Christmas Wishes For Friends and Best Friend

Christmas is indeed the most magical time of the year. It brings back happy memories of family gatherings and gift-giving traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. But for your friends who live far away, the best thing you can do is to send Christmas greetings. You may not get to see each other in person, but what matters is that you remember them during this holiday season. Here are the Christmas wishes for friends and best friends.

Christmas Wishes for Friends

Christmas is the perfect season to celebrate with your closest loved ones. May you have a truly merry and memorable Christmas with your family and friends.

In this season of love, joy, and giving, I wish that you have the most wonderful Christmas you and your family always deserve. Have a merry little Christmas!

Your name surely appears on Santa’s list because you’ve been a good friend, a good sibling, and a good person in general. May you be showered with so many blessings. Happy festive season.

Having a friend like you through ups and downs is the best Christmas present I could ever receive. May you and your family have a joyous and splendid Christmas.

A kind-hearted person like you should experience the best of the best. I wish that you would have another year of happiness, victories, and lessons. Merry Christmas, my friend!

This joyous holiday surely brings lifetime happiness to everyone who celebrates it. May this happiness be in your heart forever. Merry Christmas, my dear friend.

I could still remember the time when I prayed fervently to have a best friend in my life. Little did I know that it would come true through you. May you have a happy Christmas.


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Christmas becomes extra special when you are with your closest family and friends. You surely fit among my favorite people. I wish that you feel joy and love this Christmas season.

As the merry bells signify the beginning of the festive Christmas season, I hope that God removes all of your pain and sadness to make space for happiness and love. Have a joyous Christmas, my best friend.

We may be miles away from each other, but this never bothered us because our friendship goes beyond the distance. May God grant your heart’s prayers and desires. I love you. Merry Christmas!

You are such a wonderful person. That’s why during this Christmas season, I pray that God banishes your worries and sadness and makes your life more meaningful. Merry Christmas, my dearest bestie.

Christmas is full of solemnity and serenity. Let these Christmas lights guide you to the right path. May you get to feel the happiness, warmth, and peace for yourself and for others in your life this holy season.

Christmas is definitely around the corner. Everybody can feel it. May you and your family be showered with endless blessings this Christmas season. Merry Christmas!

You are that one person whom I can trust with all of my secrets. With the length of our friendship, you know me too well. I am very grateful to have a friend like you. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Messages For Friend

Life runs short, so enjoy every single moment you get to spend with your friends and family. Wishing you a peaceful, joyful, and colorful Christmas festivity. Take care always!


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No amount of money could buy a friendship like ours. When I say that I am lucky to have you as my friend, I’m speaking the truth. I’m glad to be able to spend Christmas with you. Merry Christmas!

Even if I go to the North Pole, I can never find a friend who’s as amazing as you. This Christmas, you are one of the greatest presents I could receive. I love you. Merry Christmas, buddy!

Be it little or big things, nothing beats the fun when we’re together. I am very happy that I am given the chance to spend this joyous season with you. Hopefully, this Christmas becomes memorable for us.

Christmas isn’t complete without the food, drinks, and caroling. But Christmas is also about creating irreplaceable memories with our loved ones.  I’m glad that you’re here to celebrate it with me.

I could not count the times where you have saved me from my sadness. You are the perfect reminder of how Jesus saved those who need him. Have a merry and memorable Christmas, buddy.

You know what makes me happy, what makes me sad, and the things I like and dislike. You deserve incomparable joy and love this Christmas. I love you, my dear!

Everywhere I go, I hear Christmas carols and see gifts just about every corner. Christmas is all about merry-making, and I feel a lot merrier because I have you!

Santa is unable to send out gifts this year because he’s been hospitalized. He fell ill when I said that you’ve been very good this year! More memories and laughter for you this Christmas, buddy!


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Christmas feels merry and glorious because of our incomparable brotherhood. I believe that our friendship is the real manifestation of the Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas, brother!

I’m sorry that I can’t give you a card, a balloon, a flower, or even a simple present this Christmas. But I wish to greet you with a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart. Have a serene Christmas, my dear.

Christmas Wishes for Best Friend 

You are one of the best persons I’ve known my entire life. That’s why I pray that may the dear Lord bless you always and make all of your holiday wishes come to life. From my family to yours, Merry Christmas! Have fun!

I don’t want to build a snowman or play snowball fight with someone else. I just want to do these with you. Have the best holiday, dear. Merry Christmas! Have a happy new year as well!

Christmas is the season of gratitude. I thank God for your life and for having you by my side whenever I needed someone to be with. May you have all the happiness you definitely deserve.

Every moment is truly precious in this festive season, so I hope you get to enjoy it to the fullest. Sending you my tightest hugs and warmest smiles this Christmas. Merry Christmas, buddy!

Nothing beats spending this holy festivity with my favorite best friend. Cheers to more wonderful memories with you. Bestie, have a happy and nice Christmas!

Our friendship is something that can’t be replaced with anything else in the world. I am truly thankful for your love and companionship. May you feel by heart the magic and joy this season brings. Merry Christmas.

Celebrating this holiday with you makes it more meaningful and colorful. I wish that God protect you from any form of harm and shower you with countless blessings. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, my dearest friend! You know how important you are to me. May your Christmas and all other holidays of your life be joyous and prosperous. Sending you hugs and kisses.

For the long years of meaningful friendship filled with tears and laughter, I would like to give it a toast. Thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin. I love you dearly. Wishing you a happy Christmas.

I would like to greet you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! The past year has been a blast for both of us, so may the upcoming year bring more joys and lessons. Thank you for the love and friendship!

Christmas Wishes for Friends Far Away

No amount of distance could separate us by heart as real friendship conquers everything. I wish I could spend Christmas with you. May you have a Merry Christmas there!

I have not seen you for a couple of years already. This Christmas season makes me long for you more and it gives me a feeling of ache. Sending you my love all the way from here. Merry Christmas, dear.

No matter how many miles apart we are, always remember that I treasure you in my heart. I always reminisce that last time we spent Christmas together. Missing you so bad, my dear best friend.

I feel very sad that we have not seen each other for so long already. The colorful lights and joyous carols just make me miss you more this season. Wishing that you have a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, buddy! We may be far from each other, but our hearts are intertwined together through this thing that we have called friendship. I wish you and your family a blissful Christmas.

This festive season makes me long for you more. I always feel nostalgic remembering how funny and crazy we were together. Sending virtual hugs and kisses to you this Christmas.

Funny Christmas Wishes for Friends

Christmas is the perfect time to extravagantly spend next year’s budget in just a single week. May you have a stomach-filling Christmas and a wine-drowning New Year. Happy holidays!

If there’s one season where your parents proudly announce your most embarrassing childhood moments, it’s definitely Christmas. Keep the confidence and straight face then. Merry Christmas!

I will swim an ocean if it means saving you. Oh, maybe not an ocean. Maybe a pool. Perhaps not that deep because I can’t swim and I don’t want my hair to get wet. Merry Christmas!

Christmas is your only chance the entire year to give your attention to your loved ones instead of having it all yourself. I’ll be waiting for that miracle to happen. Merry Christmas, bestie!

I wish that God give you a sexy figure this Christmas so you’d look a bit smarter. Be grateful to Santa as well because the best gift you can ever receive from him is me. Have a cheerful Christmas!

You have the free pass this Christmas to eat as many sweets as you would like. Just please don’t forget to brush your teeth right after if you don’t want last Christmas to happen again. Merry Christmas, dear.

Christmas is all about presents. But I guess you won’t be wanting one anymore because you’ve already got me—your best Christmas present! Have fun!

Christmas is fun and everything until you have to clean up the enormous mess after the celebration. Hoping that you’ll have an awesome Christmas and housekeeping.

As a good friend, I always wish that Santa Claus stop at your house to give you the special gifts you’ve always wanted. Happy holidays, mate. Keep the drinks coming!

I now understand why the word ‘X-mas’ exists. It’s to give chance to those who can’t spell ‘Christmas’ right! Have an enjoyable and out-of-this-world holiday season!

Friendship can be compared to a turd. Even if you can’t see, smell, or feel it, there’s always a bit of it staying inside you. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Merry Christmas to a Special Friend

May you have a Christmas filled with so much love, peace, serenity, and prosperity with your family. I am so happy to welcome another year with a friend like you.

This season always reminds us to spread joy, peace, and love to one another. Wishing you a merry and remarkable Christmas this year, my friend.

You are that one person who always accepts me for who I am in spite of my lapses and imperfections. I love you, my best friend. Happy holidays.

I can definitely feel the Christmas spirit in the air! In this season of festivity, may you have all the joys and hopes you will forever cherish. Enjoy the celebration!

To my one and only best friend: remember that no one could ever replace your spot in my heart. You are one of a kind, and the friendship that we have is extra special, too. Have a Merry Christmas.

A couple of years ago, I could still remember when I fervently wished Santa to give me a genuine friend. Little did I know that he’d give me a best friend in the form of you. Merry Christmas!

Friends are wonderful people that accept you regardless of your defects and flaws. I am grateful to have a true friend like you. Take care always of yourself. Happy holidays.

May the twinkling Christmas lights guide you to amazing paths of prosperity, happiness, and peace. Have a joyous Christmas to you and your family. Enjoy the season!

The season of Christmas highlights the beautiful acts of sharing, caring, and of course, eating. I pray that all of your heart’s desires be fulfilled at the right time. Merry Christmas, pal!

My dear friend, I want to greet you with an advanced Merry Christmas! This season truly gives an overwhelming feeling of joy to everyone, and I hope it does the same to you. Best wishes to you and your family.

You are the most wonderful friend I have ever had, and I am so grateful to God for this. May you be as caring and thoughtful as you are now. I love you. Merry Christmas, buddy!

Christmas Quotes For Friends

I believe that life unfolds according to how we live it, and partly by the kind of people that surrounds us. I am grateful to have someone like you in my life. Have a special and joyous Christmas, pals.

There is no better Christmas present you could ever give me than our precious and genuine friendship. I hope that this continues through the next year. Merry Christmas!

Every day feels like Christmas to me because I have all of you as my best friends. I would never replace you with anything else the world could offer. Remembering you guys this Christmas!

My life became more meaningful and way more fun ever since I met you. You are that type of friend who would put up with me through good and bad times. I am thankful to have you. Merry Christmas, dear!

Best friends make a person’s dull life into a fun and more colorful one. They are there to support you and help you get through hard times. Merry Christmas, buddies!

If you’re looking forward to a gift from Santa this Christmas, then you better be good. But I know that you won’t have much of a problem about it because Santa is definitely coming to see you.

Most friends that I have are well-behaved, cultured, intellectual, and decent. I guess it’s nice to have a bit of variety, too. Happy holidays from my family to yours!

We have come from different backgrounds, families, and personalities. But it’s amazing to see how well we get along with each other. Wishing you only the best this Christmas, besties.

Not everybody gets the chance to find a real friend. Well I guess, I’m extra lucky because I have more than one! I am super grateful for our friendship, and this is the perfect gift. Merry Christmas!

Take the time to sing your favorite songs, play the games you love, watch your to-watch films list, and cherish every moment of your life the way you want it to be. Merry Christmas, my buddy!