140 Happy Birthday Crazy Man Wishes

I know that you have one or more crazy men in your life.
Maybe, a sibling, a friend, a boyfriend, your dad or any man that drives you crazy.
They may annoy you at times, but you know what they meant well.
They definitely make life less tiresome and boring.
You can’t always count on them to brighten up your gloomy day.
Here’s a list of genuine and interesting birthday greetings you can send to those crazy men in your life.

I don’t know if I should greet you a happy birthday. Thinking about those crazy antics you pull on me through the years. I should think of a way to get back at you. In the meantime, enjoy your birthday, crazy dude!

Do you know that I was having second thoughts of sending this message to you? It is because I want to do it personally. Happy birthday to my crazy man!


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You are an awesome friend, but a bit crazy sometimes. Nevertheless, you make me and a lot of people happy with your funny anecdotes. Happy birthday! 

I went around and probe folks closest to you to define you using five words only. The result is not surprising. The word crazy was present in all the surveys. Happy birthday, crazy lad!

No one who comprehends your weirdness but me. Maybe it’s because we are both crazy. I love being your crazy friend. Happy birthday, crazy pal! Have a blast!


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They say I took after my dad in so many ways. So does it mean that I am crazy like you? Well, I’m okay with that. Happy birthday, my crazy dad from your crazy offspring.

We have been buddies since preschool days. I can’t even understand why we stayed friends when our personalities are conflicting. I am normal while you are crazy. Happy birthday, old crazy buddy!

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, crazy chap! May you endlessly collect the liveliest and sweetest smiles from the people you come across. Please maintain that crazy personality that we love.

Life is bursting with crazy surprises. Our friendship is one of them. Thank you for coming into my boring life. You are welcome to stay forever. Happiest birthday to my crazy man!


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The future is for us to make out of it. I am certain that with your gift of a sense of humor, you can bear the hurdles that may come your way. Happiest birthday, crazy fella!

Your existence in my life is necessary to balance out the normal and add a bit crazy. I don’t mind getting stuck with you for the rest of my life. Happy birthday, my crazy guy!

170 Happy Birthday Young Man

Friendship doesn’t have a price. Because if it does, I should be a millionaire for putting up with a crazy man like you. Happiest birthday from your reluctant best friend.

You are my creamer for my coffee. You are my pearls to my milk tea. You are my crazy to my normal. Thank you for adding extra to my otherwise mundane life. Happiest birthday, my crazy man!

You are not contented to be a passerby in someone’s life. You would leave a substantial mark in those fortunate people you met. I am grateful to meet a crazy but loving man like you. Happy birthday!

My world may grow tedious and dreary from time to time, but I know I can always count on you for a splash of craziness and spontaneity. Happy birthday, my crazy but handsome man.

Happy Birthday My Queen

This greeting is for the best-looking crazy best friend. Stay modest even if you are envied by a lot of people. Stay optimistic even amid controversies. Stay real even if people try to change you. Happy birthday!

You are the only person I know that would never back out to an escapade. Even how wild it sounds. Crazy man, Happy birthday! Let’s set our next crazy adventure!

Two individuals with different upbringings, interest and even a sense of humor can have a connection. That is true. We are living proof. Happiest birthday, my crazy friend. I will try to get your jokes next time.

Do you know of somebody who can give me an upset stomach from laughing so hard? Yes, it’s definitely you! Happy birthday, crazy funny man! Your jokes are phenomenal.

To my crazy booster, happy birthday. Thank you for turning my miserable tears to tears of glee. Giving me belly ache from giggling like a little girl. Thank you so much.

I believe that everyone has a calling in life. Yours is making my life crazy. While mine is keeping you out of trouble. Happy birthday, crazy chap!

Let’s tone down the craziness for today. It’s time to be serious and think about the future. You are not getting any younger. The candles on your birthday cake will attest to that. Happy birthday, crazy person!

Some people before they really know me were wondering why I am like this. As soon as they met you, they realized why. I am crazy like my old man. Happy birthday, dad!

You are one liberated man. Conquering the world with your cleverness and craziness. Crazy man, happiest birthday! Seize every opportunity. Believe that you are worthy of the glory.

No matter what other people say about how crazy you are, I am still your biggest fan. You have an uncanny skill to get out of any sticky situation. Happiest birthday, crazy man!

Please be warned that not all people are immune to your madness. So don’t mind them and move on to better things. Happy birthday, crazy bud!

Happy birthday, crazy but gallant man. Before I proceed, I want to verify if there’s a party later. There’s a very expensive gift put on hold and it will depend on your answer.

I’m your only friend. It is because no one else can get your insanity than I do. So, if you still want to have a friend, be sure to reserve an expensive restaurant for dinner. Happy birthday, crazy guy.

You are the same little mischief of a brother ever since we’re little. Still spreading nuisance everywhere. Be grateful that our parents brainwash me to love you, no matter what. Happy birthday, crazy brother. I love you.

The amount of time you spend torturing me with your antics should be used in productive things. Let’s say, getting yourself a job. Happy birthday, my crazy boy. 

I look forward to every time your birthday draws closer. It is the only time you become a little serious and have the decency to buy me dinner. Merry birthday, crazy man!

The more you ponder about it, the more it will become true. Don’t think about turning a year older because you will just get upset. Happy birthday, crazy guy. 

The possibility of not being your friend gives me a feeling of liberation. I don’t have to deal with your insanity anymore. Happy birthday, my soon-to-be crazy friend. Just kidding! I love you.

It would be my greatest regret of the year if I will not see you today. It would be my single chance to torment you and you can’t be angry about it. Happy birthday, crazy friend.

It is unusual that you will hear bad things about someone having a birthday. Of course, you want to be invited to the party. Happy birthday, my sweet loving friend. You are not crazy at all, for just today.

You are so privileged to have me as your friend all these years. So to express your gratefulness, I am willing to be taken to dinner tonight. Blissful birthday, crazy man.

You are not just the craziest person I know but the stingiest. This is the only day I can have a free dinner courtesy by you. Happy birthday, crazy one.

I guess we need to stock up on some hair dyes and muscle pain reliever. I am not saying you need it now, but you might in the near future. Happy birthday, crazy fellow.

They say craziness runs in the family. I am glad it skips a generation. I love you. You are my crazy dad. Happy birthday! Don’t worry, your grandkids will get your craziness.

We have known each other since we were crawling. I know all your crazy pranks and I am immune to all of it. You can’t fool me anymore. Have a cheerful birthday, crazy man.

Getting hired for a job is one thing. Sustaining the job is another level. I wish that you get both this year. Just lower down the craziness. Happy birthday, crazy fella.

Your only work for today is to treat us to dinner and fill our bellies with booze. No excuses and no delays accepted. We have put up with your silliness for a long time. We deserve this. Happy birthday, crazy person.

Do you know how I’ll find you in a room filled with people? I will just follow the sound of raucous laughter. People love hearing your crazy anecdotes. Blissful birthday, my crazy man. 

Happy birthday, crazy man. My wish for you a bountiful of mischief, a sprinkle of foolishness and a dash of madness. You keep us on our feet with your silly ways.

You are the kind of person that would prefer silly messages over long mushy speeches. But since it’s your birthday, you just have to suck it up. Happy birthday, crazy man.

You think you outwitted us all by not specifying your birthday on Facebook. Well, I already asked for a copy of your birth certificate from your mom months ago. Happy birthday, crazy man. We expect free booze.

Joyful birthday, crazy man. May your looks never fade because that’s the only great thing about you. Just kidding! You have fabulous friends too. And may I say, as crazy as you are.

You may have a reputation for being crazy, but here in our neighborhood, you are the go-to person. You are always ready with a helping hand. Happy birthday, crazy man.

We made a pact when we were in third grade that we will be the best of friends for eternity. Well, I didn’t know that you’ll turn out this crazy. Happy birthday, crazy friend! 

Joyful birthday, my crazy man! You are not just a neighbor but an extended member of the family. This is because you are always in our house. We don’t have a choice. 

You are my favorite neighbor. Not because you are a natural charmer, but your craziness. Never a dull moment when you are around. Happy birthday, crazy neighbor.

We have been living next door to each other for as long as I remember. That is why I don’t get it when people say you’re crazy. I have been immune. Happy birthday, my crazy neighbor! 

I have embraced your uniqueness since the day we met. It is because I felt a sincere connection with you that was hard to find. Have a gleeful birthday, crazy man.

A stress-free life is impossible when you are around. You always keep me in my toes with your roguish behaviors. I should be alert at all times. Happy birthday, crazy guy.

For new acquaintances, you may come off as a charismatic guy with a gorgeous smile. But to me, you are just one crazy out-of-this-world man. Happy birthday!

Having you like my crazy best friend that is also a neighbor surely drives any parents mad. So much chaos in the house. Happiest birthday, crazy buddy. 

My wish that every day for the rest of your life, you feel loved and needed. I will be one of those people who will let you feel that. Happy birthday, crazy male.

If someone asks me to define my perfect neighbor, I would say a little crazy is not bad. It’s spice up the neighborhood. Happiest birthday, crazy person. Thank you for providing that service to the neighborhood.

A couple of years ago, I took a leap of faith and made friends with you despite all those rumors going around that time. I’m glad I did. You are not as crazy as your reputation says. Happy birthday, crazy gent.

Your silly but harmless pranks create a fun vibe in the community. Nothing can dampen that happy disposition you share with everyone. Happiest birthday, crazy partner!

It has not been the same ever since you moved away. Nobody gets me anymore. I think we crazy should stick together. I miss you. Happiest birthday, crazy male.

The neighborhood has lost the fun and crazy member since you moved away. Who will provide the craziness now? You haven’t trained me in your secrets. Happy birthday, crazy ex-neighbor! Please come back.

My wish is for you to have a neighbor that is as crazy as you. So that you know how we feel. But I have to admit that I miss living next door to you. Happy birthday, crazy fella!

I’m blessed to have met a crazy person in this bizarre city. Your peculiar and wonderful presence brings spice in my life. It inspires me to accept my uniqueness. Happy birthday, crazy fellow.

You have an innate skill of making a humdrum situation into something exciting. I wonder how you come up with these crazy ideas. Happy birthday, crazy man.

I came to this peaceful neighborhood to relax and have a stress free life. But the moment I met you, everything turned upside down. Happy birthday, crazy man.

I’ve been longing for someone I can share my opinions and views without prejudice. You came just in time with all your craziness in tow. Happy birthday, man!

An amazing neighbor is hard to find. I would know because until now I am still looking for one. Happy birthday, my crazy neighbor. Let us continue the search.

One of the factor, why I haven’t left the neighborhood, is living next to you. How did we love doing your mischievous prank ideas to our neighbors? Happy birthday, crazy partner!

Hey, handsome neighbor! I hope today turns out to be everything you have wished for. No matter how crazy things get, I am here. Happy birthday, crazy man.

I am trying to look for words to express my feelings towards you. You allowed me to enter your life. Happy birthday, my crazy friend. Enjoy the ride.

I have confirmed that the first impression is not always exact. I really thought you are one crazy dude. You are even crazier. Happy birthday! I have canceled plans today to do any of your crazy ideas.

You have the reputation of throwing the craziest parties in town. But I know tonight we will break records. This will be the best one yet. Happy birthday, crazy party animal!

Dad, on every occasion you never failed to put a smile on my face and make me laugh so hard. There’s no one in the world who can replace you. Happy birthday, crazy but loving dad.

A lot of people may say that they love and adore you, but I will remain your number one admirer. To my strong, handsome and sometimes crazy dad, Happy birthday!

Dearest Dad, happiest birthday to you! You are my ultimate hero. Thank you for being you and loving me unconditionally. I love you, my crazy old man!

Dad, don’t worry about getting older. You are still my cool crazy dad, with or without those white hairs and wrinkles. Happy birthday, crazy Daddy.

Hey, Pops! You who infect everyone with your charming ways. Please don’t be stubborn and drink your meds. I need you in my life longer. Happiest birthday, my crazy papa.

Others might say that you are getting older year after year. I say you are getting crazier every minute. That’s a good thing. You don’t have to worry about wrinkles. Happiest birthday, crazy father.

No distance so great can stop me from greeting you on this special day. I may not be physically present but remember that you are imprinted in my heart forever. Happiest birthday, crazy man!

Spending precious moments with you have been filled with magnificent memories. I wish that today and the rest of the year will be striking unforgettable to you. Happiest birthday, my crazy Daddy!

You have relentlessly showered me with unconditional love and support through the years. Hoping you a lavish year of love and generous blessings. Happy birthday, my crazy Pop.

You have been very influential in my life. Training me all you know. Including some crazy techniques if all else fails. Happy birthday, crazy man. I am proud to be called your son.

You would say that it’s okay to fail. It is a vital part of growing. You just have to pick yourself up and start again. Happy birthday, my crazy man.

Dad, you remain the most handsome guy I know. A tad bit crazy at times. But aren’t we all? Happy birthday, crazy man. I’ll see you tonight for some celebratory drinks at your favorite pub.

You filled my childhood memories with your loving existence. Regularly present to cheer me in all my undertakings. Going to great lengths just to see me smile when I’m sad. Happy birthday, my crazy supportive dad. 

You taught me not to take life seriously. To take it easy with myself and not get worked up when my plans don’t pan out. To inject a little silliness here and there. Happy birthday, crazy man! Thank you. 

It’s not easy for me to be vocal with my feelings, but since I met you I can’t help saying these words. I love you, crazy boyfriend. Happy birthday! 

On this momentous day, we will set aside any craziness and mischief. Oh, who am I kidding? That will never happen. Happy birthday, crazy man. Let’s spread the fun.

My goal for today is to get back at you for all those times you torment me with your crazy shenanigans. I learned some stuff from watching you all these years. Happy birthday, crazy man. Watch your back.

Thank you, Dad. For never allowing me to succumb with sadness and despair. You were always there ready with your big hugs and silly jokes. Happy birthday, my crazy but corny dad.

Thank you for stepping into my world and injection humor in it. I know I am not the most cheerful person, but you always find a way to bring out the fun in me. Happy birthday, my crazy beau.

You have such great timing. You know when I needed comforting hugs. Or when I needed a jolt of reality. Or when I needed someone to joke around with. Happy birthday, crazy man. Your craziness is much appreciated. 

Thank you for not allowing me to quit something I love. I will surely not quit on you, even how crazy you get. Happy birthday, crazy man.

The world may take a 360 degrees turn, I am certain that you will still be the same man. Loving, persistent and above all, crazy. Happy birthday, crazy man.

Did anyone ever tell you that you are one exceptional being? Well, nobody can ever match your craziness. That is for sure. Happy birthday, crazy man.

If I have good sense, I should have stayed away from you. You always get me in trouble when we were kids. But I guess, I need some crazy in my life. Happy birthday, my crazy fella!

Happy birthday to my crazy love! You know that I would be crazy without you. I can’t wait to celebrate this milestone in your life. See you tonight.

I promise that I would try to catch up with your craziness. But I can only try, yours is out-of-this-world level. Happy birthday, crazy man. Cheers to more silliness.

Looking from the outside, you seemed to be one put-together gentleman. But you can’t fool me. I have been a victim of your crazy tricks for so long. Happy birthday, crazy guy!

Do you know that you are a superhero? A superhero with the power to spread craziness in our boring world. Happy birthday, crazy man! Let’s fly to our next adventure.

You are irreplaceable in my life. I am so lucky, I got you as my dad. Your confidence in me inspires me to do better. Happy Birthday, my crazy dad.

My heart is eternally grateful that I have got your craziness. I would not have survived this sometimes lonely and cruel world without your crazy outlook. Wishing you a happy birthday, crazy dad. 

On your natal day, let’s get crazy. Oh, we are doing that a lot lately. Let’s get serious instead. Seriously crazy with love. Happy birthday, my crazy fiancé.

Whenever I sense that the universe is against me, there is your imposing presence to remind me to be strong. Your trust in me gives me the strength to do so. I love you. Happy Birthday, my crazy Pops!

When I was growing up, I always look up to you as someone I want to emulate. I didn’t know better back then. Happy birthday, my crazy brother.

Your unparalleled qualities make you so distinctive. I love how you make any uncomfortable situations into something bearable with your positive and crazy demeanor. Happy birthday, crazy man.

Thankful for your untiring belief in me. Everyone else may give up on me, but you stay rooted in my life. Happy Birthday, crazy man. You can count on my love.

Some people may come and go in my life. But I know you will be one of the few who will stay. Your continuous guidance is all I need. As well as your crazy philosophies. Happy birthday, crazy man.

My friend, this world would be drab and dull without your craziness. It would be cold and harsh without your silliness. Happy Birthday, crazy man. Your weirdness is welcome here.

They say it is so difficult to make me laugh. That I am the most uptight person they know. But since we hang out, I laughed more. Happy birthday, crazy man. 

People would approach me and say that I should smile often. I really don’t know why I always have this serious face. But I notice I smile often when you are with me. Happy birthday, crazy man!

You got this effect in people that I couldn’t pinpoint. You can win any argument with your disarming attitude and crazy wit. Happy birthday, crazy man.

I am happy just staying by sidelines and rooting for your success. I always believed in you, even if sometimes I say your ideas are crazy. But you make them work. Happy birthday, crazy man.

People who haven’t seen me in two years would say that I’m a different person now. It is because I have learned to take it easy and just go with the flow. Happy birthday, crazy man. Thanks for your wisdom.

I didn’t foresee that I can a free-spirited person. You have transformed me by coming into my life. I even made a joke the other day. Happy birthday, crazy man.

I think you got the wrong occupation. You should be a professional mood lifter if there is such a thing. Happy birthday, crazy man. You provide just the right amount of silliness every time.  

Problems and drawbacks may ascend in your life. But you will be able to handle them smoothly because you never run out of ideas, especially the crazy ones. Happy birthday, crazy man.

The future may be ambiguous but today is a reminder to be grateful for the things we have. Happy natal day, crazy man! I am grateful that I could face the future with you.

We don’t spend time together as frequently as before. You are preoccupied with your flourishing career. Happy birthday, crazy but busy friend. Let’s party like old times.

When we were youngsters, you were always the creative one. Always hatching ideas on how to annoy our neighbors. I was happy being your side-kick. Happy natal day, crazy buddy.

Your mind is always working and developing new ideas. Tweaking until it becomes flawless. Ideas not to save humanity but to infuriate me. Happy birthday, crazy man.

We will not permit any negativity to take form today. It will be an atmosphere of silliness and positivity. Happy birthday, crazy man. Let’s spread the love!

Worrying gives you untimely wrinkles on your face. Ever since I met you, I didn’t have to worry at all. Because you are doing it for both of us. Happy birthday, crazy man.

Finding the right blend of craziness and creativity is quite difficult. But you have perfectly mastered it. You have creatively made ways to drive me crazy. Happy birthday, crazy man.

It has been forever since we took time off from our busy schedule. I miss being a victim of your crazy plots. Happy birthday, crazy man. See you soon.

Your normal day consists of boring meetings and negotiations. How can you ever survive without doing your crazy tricks? Well, I have to ask your workmates. Happy birthday, crazy man!

Despite your challenging work schedules, you still insist to be present in my life. Although sometimes you just love to pester me. Happy birthday, crazy man.

My life is just black and white. A long day of monotonous activities. But when you arrived, it’s like someone dumped confetti on my face. Happy birthday, my crazy man.

I used to tag along everywhere you go. I was your little apprentice. Learning the ropes on how to be the neighborhood’s number one prankster. Happy birthday, my crazy mentor!

You have been to numerous places we only dreamed when we were kids. I am so proud of your accomplishment, my crazy brother. Happy birthday! I terribly miss you.

Remember, I told you that you can accomplish anything you set your heart and mind to? You said I was crazy. Well I guess, I am right. Happy birthday, crazy man.

Dissolve your original plans for today. No work-related stuff today. We will just go crazy like the old days. Happy birthday, crazy man. Let us fill our bellies with booze and food.

Do you know the downside of being your friend? I am the ultimate recipient of your crazy plans. I don’t mind receiving those today, for as long as dinner is on you. Happy natal day, my crazy friend.

You have an extraordinary talent for captivating people by just opening your mouth. Your crazy tales and anecdotes are always a hit. Happy birthday, crazy man.

I know your weakness. My moist chocolate cake with custard and whipped cream. I will bake you one if you exclude me from your crazy antics forever. Happy birthday, my crazy boy.

Hey, dude! I have emptied my agenda and dedicated this day to you. What’s the plan? Please let’s turn the craziness one notch lower than what we did last year. Happy birthday, crazy dude.

Hey, bro. How about that long-overdue vacation we have been planning for ages? Let us throw caution in the air and just go for it. Happy birthday, crazy man.

I always envied how you can recover so quickly if there are some things didn’t quite go your way. You just shrugged your shoulder and be on to the next plan. Happy birthday, crazy man. 

I thank the heavens for dropping an angel in this world. Yup! You were dropped headfirst. That is why you have a crazy mindset. Happy birthday, crazy man.

The neighborhood awaits the birthday of the most notorious prankster. A huge celebration is in the works to honor this special day. Happy birthday, crazy boy.

The most festive and jovial celebration is just suitable for you. Because you are the most colorful person I know. Never a depressing moment with you. Happy birthday, crazy man.

This day may be conventional to other people but to me this the most special. Happy birthday, crazy man. I will treasure all the crazy but motivating lessons you have imparted to me. Thank you. 

You inspired me to laugh more. To make fun of myself once in a while. To loosen up and enjoy the moment. Happy Birthday, crazy man. Grateful for your presence.

Today, we free our minds with what needs to be done. No daunting schedule for twenty-four hours. Only one thing is essential. To have absolute fun. Happy birthday, crazy man.

Dad, the care you had unselfishly given me through the years cannot be substituted. Even at times, you insist on doing your crazy plans. Happy birthday, my crazy old man.

Our gallivanting days may be over for now. We are both stuck in our office desk, typing our fingers off. One of these days, we will relive those times and just take off. Happy birthday to my crazy travel mate.

Traveling in the world is our absolute dream since we were freshmen in college. I still hope we can travel together someday. Discovering new places and discovering ourselves. Happy birthday my crazy travel companion.

From jeans to suits. We have surely evolved and our friendship had evolved with us. I am pleased I had you growing up and sharing life learnings with you. Although, you are the same crazy person. Happy birthday, crazy man.

Hello Mr. Muscle. Your body is my ultimate body goal. Can I have your abs and have my cake as well? But we will surely have a cake today. Happy birthday, crazy health buff!

Do you know the best thing about having a male best friend? I got first-hand juicy details on what goes on a guy’s head when dating a girl. Happy birthday, my crazy friend!

Birthday celebrations had evolved. Before, a simple dinner and cake will do. Whatever your celebration will be, I hope my birthday greeting makes you smile. But you haven’t changed a bit. Same old silly guy. Happy birthday, crazy man.

The thought of getting back together is not even in our subconscious. We are perfectly happy just staying friends. I got to bully you more. Happy birthday, my crazy ex-boyfriend.

Why when we get older, the first thing that comes into our mind is maturity? I know this doesn’t apply to us, buddy. It is because we stopped adding candles in our cake when we turned twenty-five. Happy natal day, crazy pal!