Happy Anniversary Wishes for Parents

If your parents are celebrating their anniversary,  make sure you greet them on this special day. Remember, not all parents are lucky enough to still be together after so many years. To help you with this, we have compiled a list of Happy Anniversary wishes for parents that are worthy of representing their life-long love. Whether you are looking for sincere words to express your gratitude or appreciation, these messages can help you put your thoughts on words as a perfect addition to the anniversary gifts you plan to give.

Anniversary Wishes For Parents

Happy Anniversary to my lovely parents! I am wishing you a long-lasting marriage.

May you love each other more than you ever did before. Happy Anniversary to both of you!

You are every child’s dream parent. You two are not just great lovers with each other, but you also love us unconditionally. Happy Anniversary to you!

I wish God will keep the glow of your love stronger than ever. Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to the two amazing people in my life. On this anniversary of yours, I wish nothing but for both of you to stay strong and healthy always.

I am so glad to witness such great love from my parents. Your love inspires me in every way. Happy Anniversary, mom and dad!

Happy Anniversary, mommy and daddy. I wish God will keep guiding you towards the road of happiness in more years of your togetherness.

I feel so honored to be your son. To be a witness of your love makes me believe in true love. Indeed, it exists. Happy Anniversary!


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Dramas and novels have endings, but I wish your love story does not. I wish that even death brings you apart, you will still continue loving one another in the other world. A congratulatory on your Anniversary, from your lovely daughter!

Congratulations for making it this far, dear parents! May you keep fulfilling your vow, which was loving each other for better and worse.

Happy anniversary, to the cutest couple I have ever known. Your love always brings light into our home, which makes me always excited to go home.

Being your child is the greatest blessing God has given me. Happy Anniversary!

Indeed, it was true that as long as you hold dearly onto your love for each other, it will keep you together for years. Happy Anniversary, parents! Wishing for your love for each other to last a lifetime.

Happiness comes to people who know how to be contented and loving genuinely. Your years of togetherness made me realized that mom and dad. I wish you’ll keep inspiring me with your love. Happy Anniversary!

Another blissful milestone in your life has come. Happy Anniversary, parents. May you keep this kind of love you had for each other.

No words could describe how I feel today for both of you, parents. You made me happy knowing how you endured and surpassed all the challenges you had for each other. Congratulations on your anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Fairytales are fantasy, but with your love story, you let me witnessed what a fairytale-like story is in real life. Happy Anniversary, mom and dad!

How you both hold on to each other during those challenges, and problems you encounter in your relationship inspired us. It inspired us to keep going no matter how hard life could be. Happy Anniversary!

I never once felt sad to be born in this world because I have you as my parents. Happy Anniversary, mom and dad.


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I wish you’ll never feel unhappy with your marriage, just like how we never felt ungrateful for having you as our parents. Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, dear mom and dad! Sending my heartfelt congratulations to you for another year of laughter and love. I wish to witness more glow of happiness within you.

I wish the romance between the both of you will never fade. Happy Anniversary!

I could always see that glow and spark every time you look with each other’s eyes. And I love watching it. It makes me believe in love. Happy Anniversary, mom and dad!

A love that is accompanied by loyalty and commitment is as strong as the fortress. You proved that to us. Happy Anniversary to both of you!

Most couples fall out of love the longer they remain in their relationship, but you are one of the many couples who stayed true through the years. I feel proud to be a witness of strong and true love. Happy Anniversary!

I don’t think I’ll be needing someone to make me special, for you two are there to make me feel so loved. I really feel lucky to be your child. May you celebrate your anniversary full of love!

Sending my regard to the two inlove couples. Happy Anniversary, mom and dad. I know you are glad I am not with you to celebrate this day so that you could solo each other tonight. Ha-ha, but I am missing you two.

Anniversary Wishes for Parents from Son

Happy Anniversary to my loving parents. It’s a great blessing to be your son. I thank you for staying this long as a married couple and giving me a complete family.

Years after years, and I never see your love for each other decrease. Because of you, I have the best family ever. Happy Anniversary, my parents!


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Many couples divorce these days, but I am glad you are not one of them. I want to congratulate you on this special day of yours. Happy Anniversary!

Wishing you longevity and good health always. May you more anniversaries to come. Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, from your one and an only handsome son. I love you!

This another anniversary of yours just prove how strong your love for each other is. I wish I would have this kind of marriage someday, too. Happy Anniversary, parents! And just a reminder, I’m a big boy now, so don’t have to worry much about me.

To be part of a family you work so hard to be this beautiful is such a great blessing for me, and every day I thank God for it. Happy Anniversary!

Genuine love will remain true and strong no matter how many years will pass by. I wish I would have that kind of love someday. Happy Anniversary!

I am lucky to be living in a home that is filled with love and happiness, and that’s because you two had to work hard to give us a better family. Thank you, mom and dad. Happy Anniversary!

Good parents create a great home. Thank you, my dear parents. Happy anniversary to you!

We have a comfortable life because of both of you. I promise to pay back all your hardwork for us. I hope you’ll have a great time today on your anniversary!

Anniversary Wishes For Parents From Daughter

I would like to congratulate you for staying with each other this long. This made me curious what’s your formula for a long-lasting relationship. Care to share it with me? Happy Anniversary, mom and dad!

Happy Anniversary, parents! Your marriage is the ideal marriage of many. I so feel proud to be your daughter.

What I am today, is a reflection of how good parents you are and a great couple. I always feel proud sharing your love story with my friends. Hoping you two create more great memories together. Happy Anniversary!

I was envied by my friends because of both of you. Thank you for being cool and amazing parents. Happy Anniversary!

You are both my motivation in life and your love for each other is my inspiration. Seeing you inlove even until this year of your marriage makes me believe that there’s long-lasting love. Happy Anniversary!

On a cold night, you became a comfort of one another. On a sunny day, you became the companion of happiness. I am really amazed at how strong and genuine your love is for each other. Happy Anniversary!

As evidence of your love, the cutest and loveliest token of your life, I am wishing you a blissful anniversary. Let’s cheers for this another year of your anniversary!

This year of your togetherness, I ask God to always guide both of you and draw you even closer day by day. Happy Anniversary!

This is as special to me as it is special to you because this is the day you decided to connect your soul together and created me.  Thank you for raising me. A Happy Anniversary greeting from your cute daughter!

You two are my happiness. So on this day of your anniversary, I am wishing you eternal happiness and love. 

Anniversary Quotes For Parents

A real-life story never ends. Even in death, I know you will still be able to meet and continue loving each other. Happy Anniversary to you!

It is not just about finding the right person, it is also about loving someone the right way. Happy anniversary, parents!

We could find love by luck or by chance, and it is up to us how to keep the love burning for long. And you did a great job in keeping it burning ‘til this day, mom and dad. Happy Anniversary!

May you continue to have this great marriage for long. Happy Anniversary!

Another 365 days to fill with great memories. Never missed a day in loving each other. Happy Anniversary!

The longer you live, the longer you can enjoy each other’s love. So I am wishing you longevity and good health.

You can celebrate an anniversary once a year, but you could show your love for each other every day. So always make each other loved and happy. Happy Anniversary!

Anniversary is proof of your happy marriage, but not the measure of how much you love each other. Happy Anniversary!

A car will keep running if you keep adding fuel to it and taking care of it. Just like how marriage could last longer if you keep showing love and care for each other. 

In a world full of uncertainties, you two are the security of one another. Happy Anniversary!

Metals get rust and disintegrated. But one true love never gets rustic and old how many years may pass by. Happy Anniversary!

No disaster could ruin the love you two had. Happy anniversary!

Stop counting the year and just enjoy loving each other every single day. Happy anniversary!

25th Anniversary Wishes For Parents

25th year of married life is not a joke. Happy Anniversary, to you. May your love never fade.

You attain the silver jubilee of your marriage. Sending my congratulations to you two. 

Another milestone of your marriage is making me proud. I know marriage is not easy, but you manage to survive. Happy 25th Anniversary!

A blissful 25th anniversary, my dear parents! Even after all these years, the spark in your eyes is still as vibrant as before. 

In 25 years of your marriage, you fought and cried many times, but I am glad you forget and talk about all your issues and problems and keep the happy moments together. Happy Anniversary!

The future is as blurry as the fog, which makes me worried and scared to take the risk, especially in love. But, as the witness of your love, it makes me hope that maybe I could have a kind of marriage like yours. Happy 25th Anniversary, mom and dad!

I wish you could sail longer in your marriage. Happy 25th Anniversary!

You are one of the proofs that there are still marriages that could last. I hope you can celebrate more anniversaries in the future. Happy 25th anniversary!

I wonder what was your secret because you have never grown tired of seeing and loving each other every day. Whatever it is, please do share it with me. Happy 25th Anniversary!

I’m lucky to be part of a happy family. Only a few children were allowed to have a complete and happy family. Happy 25th anniversary!

Your love makes me believe that we can also found true love and wonderful love story in real life. That these things do not mainly exist in movies. Happy 25th Anniversary, to both of you!

50th Anniversary Quotes for Parents

50 years of being in love. Wow! You’ve been on a very long exciting adventure. Hoping that you could have more in the future. Happy 50th Anniversary!

Let’s shot our confetti to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the love of the two happy people. Happy 50th Anniversary!

I wonder how magical this feels. The 50th year of marriage is really amazing. Happy 50th Anniversary to you!

Love alone is not enough. It should be accompanied by commitment and effort. Happy 50th Anniversary!

Golden years of marriage is not as simple as picking stone. It is as hard to achieve as the stone. Congratulations on passing this milestone in your life!

God lets your fate tangled, he has done the work, and you have to do the rest. And you did a great job of keeping the love alive until this 50th year of your marriage. Happy Anniversary!

Your smile is my day; your cries are my sorrow, and your love is my life. I can see this kind of love between you two. Keep loving each other. Happy 50th Anniversary!

You are the reason why we grew up as decent and great people. On this 50th anniversary of yours, let us express our heartfelt gratitude to both of you!

You created a happy family, so you deserve a happy life. Happy 50th Anniversary, dear parents!

You two are each other’s strongest pillar you both are willing to hold forever. Happy 50th Anniversary!

Milestone Anniversary Wishes for Mom and Dad

I would like to say sorry for all the bad things that I have done. I realize that you have been doing good parenting to me, and I do really appreciate it. Happy 30th anniversary to both of you!

I wish that both of you will have a longer life. May God will always be guiding you in whatever you are doing. Happy 40th anniversary and more anniversaries to come.

I want to congratulate you both on your 60th anniversary. I wish that I would have the same kind of love when I get married. I can’t wait to celebrate more anniversaries with you both. 

It is amazing to see that the two of you have managed to overcome every obstacle that comes in your marriage life. It’s like the more challenges you both face in your life, the more your bond gets stronger. Happy 30th anniversary to both of you!

The long 50 years of married life have never been easy. It takes a lot of commitment and dedication to be able to get on this kind of milestone. I can never be proud of both of you. Happy Anniversary!

I am so glad that I get to witness this kind of love, a love that was a challenge for 70 years. I wonder how it feels when I am in your shoes. I really wish that we could get to celebrate more anniversaries with the both of you!