let me congratulate you for gracefully surviving all those years. May God give you the strength to face the new year. More blessings to come!

My love, the best gift I can give is my undying love. I don’t need to wrap it because I know that you already have it. May you have a wonderful 33rd birthday!

It’s good to be 33. Don’t worry about it. You’ll get used to it. Just cherish each wonderful moment and be ready to face some challenges. Have fun on your birthday!

Having your birthday is the best time to celebrate God’s goodness. It’s the time to thank Him for all the wonderful blessings and for adding another year in your life. Have a blast!

To someone who’s celebrating her 33rd birthday, thank you! My love, you inspire me and you motivate me to be the best version of myself. You’re the one I want to spend my forever with.

My love, you’re one in a million. I can’t believe that you are mine. I love every single bit of you. Happiest birthday!

As long as you are with me, I will be confident in whatever comes my way. You’re my strength and my inspiration. Happiest birthday to the love of my life. Enjoy your 33rd year!

To someone who is so unique, happiest birthday. You will always be beautiful in my eyes and you have the most wonderful character. Stay that way, my love.

Let me take this moment to tell you how wonderful you are and to pray for more amazing things in the future for you. Have a fun birthday! I’ll make today more special for you.

I’m so happy that we can celebrate the life of the most awesome person I know. I know that one day isn’t enough but we’ll make it more merobrale for you. Have a fun 33rd birthday!

People are anxious when they are in their 30s. Don’t be scared about turning a year older. Be proud of what you’ve become and wok towards your goals this year. Happy 33rd birthday!

My dear friend, don’t worry about the additional year on your age. You look exactly the same a year ago. I hope you’ll teach me the tricks.

Dear friend, happy birthday. Don’t let your age stop you from letting loose and having the time of your life. Your birthday is an excuse to celebrate wildly. We’re here to help you make this day a memorable one.

No matter what I may go through – good or bad, I would still love you to be by my side. Cheers to more years together and happy birthday! Love you!

Aside from Christmas, you birthday is my favorite occasion. It’s the day when we get to have much food and fun. Also, it’s the time to celebrate your awesomeness.

Every gift that you receive represents how special you are to the giver. May you have fun opening each of them. I hope you’ll receive not only gifts but more blessings from God.

It’s a blessing to have someone like you in my life. Thank God for giving me you. Have fun on your birthday, my dear!

On your birthday, I wish you success and happiness that you’re seeking for. Cherish each present that you receive from people you love. I know that I’m one of them.

Honey, I would like to give you something that would represent how much I love you. But nothing could compare to how I feel for you. Here is my present for you – together with my endless love.

As you turn a year older, I pray for wisdom, strength and courage as you journey towards your goals in life. May you have the best of everything. Enjoy your special day!

My dearest, I pray that you birthday will be even more fun than last year’s. We all wish you the best in every endeavor you take. Happiest 33rd birthday!

My dearest friend, you’re special in your own ways. May you find your niche in whatever journey you want to venture in. God always be with you. Best birthday!

Thank God for giving you another year. It’s a wonderful day to celebrate life and love. Let’s make the most out of your birthday.

My dearest best friend, it’s the perfect time to remind you of my loyalty for you. You’re the first person I think of when I wake up and you’re always in my thoughts. Happiest 33rd birthday!

I thank God for everything that has happened for I know that each of those events has its own reasons. Thank you for sticking with me through the bad times and celebrating with me through the good ones. Best birthday!

You’re one of the most selfless people I now. We’re all excited to celebrate your birthday. Thank you for always bringing positivity in our lives and for inspiring us to the best that we can be have a wonderful birthday!

Don’t be anxious about turning a year older. You’re so blessed with so many good things. I know you have many things to be thankful about. Have an awesome 33rd birthday!

Today is the start of your long-awaited vacation. It’s time to reminisce, thank God for all the blessings and make plans for the future. Remember that it’s your time for yourself so relax and have fun. Happiest 33rd birthday!

To a fantastic friend, happy birthday. You know that I admire your positivity and cheerfulness. You always can find answers even to the most difficult situations. Thank God for letting me have you as my friend.

Thank God for blessing you with another year. I pray that God will grant you long life so we could spend a long time together. A toast to another chapter in your life. Happy 33rd birthday!

Times causes many changes in a person’s life. For you, time is on your side because you’ve aged gracefully. You might have matured but you’ve gained much wisdom. Happiest 33rd birthday!

It’s so amazing how you’ve grown mature but look young at the same time. I can’t believe you just turned 33. I wish everyone were like you.

If we consider a dog’s age, you might be a senior citizen now. However since you’re special to me, I’ll consider you young not because of your age but because of your face. Have a fun birthday!

For me turning 33 is a blessing. I still have strength to have fun and the maturity to make good decisions. Happy birthday. Have a good one!

I know how you manage yourself. Continue to be the person that you are. Have a blessed birthday!

Since it’s your birthday, I pray that you’ll have every reason to celebrate. May your day be filled with wonderful moments you’ll cherish for life. Best birthday!