Happy 4th Birthday Princess Quotes

Our daughter is the princess of our lives.
So when it’s time to celebrate the existence of your princess, especially during her 4th birthday, it ought to be celebrated with so much enthusiasm.
She’s your most treasured gold and the reason for your bliss.
So do your best to make your princess happy on this wonderful day.
Below are birthday quotes that you can use to greet your lovely princess.

There are so many reasons for happiness to come in our lives, and you happen to be part of that reason, my dearest princess. I wish you a very stunning 4th birthday.

You know very well that I treat you like my little princess. My life would not become this colourful without you transpiring on it. Have a fantastic 4th birthday to my cutie sweetie girl.


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I hope that this 4th birthday of yours be livelier and more entertaining than the last one; you’re God’s gift to us and remember that we love you to the core. Keep that lovely smile on your face forever because we live for that. Happiest birthday, princess.

Fabulous 4th birthday to my princess. I still can’t take it in that you have grown so much. Enjoy eating your candy and cake today along with your pals; keep in mind that you will forever be in my heart.

May God bless you with overflowing wealth and prosperity as you grow each year and may you always receive all good things here on earth. Happy 4th birthday to you, my princess.


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I hope you have an exciting and awesome day today playing and hanging around together with a lot of children in the playground, sweety. Happiest Birthday to my princess.

You came to our world and made us very ecstatic. You are a very important gem that’s why we will not fail to treasure you in any way that you deserve. Happy 4th birthday to our princess. Have fun!

Happy Birthday

For this year, an avalanche of presents, friends and total fun is coming for your fourth birthday celebration! Happy 4th natal day princess!

You are very thrilling and witty even if you are just this young. Whenever I think about your little tricks, it makes my stomach hurt from laughing so much. You resemble your mother. Happiest 4th birthday princess.


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I hope that this 4th celebration of your birthday make you happy as ever and sweet as well! Happy birthday, my princess.

You are your parents’ princess. I pray that God will bestow enlightenment in your life and may He bless you with such prosperity. Wishing you a beautiful 4th birthday celebration, princess.

210 Happy Birthday Princess Wishes

For your special day today, I am excited to give you countless bags of my hugs and kisses. I also wish to have all your dreams be heard from heaven. We wish you a very cool and amazing birthday and an incredible year princess.

Before knowing it all, you will become really old. Do you think that you are already prepared for it? Happy 4th birthday to you, my little princess.

Happiest 4th birthday for a genius little girl. Do remember us whenever you will have your first million! Wishing you a very fabulous birthday princess.

Have a lot of these biscuits that you really love to eat, you do know that I always sneak these for you because these biscuits deserve you, and you ought to be happy with all of this.

Happy 4th birthday wishes for a boy or a girl

I can dare to dream that the garments I purchased will most likely look good on you and that I hope to see you wearing them. Have an amazing birthday princess.

Among the four years of knowing things, you are the kind that doesn’t annoy me much. Happy 4th birthday. I wish you’ll receive all the beautiful gifts, a very fun birthday party and more good time with your pals!

All my queries have been given an answer and it is you, my sweet little princess. Happiest 4th birthday to you.

You’ve transpired in our lives with your magnificence and you truly brought happiness in the atmosphere, we will forever treasure you with much love like a diamond that you are. Happiest 4th birthday, my beloved daughter. Have an awesome day.

You are my preferred treat and I want to eat with you. I wish you an exceptionally blissful fourth birthday celebration, my adorable princess.

I barely can’t take it in that you have been so smitten with music like your mother’s profession. Despite the fact that you just resemble your auntie. Happy 4th natal day, my beautiful princess niece.

Ouch! I am confessing that being a parent is pretty tough, but whenever I look close into your eyes it makes me want to get married, and you make me truly happy. Have an amazing 4th birthday to the best niece.

I know that to make you happy is to give all the things that you want at this tender age of yours. But that won’t be enough to make you completely happy. To have me as your uncle is perfectly good and enough for you. Lovely birthday to my princess.

For a 4-year-old child, you’re the best that I know and I want you to know that I love you, big time, thank you because I am the most joyful uncle because of you. I greatly appreciate your existence. Have a ton of fun princess.

I define happiness when you have your own adorable and charming niece. People say that charm is an adorable niece. Have a joyful birthday celebration my little princess.

An awesome 4th birthday to you princess, I am so thankful to you because you have never fail to make us all live a life full of happiness.

I want to make you happy as you are growing up day by day and as long as I live, but I really wonder how you are growing really fast.

It appears that you have a similar determination as your mother always does and it is indeed a major marvel, princess.

That lovely grin all over your face is absolutely and extremely valuable, it is no big surprise why we love you so dearly.

To my dearest darling, I want you to know that you have the most delightful face and we simply love looking at it each day.

Cheerful fourth birthday celebration to a charming princess, I’m happy to become part of this lovely celebration of life and I’m very pleased to be part of your world, everyday is genuinely worth living with you..

Euphoria is singing within my heart for my lovely princess, she’s slowly becoming a lady each year. We all wish by God’s grace to look on you as you grow and become mature. Happy 4th birthday to you.

It’s great to have your little companions around, may you all grow up and still stay friends together and have a fruitful taste of success at your zones of specialization. Cheerful fourth birthday celebration little princess. May God always be with you.

Happiest birthday to my two adorable lovely princesses. You charming twins is what I consider the best gift that any mom could have. I love you so much more than my life. Happy 4th birthday.

I still haven’t figured out how to be responsible even as a partner to your mother. But things have greatly changed the moment you happened in my life because I must give your mother a helping hand. Happy 4th birthday to you, my princess.

I was overwhelmed at seeing what you are getting to become, it is extremely a fantasy transpiring in reality as I look at you today, I hope that you won’t put us to disgrace my princess. Upbeat fourth birthday celebration, remain favored.

Long life to the Princess of this extraordinary family, she’s officially four years old today. May you encounter more amazing things in life as you continue to grow up. Have a fabulous 4th birthday princess. May she rule long!

I realize you are just so young to even think about understanding this however my heart can’t hold it back to say how I always include you in all my dreams princess. Wishing you a joyful 4th birthday. May this day of yours blossom and bliss stream.

If you happen to not exist in my life and I’m informed that there’s a four-year-old girl that’s genuinely graceful and clever. I wouldn’t accept it. May you remember this until you become mature. Happy 4th birthday to you, princess.

Give me a kiss, sweet little girl and I will kiss you too. I wish you a magnificent fourth birthday celebration my princess. May your fantasies finally meet reality..

I do wish for you to live life happily as you grow up becoming the person that you truly want to be as the time comes.

My only wish is for you to grow up happily, especially as a child. Hopefully, you’ll become a fine lady someday. Have a stunning 4th birthday celebration, my princess.

May you have a good time growing up to be a wonderful individual within yourself and outside, my dearest young lady.

I will never forget nor fail to attend your birthday with all my heart, I will do my best to not overlook it, that is what I can guarantee you right now.

Happiest 4th birthday to you princess, just continue doing what you love to do the most because we will keep on loving you too.

You will forever be my main concern and has always been my priority ever since you were brought out in this world, my love.

I always pray to God to send down angels from heaven to be your protector no matter what circumstances you are into each day so that you will not get hurt, ever.

Whenever you speak, the atmosphere feels so delightful and euphoric and I find it so entertaining to look at you with that beautiful radiance of happiness in your face.

You are all but the sweetest young lady in the world that I have looked at, happy 4th natal day, my princess.

May beautiful things continue to flood your way and may God won’t stop on giving you great things because you are the most adorable little girl, my darling.

This special day, you must go out and have great fun with all your heart, play and play until you are satisfied, my love.

You are as lively as the party with that overflowing energy that you have even as a toddler, you definitely are, my darling.

Happiest 4th birthday to you princess, time passes by quickly, and it’s been four years for me not noticing all of this at all.

When the day is done, I will see to it to make you feel more important than ever, it’s in my hands to treat you, have fun, my love.

Always search for fun and enthusiasm because you are still a four-year-old girl who seeks discovery and adventure, you aren’t forbidden to unwind and play all day.

Refrain from keeping your hands on dirt for a while and live life with such happiness because you are the greatest gift that has ever been created.

I hope you experience all the amazing things in this world as you keep on growing up to becoming a girl that is worth the wait.

I hope that all of your heart’s dreams and wishes finally come to reality some day, happy 4th birthday to my princess.

Blow off all those candles which you simply want to blow and together let’s cheers and begin the party.

You might be tenderly young but my eyes can already see how generous, kind, and loving your heart is, my dear.

If a day comes that you find yourself being left out, just don’t forget that I exist in your life and that I will forever be your shoulder to lean on, my love.

One day, when you turn older and a good child, I ought to grant you a dog, for you to take good care of and love with all your heart.

You made me become a woman, my dearest. I wish you a super fabulous fourth birthday celebration, my princess.

The sweetest thing that I have received in this life are your kisses, I can have it the entire day indulging them. Have a ton of fun today, my dear.

It appears that I am not existing in your world except the fact that whenever your stomach is empty you began to look for me but still I am fine with all that.

You are that beautiful angel of our great family and may you not stop on enlightening us. Cheerful 4th birthday princess!

I feel so energized as I look forward to seeing your lovely face once in a week, my dearest.

Happiest 4th natal day princess, I am showering you bags and bags of my hugs and kisses to have you on a tight schedule on this special day.

You are the star that keeps on giving me light, enough to lighten up the darkest days of my life, you are my guiding star that never stops brightening up my day, dearest.

You can already talk now and I consider that as a great accomplishment that I will never forget. Have an amazing 4th birthday, my dear princess.

Whenever I go to you, I just wish that you will always be as beautiful as you always are, have a great time on your fourth.

Wonderful 4th birthday, my princess. I couldn’t see myself as a dad not until that day when we finally had you 4 years ago.

Being a little kid doesn’t keep going long so you better make use of your adorableness now rather than choosing to forget them.

I will bestow you all the tolerance and patience that this body of mine possesses. Happy, Happy 4th birthday, my dear princess.

May this birthday of yours be four times incredible like you are, and also keep in mind that you are four times incredible like this birthday year. Have a gleeful 4th birthday to you, my dearest princess!

At last! You are finally 4 years old, and I ought to wish you to have the 4 best worlds of bliss to share, love to offer, kindness to spread, and fortitude to battle all evil. Happiest fourth birthday celebration!

I truly wish that for this year, on your fourth birthday, it will become the most dazzling celebration for a four years old girl like you. You are a great gift from God and we adore you so much. Happiest 4th birthday to you!

You have a very crazy sweet tooth that anyone could ever have and so I wish that your birthday cake will be four times bigger than the world’s biggest cake. Have a magnificent 4th birthday, my princess.

This year is the year where everyone widely adores and is long waiting for because this year has denoted your valuable four years in this world. Have a fun and blessed fourth birthday celebration, my princess!

Today is your fourth birthday, and all of us are very joyful to realize that you are the phenomenal little lady that has made our lives so wonderful during your four years of existence in this world — happy fourth birthday celebration our princess.

I have here four big and bright candles for you to blow off this year for you created a world where our hearts our leaping with joy as you exist splendidly for four years and it is super awesome. I wish you the most brilliant 4th birthday princess.

Awesome, splendid, innovative, and caring: this is my definition of you in four words for your fourth birthday celebration. To the brilliant child of the most recent four years, have an amazing birthday princess!

Do you wonder why number 4 is very magical? You are the reason for it! Because you are officially four years old today. Blissful birthday to you princess!

The moment you reached the age of four, all things that you truly love becomes four times the best version of it. All thanks to you and I wish you a wonderful 4th birthday, my dear princess!

We adore the lovely smile plastered all over your face and the sparkle in your eyes. Perhaps it’s because you have finally reached the age of four today! Yehey! Happiest 4th birthday to our dearly beloved princess!

The moment you were brought here to life, you have also brought an undeniable happiness to us and I just don’t know what did I do to have a treasure like you in this life, words are not enough to thank God. Happy 4th birthday, my little princess!

I dreamed for you so much, and today, everything transpired beautifully. We are so fortunate for having you here in our lives, my dearest little princess. May God bless you all the time and I wish you a super happy fourth birthday celebration!

Let me elaborate the four things that matter and is very important to me: the 1-year-old you, the 2-year-old you, the 3-year-old you, and then above all the 4-year-old you right now and counting! I wish you a blissful 4th birthday to my beloved princess.

You are one of the major reasons for making our lives very pleasing and satisfying to live. May God give you more candies and cakes to much and indulge! Happiest 4th birthday to you, my princess!

Get ready because I will be spoiling you big time on this very special day of yours. I must grant you all the things that you wish to want in this life.

Cheerful 4th birthday to you, my princess. It was indeed tough to bear and carry you but you are absolutely worth waiting for.

You have a very lovely face like Aphrodite and I am betting that guys would throw themselves on you just to ask for your hand.

From the very day that you were born, we have already felt that you are really so special and gladly, you have proved it to us. I wish you a blissful and unforgettable 4th birthday celebration, my lovely princess.

You the exceptionally the most phenomenal and beautiful gift that I have ever received in this life of mine. For that, I am very thankful to the Almighty for bestowing me an amazing child. I wish you a very stunning 4th birthday, my princess.

I have always had a fantasy about having a magnificent kid like you. Wish you a Cheerful fourth birthday, my dearest.

I wish you harmony and fun time for every minute of your life. May God bless you with much bliss and happiness. Wishing you a super gleeful and successful 4th birthday celebration, my princess.

You are a living angel in our lives and a blessing from above. I hope that you will have a prosperous year ahead. Always remember that we will never leave your side. Happiest 4th birthday, my dear princess.

Being a Father is extremely difficult however, you made it pretty easy and simple for me. I am very glad looking at you growing up as a very nice little girl. I wish you a wonderful 4th birthday, my beloved princess.

Happiest 4th natal day to my princess, I just really wish that you could never grow up and that you will stay tiny and charming like that forever.

The only thing that I want is to see a smile on that pretty face of yours, to see for my eyes that you are genuinely living a happy life as you are slowly growing up.

I always include you in my prayers and I keep on praying for your safety and for you to grow up optimistically and with a positive determination in life.

I know that I am a very blessed parent in the entire planet for having such a wonderful princess in you, my dearest.

You cause us to have faith in magic one more time and that is absolutely your marvel, have a super happy 4th birthday, my princess.

I don’t know anymore but I don’t have plans of setting you free, not with that lovely sweet smile and an angelic face like that, sweety.

You talk too quick like a rapper sweety but bless all of us for each word that comes out from your mouth sounds so beautiful to our ears.

For me, it appears that you will be growing into a fine lovely woman who is optimistic to go out for a great adventure.

It is very simple and easy to deal with you and I love it so much to spend all of my days taking care of you, my little girl.

You didn’t wish for other things instead of a doll so let me wish you good health and joy for your 4th birthday.

Happy, Happy 4th birthday to you princess, we greatly love you a lot and we are all eager to drown you with all the love that we have for you.

Minimize your intake of sugar, my sweetheart because those cakes are going to make you really fat.

I hope that you will have many wonderful moments transpiring in your life ahead of you, it appears that you will become someone to be like that to do great things.

We aim for you to learn the values of a good human being in the best way that we can do, because that will truly reflect your identity. Happy 4th natal day, my adorable princess, may those words linger in your mind at all times.

You are really growing up as fast as lightning! Goodness, time flies quickly when we are just having the best days of our lives! Have a beautiful and fun 4th birthday princess!

Happiest 4th birthday to the most awesome pre-school kid I know. Wishing you all the great things for the years ahead of your existence, little princess.

Whenever I get the chance to lay my eyes on your lovely face, I just feel so fortunate for having you. Blissful 4th birthday to you, princess!

I hope that this birthday of yours will be the greatest celebration that a 4 years old girl can ever have! Happiest 4th birthday to you, princess! Enjoy!

You ought to have four of the world’s most brilliant birthday candles to blow off — because you have brightened up this world perfect to live for four straight years. Have a fantastic 4th birthday!

Wonderful 4th birthday to our dearly beloved princess. You are officially four times more lovely today than you were when you were born.

When you become four years old, all the things that you really love about this world will become four times as lovely as it is. Happy 4th natal day, princess.

Do you know that number 4 is a very magical number? Why? Because you just turned four today. Happiest 4th birthday to you, my dear princess.

I can see that you are really enjoying and loving the things that you’re doing, and I am feeling so happy about that like you are, my dear.

Cheerful 4th birthday to you princess, I shout my heart out with so much joy the very moment my eyes laid on you.

Nobody can oppose you and your charms, that magnificent face and I am just so happy because you are mine.

Rule #1: Each of the 4-year-old ought to have a fabulous time during their birthday…and every day of the whole year. Rule #2: Don’t defy Rule #1. Happiest fourth birthday celebration!

This is the perfect time to figure out the number of pieces of cake that you will be devouring before you can finally consider yourself a real 4-year-old. Wishing you a fabulous 4th birthday, my dearest little princess!

For the following year, you get the opportunity to become the best thing on the planet… 4 years of age. Ensure you appreciate all of the following 365 days! Hop in puddles, get dirty, spill milk, and have a great time! Have a fantastic fourth birthday celebration!

For the four candles that you will be blowing on top of your birthday cake, I am allowing you a birthday wish. May each of your four wishes transpire in life. Wish you a super happy 4th birthday!

Today is your very special time. Each second of the clock today is meant for you. It’s your lovely day after all so let us hear you proudly shout, I’m 4, 4 and never will be 3! Cheerful 4th birthday, my princess!

You have turned 4 today. 4 comes with fun. 4 is terrific. 4 is glam. 4 is totally freaky. But 4 is fleeting, so you must appreciate 4 to the core! Wonderful 4th birthday to our dearest charming princess!

You have transformed into a magical wizard at the age of 4. Not that much, but to me you are truly magical. Wishing you a lively and fun birthday my adorable and sweet princess! Love you!

You are officially 4 years of age today and I have four things that I want to tell you: Blissful 4th birthday to you, my beloved princess!

Your birthday candles will be four times brighter for this year. You birthday cake as well will be four times bigger. Indeed, a great thing since someone who just turned four years old today ought to celebrate an amazing birthday and that extraordinary person is no other than YOU!

1,2,3,4, I hope that the celebration of your 4th birthday today be the best than your previous ones. Have an awesome birthday to you, my love, I have always loved you the day that you were brought to life.

This lovely day is the celebration of your 4th birthday, so you have four wishes to make. I wish that all your wishes come to life. Happy 4th birthday to you!

When all your buddies reveal to you that becoming four is super duper, you respond to them with an absolutely super, super, super, super, duper! Have a blissful 4th birthday to you, my princess!

When you finally become 4 years old, you need to do a special task. All kids at four are obliged to do it. No 4 years old can escape doing it. You’re task to unwind and be happy, beginning with your birthday party! Happiest fourth birthday celebration, my dear princess!

It’s so amazing that you turn four and before knowing it all, you will be old, yeah, you’ll turn 5 next year. You have to have a great time while you are still four. Wonderful 4th birthday to our cute little princess!

Congrats to you my princess for turning four years old today! On your exceptional birthday you can have a ball today and be the queen. Wishing you loads of good times for you and your companions!

I hope that your birthday cake will be full of icing and will be studded with 4 bright candles to blow. It’s the most ideal approach to jubilate someone who has turned 4-years of age! Brilliant Birthday!

Did you realize that you get the following year to be 4 years of age? In this way, have a fabulous time, be good and all things will be in the same class as gold! Have an amazing fourth birthday celebration!

No cakes nor other desserts, nor soft and warm teddy bears can ever match your adorable face and charm. Wishing you a fun and awesome birthday, my dearest princess!

My sweet little baby can now run and have a great time anytime she wants. May God give you all the protection that you need and may He grant you a strong-willed body and mind. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart.

To the child who keeps on refusing my hugs, I wish you have the greatest 4th birthday ever. I hope you will become sweet and finally run for a hug to me.

Have a ton of laughter and fun on your 4th birthday, my love. Today is the special time to jubilate your existence, so you should celebrate yourself!

There are four candles that can absolutely change your day today to a greater one, big time! Blow them all out and let’s start a fun birthday party. Blissful 4th birthday to you, my precious one.

Happiest 4th natal day to my lovely little princess. I pray for you to be safe at all times. God bless!

With an overflowing love from your dearest parents, you have brought a great amount of ecstasy to us and nothing in this world could ever match that bliss. We are very frenzied at your age so please don’t stop growing. Cheerful 4th birthday to our dearest princess!

May this wonderful day denotes the start of an incredible story of your life and you will be writing it soonest. I hope that there will be a lot of beautiful and inspiring things transpiring this year for all of us. Have a great 4th birthday to our adorable daughter.

Stay stronger and braver; don’t allow yourself to become a slave to your own weakness, ride with your own strength. I hope that you have a prosperous day today. Have the best 4th birthday celebration, my dear princess. Stay blessed!

Words are insufficient to express my emotions of the total amount of how I am very glad on your birthday. I wish you live life longer and with great happiness as you take on an exciting adventure. Have an amazing day, my little daughter.

You are such a beautiful masterpiece of God that’s why I handle you with so much love. Wish you a magnificent life. Cheerful fourth birthday to you

You are so adorable, and I wish to have you for the rest of my life. Have an incredible fourth birthday, my dearly beloved princess. God bless you.

You still do have a ton to live, my baby; I’m happy that I get the opportunity to be a part of your fourth birthday celebration. I deeply wish that you live long so we can appreciate every single birthday celebration together.