Easter Wishes, Messages and Greetings

Easter is not just a religious celebration. It also brings with it some of our favorite things, such as delicious recipes, Easter bunny, egg hunting, and the chance to bond with friends and family members. But if you want to share the joy even further, why don’t you send an Easter greeting? Below, we have compiled a list of the best Easter Wishes, Messages, and Greetings so you can spread the real beauty and meaning of the Easter holiday to your friends and family.

Happy Easter Wishes

Happy Easter Sunday! I hope that God may bless you as you fill your basket with lots of candies and Easter eggs. 

May you take this moment to remember our Lord’s sacrifice and feel the light that He has given to us. Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Sunday to you, my parents, who never fail to support me. 

Let us always remember the unconditional love that God has been giving to us. May we follow where our holy spirit will lead us, for it is the only right path. Happy Easter!

Hello, my dear. I just want to say that I really appreciate all the good things you have done for me. May this Easter bless us both.

I love Easter so much. Aside from it provides a holiday, it also lets us spend time with the people we haven’t meet for so long. Happy Easter!

Dear little bunny, I hope that you will stay cute among the others. Be the bunny that I really love the most. Happy Easter!

May this holiday season will make you change your heart and see things as a better option. Have a happy Easter and be safe always, young man.

I hope God will provide a prosperous life, for you deserve it so much. You are one of a kind person, and I wish that you will have a blessed Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter to you and your family. May this Easter will strengthen your bonds together. 


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I really wish that this holiday season, you will be filled with love in your heart. May this Easter make you learn how to forgive and start over. Happy Easter!

I hope that you will learn a lot of things this Easter Sunday. Let us always put in our minds that God will never forsake us. His love will always be unconditional. 

May this Easter Sunday will strengthen your faith in Him. I hope that you will continue celebrating the significant days for our God. 

May this Easter bless you for becoming the top notcher on your upcoming board exam. I wish you a very well Easter Sunday. 

Easter Messages For Friends

You have been a good friend to me. May every single bit of blessings will be filled in your life. Happy Easter!

May this Easter enlighten you to stay optimistic and avoid things that will distract you from recovering yourself. Happy Easter!

This holiday season will make you bloom with love and happiness. I hope that God will bless your kind heart. Happy Easter!

Let us be positive on this Easter and expect a lot of cash in our bank accounts. Let us always pray for good health and a better life. I wish you a happy Easter Sunday!

May this Easter will grant you blessings and prosperity in life. But I really hope that we remind ourselves that this is the day to remember God’s sacrifice. Happy Easter Sunday!

A warm wishes to you and your family on this Easter Sunday. Be wary of the presence of the Easter bunny because it is so tricky! 

I hope God will bless you with a bountiful resource on your farm. Let us all be thankful on this day always. Happy Easter!

May these colorful Easter eggs will remind you of how good life is. Happy Easter Sunday to you!


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You are as wonderful as Easter Sunday. May you will be filled with blessings in your life. Bless you, always, and Happy Easter!

The holiday is now coming. Let us now prepare ourselves to worship our savior, who sacrifices his only begotten son because of his unconditional love for us. Happy Easter!

I hope that you will reflect on everything that you have to learn this Easter Sunday. It will help you to realize something that could have changed your life a bit.

I hope a basket of candies and eggs will be filled just with how you filled your devotion to our God. Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Be filled with joy and love in your heart. More Easter eggs, the merrier your life will be.

May life brings you prosperity and bountiful blessings. Always have faith in him, for He will never fail us. Happy Easter!

Let us pray to Him that humanity will soon find peace in their hearts. Let us be guided by His guidance. Happy Easter!

Easter Wishes for Parents

Mom and Dad, I thank you for all the sacrifices just for my own sake. May this Easter will strengthen the bond to our family. Happy Easter!

On this Easter, I just want to thank God for giving me the best parent in the world. I hope that this Easter will tighten our bonds to each other more.

I am so blessed that God has given me an amazing parent. I love you both, mom and dad. Happy Easter!


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May this Easter will provide us blessings to our health and to the food that we eat. Let us feel the holy presence of this day wherein we will commemorate the sacrifice of our God. Happy Easter Sunday to you, mom and dad!

I hope that as you fill your basket with candies and Easter eggs, you will be blessed by our God. Happy Easter!

Thank you to my mother, who makes everything possible just to provide for my needs. On this Easter, I want to take this chance to thank God for giving me a wonderful woman in my life. Happy Easter!

May this Easter will give warmth to you, mom. I know that lately has been a stressful day for you. But always remember that everything has a reason, and we have God that will guide us always.

I hope that on this Easter Sunday we will remember all the blessings we received are from God. Just like you, mom and dad, both of you have been the greatest blessing that God has given to me. Happy Easter!

May this Easter make you forget your problems in the meantime and try to reminisce about our God’s sacrifice for our sin. Be happy and have a heartily Easter Sunday!

Since day one, you never fail to show your love for me. I am so thankful that God gives me such kind of parents. Happy Easter 2022!

Easter Wishes for Family

May this Easter will renew you and become a better person. Forget all the worries and hatred. Let take this time to start a new better version of ourselves.

I wish that this family will go strong and overcome every struggle that we may encounter this year. Happy Easter Sunday 2022 to my family!

Happy Easter to my family that never fails to uplift my mood every time I feel so down. I just wish that we will stay together no matter what the circumstances will be.

To my family, may we take this chance to remember our God’s sacrifice. Let us celebrate, and I wish that everything will be okay for our family. Happy Easter Sunday!

I wish that we will be happy and feel the blessing that God has provided to us. Best wishes to our family on this Easter Sunday.

This holiday reminds us of the sacrifice of the only begotten son of our Lord. I wish that we will always pray to God and always follow his light. 

Happy Easter Sunday to my family, who is always there when I need a companion. May you always be religious and put God in your heart.

May this Easter will not just remind our God’s sacrifices, but also the blessings that He has given to us. Let’s enjoy every memory that we shared together. Happy Easter Sunday!

Let every single Easter egg reminds us of when God showed us the right path and signs. Happy Easter!

May this season will awaken our soul and would bring happiness to ourselves. Let us always be thankful and be blessed by God. 

Easter Wishes To Sister

Happy Easter to my loving sister, who never fails to support me. May God bless you with good health.

On today’s Easter season, I want you to assign my beloved sister as the one who will preach the word of God. Since you are my most blessed sister, I wish you take this chance to share some testimonies that you have experience with God.

On this holiday season, I want to greet you with a warm Easter Sunday. I wish that you are doing well today. 

May you fill your heart with a lot of joy. Happy Easter Sunday, sis!

I hope that on this Easter Sunday, you are having good health and a good career. Happy Easter!

Easter holiday would be similar to calories as we are about to eat a lot of eggs today. Happy Easter, my dear sis!

I feel like chicken eggs are getting mad at Easter eggs. Anyways, I wish you a heartily Easter Sunday, ate!

This is the day that you will befriend all kids out there. Now, this basket is full of candies and Easter eggs. Share it with them, okay little sis? 

I want to thank my one and only sister for always being there for me. I wish you a blissful Easter Sunday!

This holiday won’t be the same without you, sis. I wish that we are going to stay with each other no matter what the circumstances. Happy Easter!

Easter is the holiday that’s also known as the renewal of life. So let us take this day to start a new chapter of our life. Happy Easter, sis!

I wish you a wonderful Easter, my dear sister. Let’s celebrate this holiday together!

On this holy day, may we enhance our bond with each other more. Happy Easter Sunday!

This is the day to remember our savior. The savior who blessed me with a wonderful sister like you. Happy Easter Sunday, sis!

Easter Wishes to Brother

Stay safe on this pandemic, bro. Let us still celebrate this Easter despite our distance. Happy Easter.

I will donate everything except for my Easter eggs, so don’t you dare. Happy Easter, big bro!

May this holiday will bring you peace of mind. Take away all your stresses and be thankful for all the blessings that you have received. Happy Easter, bro!

I hope that you will take this Easter Sunday to remind the sacrifice of our dear God Jesus Christ and not for a holiday vacation. Happy Easter Sunday!

May God will bless you on this Easter Sunday despite being a stubborn kid. Happy Easter Sunday, Lil bro!

On this Resurrection Day, I hope that you will take this chance to change your heart and remind the sacrifice of our God. Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Sunday to my one and only brother. I hope that you will see this as a sacred day and not take it lightly. I want you to learn the most important history of our life.

Happy Easter 2022! May God will grant you happiness throughout your childhood. 

This holiday is not all about a day off or food. But this is the day to remind us of the sacrifice of our God. Happy Easter, bro!

May all your sufferings in life would be washed away after being enlightened by the essence of this holiday. Happy Easter Sunday!

May this holiday inspires you to do better and be more hopeful about your future. Happy Easter, brother!

This is the time that we will get to enjoy eating candies and eggs without being scolded. So let’s take advantage of that, bro! Happy Easter!

Easter Messages to Son

I hope that God will bless you with good health and knowledge. Please be reminded that this is the day to reminisce about our God’s sacrifice. Happy Easter, young kid!

You are the best son. I know that you will exceed my expectations when you grow up. Happy Easter to you!

Easter Sunday or not, I will still provide you eggs for your protein. A heartily Easter to you!

I hope on this holiday, you will reflect on everything that you have learned. May you realize what is your passion, and strive your way to achieve your goal. Happy Easter!

Please enjoy all these Easter eggs and candies. Take this chance to eat all of these, young man. Happy Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter to you, my only son. May you enjoy your life and find ways to become a better person. 

Dear son, please take this day as your chance to get to know our God and worship Him and trust Him in everything that you will do. Happy Easter!

The best way to end this Easter Sunday is to reflect on everything you have learned. Let us always be pure and passionate about everything. Happy Easter!

This may sound fictional to some, but I do believe in this Easter stuff. I do believe that God exists, and He is our savior. I hope you are doing the same thing, son.

May Jesus blessed you for all the things that you are going through. Always remember that God will never give you a challenge you cannot take. So always trust God’s process. Happy Easter.

I am so happy that we are being blessed by a son like you. You are such a respectful and intelligent little guy. I cannot be proud of it. Happy Easter!

May you enjoy this day from morning to afternoon. Let’s take this chance to remind us of how good our God is. Happy Easter! God bless and stay safe!

Easter Messages To Daughter

 I wish that you are going to cherish this Easter Sunday. Happy Easter Sunday!

I hope that after hearing the life of our savior, you are gonna have a change of heart. Be blessed in everything you do. Happy Easter!

I want to greet you with a Happy Easter. I wish that you all the safety and good health, especially at this time of the pandemic. 

To my one and only daughter, I know that you have been the good person that I have imagined. Please stay for who you are and continue on doing the good deeds. Happy Easter!

May you be able to reach the sky as you grow older. I just want to encourage you to soar high no matter how impossible it is. Always put God in every decision you make. Happy Easter!

May the rise of our savior will also be the way of enlightenment in your life. Reflect on His life, and you will understand. Happy Easter!

I only wish to see you smile every day. So if ever you feel down, always call His name, and He will surely guide you in everything you do. Happy Easter!

To my dearest daughter, I wish that you will grow as a fine woman. That is all I want. Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Sunday! May you become a better person after learning about His life. 

May you will be filled with a lot of blessings in life. Happy Easter!

It would be enough for me to see my daughter smiling all day long. Happy Easter Day to all of you!

Easter is the day wherein you get to celebrate all the important people in your life. Your family, son, and daughter, and God. Happy Easter Sunday, my girl!

The day has come. Please be mindful that this day is not just an ordinary holiday. This is the day that you will find yourself. Happy Easter!

I hope that you are going to celebrate this holiday each year with a full of love and happiness. Happy Easter!