170 Irish Birthday Wishes

If you have an Irish friend, workmate, lover or acquaintance, then you are one lucky person. They are high-spirited people with a sincere heart. They love to gab and talk about anything under the sun. You will surely learn something new every time you do chit chats over tea. They believe in magic, fairies, and leprechauns that would bring you luck in your ordinary lives. Here’s a list of birthday wishes specially created for that Irish person in your life. I am sure they will appreciate your taking the time to greet them. …More

Happy Birthday Crazy Sister Wishes

Whether it’s our real sister or our best friend, we always have that one crazy sister in our life that will laugh with us for no reason and will cry with us during the difficult times. She is the sister who will make us happy at all times and perhaps criticize us when we do something bad. And while she may act weird sometimes, one thing is for sure – she will never leave our side. So here are some happy birthday crazy sister wishes to greet that special sister in your life. …More

140 Happy Birthday Crazy Man Wishes

I know that you have one or more crazy men in your life. Maybe, a sibling, a friend, a boyfriend, your dad or any man that drives you crazy. They may annoy you at times, but you know what they meant well. They definitely make life less tiresome and boring. You can’t always count on them to brighten up your gloomy day. Here’s a list of genuine and interesting birthday greetings you can send to those crazy men in your life. …More

145 Happy Birthday Crazy Wishes

Life would have been boring if not for the crazy people around us. These are friends and family who can manage to find humor in any situation, even during the most challenging circumstances. So if you knew of a crazy friend, a family member, or perhaps a significant other who is celebrating a birthday today, you should take this opportunity to let them know how happy you are to have them. If you can’t find the right words to say, check out these 30 happy birthday crazy wishes. …More

Happy Birthday Wishes For Chemistry Teacher

Care to send a heart-warming birthday greeting to your Chemistry teacher? This is the teacher who gives you those cool experiments and teaches you the proper way of mixing chemicals without burning the whole school down. Above all, this is the teacher who always has some chemical equations you need to understand and analyze and expects you to send thorough some laboratory reports from time to time. The list below can help you into coming up with birthday wishes to make your teacher feel extra special on his or her natal day.  …More

Growing Up Birthday Quotes

As parents, it’s sad to see your kids grow up as time goes by. It’s just difficult to let go of those wonderful moments we have spent with them while they are still young. Even though raising kids is not easy, but nothing can ever surpass the happiness they have brought into our lives. Unfortunately, growing up is a normal part of life. It’s something that we should accept whether we like it or not. So check out these growing up birthday quotes that you can send to your kids on the special day of their lives. …More

180+ Birthday Wishes for Professor

Professors are knowledgeable and educated in their own fields. For years, they have committed themselves to train and impart wisdom to their students. If it happens to be your professor’s birthday today, grab this chance to browse through this list of inspiring greetings, witty quotes and sweet messages for them. Make your birthday wish and with a sense of benevolence, thank your college teachers for their hard work and passion to help you reach your dreams. …More

Best Birthday Wishes for Step Sister

Your step sister’s big day has arrived. You want to make sure that she feels loved and valued on her special day. You want to let her know how important she is. Make your step sister’s birthday a special and memorable one by sending her a meaningful and sweet birthday greeting. Check out some of the best birthday greetings and wishes below for your beloved step sister.  …More