Good Night Messages For Boyfriend – Romantic Text for Him

If you are in a long-distance relationship with your boyfriend, take time to send him a romantic message from time to time, especially at night. This will surely make your boyfriend happy and keep the love alive. But there are times when you cannot think of the right words to include in the text. If you need help on this, here are some of the most romantic good night messages for your boyfriend.

Good Night Messages for Boyfriend

You are the only man my heart yearns for, always remember that. I love you. Have a great sleep.

The night is so cold and quiet. Such a great evening for a pleasant sleep. Sleep well, love, and dream of me.

I may be so busy during the day, but my heart misses your presence so much, especially at night. May you have a sweet sleep by dreaming of me.

With the night so cold, I longed for your embrace that is so warm and comfortable. I wish you are here by my side. I love you, baby. Good night.

Good night, love. My hugs and kisses are on the way to your heart. Sweat dreams.

Have a great sleep, sweetheart. Keep in your mind that I feel so grateful to have you as the love of my life.

I always have a good sleep, because you always accompany me in my dreams. Thank you, love. Sweet dreams to you, too.


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I am lying on my bed with a smile on my face, and it is because of you. No matter how bad my day went by, you always lit it up. Good night boyfee.

A handsome man like you deserves a sweet good night. May your dream be full of our sweet moments together. Love you.

Hopefully, the day will come that I will be able to kiss your forehead a good night every night. Embrace me and cover me with your warmth. Good night, love.

Every single day spent with you is a wonderful experience. I cherish and love you. Good night.

Sending the sweetest goodnight to the caring and handsome boyfriend of mine. I love you.

You are the sun. So even in the cold breeze of the night, I feel so warm in your arms. I miss you. Good night!

A sweet good night to the king of my heart. Dream of me, and you will surely have a good sleep.

May you have the sweetest and romantic dream with me tonight, darling. Good night to you.

May your dream be full of memories of me. Good night, handsome.


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Good night, my love. May you have a precious dream of me. Missing you tonight.

Hi, my love. I hope you are enjoying the beauty of evening today. Missing your warm presence here on my side. Sweet dreams.

May you have a peaceful sleep tonight. But, don’t you dare dream about other girls, or you are dead. Good night.

When I said good night, doesn’t really mean I wish you to have a great evening. It means you should be a good boy. Just kidding. Good night, babe.

However, your day ended, let it be bad or good, I will always kiss you a good night. Cuddle you with my warm arms. Good night, darling.

You resemble the angel when you are sleeping. It makes me wonder what you are dreaming because you look so peaceful. I hope it is me, though. Good night.

I never thought that handsome face of yours could look calmer and cuter when asleep. It just made me fall inlove with you more. Good night, cutie.

What could I ask for, when I already have the sweetest dream in my life? You’re all I want and need. Good night, babe.


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Sleep well, my love. Know that I’m right here holding your hands until we fall asleep with a big smile on our faces. Good night, love.

The night is so dark and cold. It’s making me miss your presence more. Good night, love. I hope you are missing me, too.

I wish you were right here beside me, wrapped in my arms as we lay in bed and sleep in the coldness of the night. Giving warmth to each other. A sweet dream to you.

Calm your mind and slowly close your eyes. Let your mind bring you to the sweetest dreams you could have.

Good night, love. Whatever your worries are, I will kiss them away. So please, sleep peacefully tonight so you will have a great sleep.

I don’t have to dream about someone anymore, because you are already here. You are the dream prince of my life. Good night.

Close your eyes and let the god of dream entertain your long sleep night. Good night.

Good Night Messages for Him

I have always dreamed of you before, even if it is still daytime! Now, I can’t believe I have you wrapped in my arms every night. Good night, sweetie.

Let yourself have a great sleep tonight, so you will have a great day tomorrow. Good night, love.

I don’t know why but you look so different when you are asleep. From a rough poker face when awake to an innocent cute guy when sleeping. I love you! Good night.

Being with you is like living in my dream. If this is indeed just a dream, then I hope I will stay asleep. Good night!

May you have a good sleep tonight. Keep your worries aside and take this time to rest. Good night, love.

The night seems colder without your presence that gives me warmth. Can you send fly away right now and just give me a kiss? Oh, I am missing you so bad. Good night.

I can’t sleep because I keep thinking if you are sleeping in a comfortable bed right now. I hope you do, it’s making me worry. Good night, baby. Have a good sleep.

My sleep is not complete without a cuddle with you. Goodnight, sweetie. Have a nice sleep.

You are so cute when sleeping that I can’t resist kissing you. Goodnight, my cutie pie.

I think I am getting crazy because even just watching you sleeping makes my heart flutter. I am so into you. Goodnight, my handsome prince.

You spoil me a lot because now I can’t sleep without you giving me hugs and kisses. Give me my kiss and hugs now, hubby. Good night!

I’m glad that even when we fought, we still cannot sleep without each other by our side. Thank you for sticking and enduring my crazy personality. Good night, sweetie.

I always have enough sleep is because of my handsome boyfriend, who always greets me with a sweet good night. Now it is my time to do so. Good night, boyfee. Dream of me, please.

The day is long so is the night. Even though I am missing you badly now, I want you to get enough sleep. So please sleep now, babe. Good night.

I never feel like you are away because even in my sleep you are in my dreams. I hope I am doing the same. Good night, love.

For such an amazing boyfriend in the universe deserve my sweetest wish for a peaceful and great sleep. Good night, dear.

Good night, love. I wish you will dream of something great so you will not get bored in your sleep.

Romantic Good Night Messages For Boyfriend

Even in my sleepy mind, I still think of you. Good night boyfriend. Think of your sleepy girlfriend, too. Wink!

My sleepy mind that cannot sleep is counting the stars. But I always get it wrong. I realized that we really can’t count the stars, just like how much I love you. It cannot be measured with anything. Good night!

I am sleepy, but I can’t sleep until you send me a good night message. Where is it now, love? Good night.

I don’t know why, but I love hearing your sleepy voice. Please don’t hang up, just let it be. I love to hear your sleeping breath, too. Good night, my love.

Your eyes had always been beautiful. But your sleepy eyes are my favorite ones. Good night, honey.

I hope the moon will be bright tonight, so it gives light to your room. So you will not fear the dark, anymore. Good night.

I sleep at night waiting for the next day to come so I can see you again. Good night, love.

I am looking at the moon, and you came into my mind. My mind flashbacks our memories together, and my heart yearns for you. I love you. Good night.

Hey, love! You keep visiting my mind, and it makes me miss you more and more. I hope you are doing well. Good night.

Even at night and even in my dream, I am thinking of you. Good night, my sweetheart.

You truly help me stop my overthinking. Because instead of thinking about my problems when I’m about to sleep, I think of our happy memories together. So thank you. I hope you will have a good sleep.

I dream of you at night, and I daydream about you at day. You are one lucky guy. Just kidding. Good night.

Funny and Flirty Good Night Texts for Him

Hey, love! Don’t you get tired? Because day and night you, revolve in my mind. Even in my dreams, you keep visiting me. I am getting worried. Kidding aside. Good night.

Don’t worry about sleeping without lights tonight, love. The moon will be bright enough to give you light so you can clearly see the ghost.

The night breeze is blowing. I hope it could blow me towards your room, too. I know you want it too. Wink! Good night, handsome.

Good night, love. The night is so cold, I’m needing your hot touch. Where is it now?

Sleeping with an empty space at my side makes me miss your presence. Can you fly right now and accompany me? I’m getting worried about the ghost.

There is an empty space beside me in my bed right now, love. Don’t you want to occupy it? If you want, you should hurry or else someone we cannot see will. So please hurry!

I overthink a lot before I met you. Now, I still do, and it was full of you. Are you fluttered? Good night, Mr. Perfect.

I wanted to wish to be your pillow, but I realized the pillow stays in bed all day and all night. That’s so boring, so I’ll just wish you a good night.

Sleeping with you is the most beautiful and comfortable feeling. But if you keep making me mad, I can endure a night without that comfortable feeling! So don’t you ever make me mad. Good night!

I don’t mind you making my arms your pillow as long as I could watch you sleep. I wanted to say that, but I don’t want to wake up with a stiff arm. So don’t do that. Good night.

I could be sweeter, and I could also be a monster. If you don’t want to sleep outside don’t fight with me. You get it, love? I love you. Good night.

I never thought I fell in love with a cute guy until I saw you sleeping. Oh my gosh, you are so cute, I want to keep pinching your face when you are sleeping. Good night my cute boyfee.

One day, I may get busy so I can’t message you. But at night I am not. That’s why I am only bothering you at night because I am bored. Don’t sleep yet, talk to me.

Long Goodnight Messages for BF in Far Away

We may be apart from each other now. Far from the warmth of our love and comfort of our touch. But in my dreams, you are there. So, I never felt alone even on the long cold night. Good night.

Just like how much we yearn for a good sleep, that’s how much I longed for you. Only that sleep is so easy to achieve while it’s so hard to see now that you are too far away from me. I miss you, darling. Good night.

On a night that was so cold, the street had gone quiet. The lights are slowly turning off, allowing the town to be one with the darkness. Sign that it is time to rest your mind, body, and soul. I hope you are doing that right now, babe. Good night.

I miss the feeling of waking up with you by my side. I wish you will come home sooner so my misery of missing you will be put to an end. Every single thing here reminds me of you. Good night, love.

I am wishing for nothing but a good sleep for you. I am not there to give you comfort, so I hope this simple message from me could give you one. So sleep tight tonight, love, so you will have full energy on the morrow. Good night!

Goodnight Quotes For Boyfriend

Sleep should give you rest, not stress because of your nightmare. Don’t think too much, babe. I’m here to help you take away your nightmares. Good night.

If only I could be the moon or the stars, whatever it would be, so I can accompany you every night, and watch you sleep even if I am miles away from you.

The night is designed for rest and sleep. Not for you to overthink and be stressed. Sleep well, love. We had a long day tomorrow.

The sun says goodbye, the moon dances in hello. Although the sun is lonely of going away, the moon rejoices at seeing you again.

Dreams are not real, but it’s full of our goals and hopes. So rest assured and let yourself drown in the fantasies your dreams may bring you.

The night is cold, but it brought us together. The day is hot, but it is taking us apart. That’s why I love the moon more than the sun. Sleep well, my love.

In the cold silent night, your breath is a soft lullaby. Slowly taking away my worries and insecurities and bringing me to a deep slumber. The night is so lovely.

As Nyx, the goddess of the night, takes its shift, Hemera, the goddess of the day, takes its exit. Luna graciously shows up giving faint light in the darkness of the sky. Oh, what a beautiful night it is. If only you are here by my side. Good night.

How mesmerizing Night could be? With the stars as its companion, giving twinkles in the sky. But this is nothing compared to how I feel when you are with me. Goodnight.

The moon and the stars finally arrive to deliver my good night. Let its light guide you to your long and deep slumber as you travel to your dreamland.

The wind tonight might be so cold; you don’t have to worry because I am sending to you the warmth of my embrace. Good night.

The sky is clear, showing the brightness of the moon and stars. The wind is gentle, making your night comfortable. I hope you are having a great night. Good night.