Engagement Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting things that can happen to a person’s life. If you knew anyone who has recently been engaged, it’s a lovely gesture to send engagement wishes to the happy couple. But deciding what to write for your engagement wishes can be tricky. Would you choose something serious or funny? Are you going to be sentimental? How about make it personal? To give you some ideas, check out these engagement wishes, messages, and quotes.

Engagement Wishes

You look lovely together. It’s as if you are made for each other. Congratulations. Happy engagement!

Now that you are engaged, I wish that your bond will last a lifetime. Congratulations! May you stay happy all throughout your life.

Congratulations on getting engage. May you have everlasting love!

Happy engagement to the fairytale-like couple. May this not be your happy ending but just the start of another season of your love story! Congratulations!

To the two lovely couple, happy engagement to you! I wish that your life will be overloaded with love and happiness.

To the future husband and wife, may God be the center of your love. So that he will bless your relationship and soon marriage life. Congratulations to both of you!

Best wishes to the two beautiful couples. May God bless your relationship with everlasting love!

Ever since we were young, I witnessed how good your nature is. Now that you are getting married, I know that you will be a great husband to your wife. Congratulations! I wish you will have a great married life.

You two deserve the happiness you had right now. May that happiness last long until your last breath! Congratulations!

Congratulations! May you start this new journey of your life with a positive vibe. Always be open to one another and never let go of your hands even in times of storm.


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May your engagement bring your hearts closer. Congratulations!

Congratulations on your engagement! May you stay for each other in odds and happiness!

I was truly happy when I heard about your engagement. You two are, indeed, each other’s red strings! Happy engagement to you!

Now that you are going to finally seal your years of togetherness may you love each other more than you did. Congratulations! Happy engagement!

Congratulations on Your Engagement Wishes

Congratulations! Mostly in novels, the ending of the story is when the two main characters are getting married. I hope this is not the end but an opening of another chapter of your love story.

It was great to hear that you are engaged. Congratulations! May God guide you in your relationship, and may you finally find peace and happiness with each other.

Now that you are about to seal your love for a promise of forever, seal it tightly so that it will not break easily. Wishing you a blissful soon marriage life. Congratulations!

We are all happy about this decision you made for each other. May you keep the spark of love stronger! Congratulations!

Not all had luckily found their one true love, that’s why I am utterly happy when I heard about your engagement. Congratulations! Good luck in your new journey, and may you take the road happy together.

Now that you are taking a different route may you both found a new meaning in your life. I wish that you will be happy together and your life will be full of so much love for each other. Congratulations!

Congratulations to the future husband and wife! May you have a happy marriage life, soon.

I wish you blissful and successful life with the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Congratulations on your happy engagement!

On this special day of your life, let me extend my warm congratulations to both of you for choosing to commit a lifetime of togetherness. Wishing you a blissful engagement!

Since you are about to tie a knot forever, I am wishing you a bright and prosperous future ahead. Good luck and congratulations to both of you!


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Among the millions of people in the world, you chose to spend your life with each other. May you find a better world in this chaotic world. Happy engagement!

Engagement Wishes for Fiancé

It brings warmth to my heart every time I think that you are mine. And now that we are going to the next level of our relationship, I promise to love you even more.

You just can’t imagine the happiness I feel inside now that you are my fiancé. I wish we can stay together forever!

During stormy days and sunny days, you were always by my side. Now, I wish more days, months, and years with you. Happy engagement to us!

This ring will be the symbolism that I am ready to spend forever with you. I will commit every single day of life to love you more. I love you!

You are a butterfly who makes my world wonderful. I wish nothing but for us to have a blissful life. I love you, my soon-to-be life partner!

With this ring, I promise to stay with you all my life. Happy engagement to us, love!

I can’t wait to spend my life with you forever. Every day with you is like being in a world full of magic and happiness. Everything seems to be in the right place whenever I’m with you.

For the years that we are together, I realize that I am ready to spend my lifetime with you. May our love grow each day, and may we have happy marriage life! I love you!

I didn’t know it feels great to be engaged, especially to you. Happy engagement, love!

The moment we made the promise to spend forever with each other was when our souls and life were connected. Wherever you go, I’ll be with you. I love you, darling!

I’ve been waiting to this moment, and now it has finally come. I didn’t know it would feel this magical. Happy engagement to us! Let’s cheers for a lifetime of happiness!

The moment you wore the ring of our engagement was the moment your soul and hearts are attached to mine. I can’t wait for the day you’ll be my partner for a lifetime, officially!


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Our love reached another destination that we’ve been aiming for. May we continue to hold hands and reached another goal destination. Happy engagement!

You are the piece I’ve been looking for to complete the puzzle and emptiness in my life. I’m so happy to engage with you. Congratulations to us!

Engagement Wishes for Sister

Congratulations on your engagement, sister. I’m so happy for you! May you face every challenge in your life with your dear soon-to-be husband hand in hand.

I can’t believe the once baby sister in my life is getting married! Congratulations! Wishing you a blissful life ahead of you. Take care always. Love yah!

Time flies so fast, indeed. It feels like yesterday when we play together until our dresses get dirty, and now you are a soon-to-be bride. Congratulations, dear sister!

May the Almighty God bless your relationship with a long-lasting love for each other. May you start this new journey you are going to take with a smile on your face. Happy engage!

Good luck on tying the knot soon. Always remember that marriage should be accompanied by responsibilities and commitment and not just purely love. Happy engagement!

You are like a princess that is soon to be a queen. Your prince is surely not mistaken in choosing to marry you. Congratulations!

Happy engagement, sister! We all bless you for your future marriage life. Always remember to trust and love each other.

It makes me feel sad, knowing that soon you are leaving our house, but it also makes me happy knowing you will be with the person who loves you unconditionally. Congratulations!

I’m always protective of you, but now there is someone who will protect you with all his life. It makes my heart at ease. Happy Engagement! Wishing you a blissful life!

I like how happy you look. It brings warmth to my heart knowing you are happy with your decision and the new journey you are going to take. Happy engagement! Wishing you more happiness in life!

I’m so happy you are planning for your future wedding and married life. Always remember that no matter what happens, I will always be here whenever you need me. Congratulations!

Finally, sis, you’ll be achieving one of your dreams, and that is to be married to your prince. Can’t wait to see you flaunting your wedding dress on the aisle!

Engagement Wishes for Brother

Seeing that loved-up face of yours, I know that you have found the girl you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Congratulations, brother! Best wishes to you!

Being the man, you need to be responsible to the woman you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with. May you be able to make her happy so you’ll be happy, too! Happy engagement, brother!

Congratulations, brother, for your engagement. May you never make your future wife cry. A happy wife could make one’s life happy, remember that!

It was so brave of you to finally decide to settle down. Congratulations, bro. There might be more responsibilities for you, but I know that you can make it. I wish you a happy married life!

You grew up as someone we can be proud of, so I know your future wife will be proud and happy to have you as her life partner. Happy engagement, dear brother!

Finally, you are stepping to another level of your life. Congratulations! Wishing more love to both of you!

Congratulations, brother! I wish nothing but for you to have a beautiful wedding and a successful married life.

May God bless you in this new chapter of your life, and may you have a strong relationship with your bride. Cheers for a happy married life!

Always be grateful for every little thing that happens in your life, and most especially, thank God for meeting your bride. May you cherish and love her wholeheartedly because she is just perfect for you!

May this be the start of another happy chapter of your life. Congratulations, bro! Wishing you all happiness on earth!

I can’t believe you’re marrying her! It was just years ago when you keep on bantering at each other. But I know that was your favorite bonding, anyway. Congratulations to both of you!

May you cherish each other and treasure every moment of your life. Stay inlove! Happy engagement!

For a lot of times, you dated a girl I’m teary-eyed right now to know that you finally decided to settle down with the amazing girl that I know will love you fully. Congratulations, bro!

Engagement Wishes For Friend

To the two lovely couples I know, don’t you ever let each other hands slip through your fingers. I wish your love to last forever and your bond to be stronger than before.

You used to be so naughty and wicked, and now you are making a very big decision in your life. You’ve grown, friend. Wishing you a delightful engagement!

The way you look at each other’s eyes, I can see love spark in between you. It makes me want to be inlove as well. Congratulations, lovely couple!

I feel like watching an amazing fairy-tale-like story with your love for each other that was so dramatic and true. Happy engagement! May you have a magical wedding!

You are one lucky couple to have found each other. Happy engagement, lovebirds!

You are each other’s source of happiness. Enjoy planning for your wedding. Stay inlove!

May you have not only a beautiful wedding but also blissful family life. Happy engagement!

I know you are not wed yet but may you build a wonderful family soon. Happy engagement loves!

God is the best matchmaker, for He let you met each other. Congratulations, my dear friends!

After hearing the news of you two getting married, it was like hearing a wonderful song. Congratulations to you two! I am wishing you an eternal love for each other!

Congratulations, friend! I can’t believe you’ll be having the union you’ve been dreaming of!

May the binding of your souls bring more happiness in your life. Congratulations to both of you!

To the loved-up couple, may the sparks in your eyes be even brighter than before. Happy engagement!

Nothing could beat a love that is genuine and pure. Congratulations, lovebirds, on finally sealing your forever!

When entering marriage, you need to be ready to face bigger responsibilities in your life. That’s why I salute you for being brave for love! More love to come!

Engagement Wishes From Parents

Marriage is not easy, but I know you two can manage it. As long as your love for each other stays true forever. Congratulations!

We know that this new path you chose in your life will bring more happiness to you. Happy engagement!

You two are a match! I can tell by how peaceful and happy you look. Congratulations!

Congratulations, dear! This news really brings joy to our hearts. May you enjoy the magical world of love.

We are truly proud of this decision of yours. We can finally feel assured that someone will take care of you always. Congratulations, sweetheart!

Congratulations, my child. The news of your engagement really makes us happy. This is one of the parents’ dreams to see their kids getting married!

I can’t imagine you being with someone other than your fiancé. May you love each other like no one else in this world would. 

Now that you are going to build a family of your own, always seek God for guidance so you may have a fulfilling married life. Wishing you all the good things in life!

I can’t believe you are getting married to the man that you truly love. I shed tears of happiness when I heard about your engagement. Congratulations, dear! May you have a beautiful life ahead of you!

Always make God the center of your relationship because he gives you the happiness and love that you have been looking for. Congratulations! May your love grow bigger each day!

Happy Engagement Messages

True love could really make one’s soul complete. Congratulations on tying the knot soon!

This is not an ending of a beautiful love story but another life journey after the happy ending. May the happily ever after will last for your whole life!

It really feels great when you look at each other’s eyes and see your future together. Congratulations!

I feel honored to witness two souls who have found their one true love. Happy engagement!

You are one lucky being to be among those people who have found their other half. Congratulations! You are both deserving of your love.

You are the best examples of opposite attracts. You were so attached to each other like a magnet. A blissful engagement to both of you!

I know that the love you shared is something that is not easily be broken or fade. A love fit for an engaged couple planning a forever with each other!

Engagement is a symbolism of taking a step onto a greater part of your life, and that is marriage. Congratulations on taking that step!

Only people who are inlove would take a bigger step in their relationship, and you are lucky to be among them. Congratulations, lovebirds. Raise your glass for a lifetime of togetherness!

A person is only waiting for that right moment at the right time to finally make a big decision to be tied forever. It was great you finally have it! Congratulations!

It was great to be in love, right? But it was more than great to stay in love forever. Off to a blissful engagement and successful married life!

Your love for each other was really a genuine one. I can’t believe you’re taking your relationship to different heights. Congratulations! Happy engagement to both of you!