Happy Birthday To A Crazy Friend Wishes

Indeed we all have that one crazy friend whom you treasure and love so dearly.
It doesn’t matter if you suspect that your friend is mentally unstable; they are your one true friend who always manages to make you and the rest of the gang crazy too.
As you remember and celebrate their special day, we have some fun birthday messages and wishes for your crazy friend you can send them or post on their social media accounts.

To my one and only crazy old friend who is unique and beautiful in her way and who doesn’t care what people say, happy birthday to you, friend! I hope you have a blast.

I know that people think I’m so unlucky to hang out with someone like you when we go out, but I don’t care because I know you are a nutcase ever since. Happy birthday, crazy girl!


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I have accepted a long time ago when I became your friend that you are one of a kind and I will never ever ask you to change. Remember that I accept you and love you no matter what. Happy birthday, bestie!

To my crazy dear best friend, I want you to know that I am always here whenever you need me. Happy birthday! I look forward to celebrating more birthdays with you.

I’m always excited to see you and hangout with you every single day. You’ve made my life so colorful and memorable. Happy birthday to my crazy bestie. I wish you all the best!


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As you celebrate this wonderful day, I wish that you stay as you are. Someone who doesn’t judge and look at the outside but who appreciates and sees a person for who they are. May you have the best birthday ever, crazy friend!

Happy birthday to the only person who made me feel important. Thank you for believing in me and supporting me all the way. I am forever thankful. I hope you know that I’d do the same for you. Have a blast, cray cray friend.

Birthday Quotes

On your special day, I’d hope to get you something charming and funny at the same time, then it dawned on me. I AM both charming and funny so no need to get you anything. Happy birthday to you, my twin crazy friend!

Never feel ashamed of how old you really are. Always know and be confident to say that this new year will bring more wisdom, knowledge and success into your life. Just a little bit more and you will get senior discount benefits at your favorite restaurants! Happy birthday crazy friend!


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Having someone crazy like you around makes everything so fun and awesome. You are the best even if you eat anything and everything! We love you and happy birthday to you!

As you blow the candles on your birthday cake, I wish that you can also read the message I wrote on top of it. I know it’s hard as you are slowly losing your sight but I’m still happy for you because you will retire soon. Happy birthday crazy friend!

Happy Birthday Crazy Sister Wishes

There’s no need to feel sorry for being old because you will always get the role of the wise guy and you have more value! Happy birthday to you crazy old man!

To my crazy dear friend, I got you a birthday gift that I’m sure you will love but considering your obsession with sweets, you’ll probably busy eating your cake before you see and appreciate it. Happy birthday though!

I recall all the crazy and fun things we’ve been through all these years and I can say that we’re indeed lucky to be alive and still celebrating one more year of our friendship. Promise me to never stop making memories with me, crazy friend. Happy birthday to you!

Remember how we spent last year trying all the restaurants in town looking for a dish that would somehow be as tasty as your cooking? I wish you’d consider being a chef one day. Just for me, please? Happy birthday crazy chef to be!

140 Happy Birthday Crazy Man Wishes

One more year has passed and one more part of you starts to deteriorate. I wish that the most important parts of you are safe until the very end. I know you have plans of becoming a parent one day, right? Happy birthday crazy old friend.

No matter how hard we try to lose weight, it’s just never going to work when we’re together. I mean it’s so much fun eating and especially today that you are celebrating your birthday! We’d be stuffing our faces with your homemade chocolate cake. Happy birthday crazy friend!

We have been friends ever since and we have both been there through our ups and downs, through our heartaches and accomplished goals. Thank you for always staying by my side, crazy friend. I love you and happy birthday!

I want you to be happy always wherever you are because you are one of those people who deserve to have the very best in life. Enjoy it as much as you can and I’m just a call away if you need me. Stay crazy my friend and happy birthday!

I hope that one day you’ll see yourself in my eyes because you, my crazy dear friend, have always been my inspiration to live my life fully and enjoy it more. So I hope you have a blast today and happy birthday!

I wish you’d start believing in yourself more because what you don’t realize is that you are one of a kind, amazing and always beaming with positivity. You are my best friend, even though you are crazy sometimes, but still the best. Happy birthday!

I want you to know that there is never a dull moment when we are together. Imagine your craziness plus my loudness, no one can keep up! We must celebrate our friendship always but for now we’ll celebrate your special day! Happy birthday crazy bestie!

Never ever forget that if you need someone to talk to, or a shoulder to cry on, just give me a ring and I promise I’d drop everything and be there for you as you are to me. Happy birthday to you my crazy friend!

To the only person who can find me in a crowd full of people, knows how my mind works in and out and who’s always there for me no matter what, I want to thank you. I am forever grateful for our friendship. Happy birthday to dear crazy best friend.

Today is a day so special and dear to you that I will never miss to celebrate. I wish to see you successful someday. Don’t allow people around you tell you otherwise. Happy birthday to you my dear crazy friend.

Let’s go out and celebrate your birthday because I see that you badly need it. Take a day off and just relax. You must rest at least once in a while and remember that we are not getting any younger. Let me help you enjoy crazy old friend.

I was looking at my calendar and I noticed the date is so familiar… I soon realized that today is your big day, crazy friend! I’m so happy for you because you managed to hide what you’re real age is! Happy birthday to you!

I have two things to be thankful for on this day. One, it’s your birthday and two, that makes you the oldest human being here! Happy birthday crazy best friend!

Today is a day to be grateful and thankful for the life that we have. It is a miracle to be alive even after so many years has passed. Happy birthday to you ancient friend. I hope you stay crazy even if you’re already old!

Happy birthday to you my crazy best friend! I have one million birthday messages for you to make sure all of your dreams come true! For now, let’s go out and make your day as memorable as possible.

I won’t even try counting your age because I know I’d lose my voice and my mind before I get it. Happy birthday dear friend. I hope you’d stay the same crazy bestie of mine!

Happiest birthday to my ancient crazy old friend. I’ve always wonder why you knew all the old ways then I realized you were taught in the olden days! Thank you for helping build the pyramids friend!

To my most unforgettable and crazy friend, happy birthday to you! I say unforgettable because between us two, you have the most number of gray hairs. No need to cover it up though, it looks good on you.

In the olden days, travelers didn’t have maps to show them the way. They used to look up and check the positions of the stars for guidance, like you do now. How old are you again? I’m sure old enough to know that. Happy birthday crazy old friend!

Today is the day to be happy. Now you can start painting your masterpiece on canvas and let go of the cave! LOL! Happy birthday crazy, artistic and my old friend!

Considering how old you are today friend, you may walk a little slower and feel the pain more than before. It doesn’t matter though because you are still alive and celebrating your nth birthday! Happy birthday crazy friend!

It wasn’t hard for me to remember your birthday today, friend. Aside from the fact that I miss our crazy times together, I just miss you. Happy birthday old one!

As one of your true friends, I always remind people around you to never call you young. I’ve seen how it changes you so I don’t mind doing it for you. Happy birthday to you, my crazy YOUNG friend!

I hope you keep that smile on your face and show everyone that you can do anything if you just put your mind and soul into it. Keep your crazy thoughts and use it to your advantage. Happy birthday to you!

Hey crazy, if you feel like nothing is going your way and you want someone to talk to about it, I am here to be your vent buddy. I will bring your favorite food and listen to you talk. That’s how important you are to me. Happy birthday.

To the only person who promised to be there for me always, doesn’t matter if you’re crazy sometimes, I’m still thankful for this friendship. Happy birthday to my one and only true friend.

You are the most precious treasure and memory I have in this lifetime and you are enough. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not, although you get so crazy sometimes. Happy birthday, buddy!

Cheers to you my bestie and bff. I’m sure you’re the one who will stick by me until the end and the one I’ll grow old with. Let me be here beside you as you celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday my most treasured and crazy old friend.

I have a favorite story to tell. It’s about how much love everyone has for me and all I ever loved was you. To my dear crazy bff, I love you and happy birthday to you.

I miss you and all the crazy fun times we’ve shared when we were together, especially now that were on opposite sides of the earth. I miss you more than ever. Happy birthday friend!

There will be no other person like you who’s always there for me when I’m feeling lonely and blue. The only person I run to when I need someone to talk to and be crazy. Happy birthday crazy best friend!

Someday, when we’re successful, rich and old, I can’t wait for us to sit side by side and drink tea while reminiscing all the fun times we had when we were younger. Happy birthday crazy buddy!

Today is the perfect day to celebrate your birthday, my dear crazy friend. I want to congratulate you for having made this far. Remember when our favorite bread was still five cents? Now it’s already twenty five! So cheer up and let’s have some fun.

To my best friend, who I must admit gets crazy sometimes, happy birthday to you! Let’s not mention here how old you really are because no one can guess anyway. I’m just happy that you’re turning another year older today! LOL.

Now that time is not on your side anymore and you are turning another year older, I suggest you start counting your blessings and not your age because it doesn’t matter anyway. I wish you all the best until the end of your days. Happy birthday crazy, old friend.

To my dear crazy friend, I’m not going to tell but I am sure you have an idea who is sending you this birthday message at this time. Happy birthday to you! I wish you’d get wishes from your other stalker friends online too! See you later!

I wanted to mail my gift to you but I couldn’t. I was told that I was too heavy to be shipped by mail so that’s why I am here. I know I’m crazy like you. Happy birthday!

To my best friend, don’t be sad that you are turning another year older this year because I will always be here to make you feel like we’re kids again! I’m excited that we have 365 more days to do crazy fun stuff again. Happy birthday crazy bff!

You’ve been beside me ever since we were kids and you were there for me no matter what. You see, we’re better together and I wish that we never part. Happy birthday crazy best bud!

Oh my gosh, how old did you say you were again? That’s like really old if you check the doggy years but I am happy that we’ve been friends ever since. Happy birthday best crazy old doggy friend!

You’ve seen my best and worst and you stayed as one of my very true friends. Thank you for always supporting me and pushing me to my limits. Happy birthday crazy friend like me!

You know I will never miss your special day and all I want is to celebrate it with you. Happy birthday to my one and only crazy friend. Let’s have fun and enjoy this day.

Today is the perfect day to let you know how much you mean to me and that no one can be as precious and special as you. You are irreplaceable in my life. Happy birthday to a crazy bestie!

I hope you enjoy and make the most of this day because you deserve it. You are my best friend in this world and I wish you all the best in love and life. Happy birthday my cray cray buddy.

I miss our times together, my dear crazy friend. Happy birthday! Let’s go! Open the door because I am just outside waiting for you. Together I know we can accomplish everything like before.

To my dear crazy friend, I wish someday you’ll come and live with me. I’ll be the happiest person if that happens. I’ll wish you the very best birthday for now.

You know you A =πr2 what madness means to me, my dear crazy friend. Happy birthday to you! I wish you stay crazy as you are and hope that you never change!

Today is the day to rejoice because it is your birthday. It doesn’t matter how crazy you get sometimes, I still love you for who you are. Happy birthday to you crazy friend!

I wish to see you happy all the time because I know that you deserve it and because it matters to me a lot. After everything you’ve been through, today is the perfect day to celebrate. Happy birthday crazy friend!

Whenever you feel sad and alone and you feel like no one’s there to save you, remember that I will always be here for you. Happy birthday my crazy and mad best friend.

My buddy, you will forever be my best friend and my love will always be there for you. No matter what happens I promise to just be a call away from you. Happy birthday my crazy friend!

Happy birthday to you my dear crazy bud! May your days be blessed with love, happiness and everything that you deserve. I wish that as you turn another year older and crazier, you also turn wiser.

I hope that on your special day, you’d be blessed with more courage and strength to move forward and never give up whenever you feel like the world is being unfair. Just keep smiling. Happy birthday crazy buddy!

If your special day feels like the worst, then I will do all I can to change it. Happy birthday crazy friend! I swear to be the best friend you could ever have!

Nothing can make me happier than seeing us together forever. I’m glad that we’ve been friends ever since we met and that was a very long time ago. Happy birthday to my equally crazy partner in crime.

To my crazy friend who I love so much and know everything about, happy birthday to you! I don’t care if you don’t want people to know what your birth date is because as long as you’re a good person, it would not matter at all!

Congratulations to the one person I know who’s covered her gray hair a million times, now she can’t recall what her real color is! Happy birthday to you crazy hair friend!

Now that you are celebrating your birthday again and considering your age, we had to cut down your cake budget because your candles costs so much! Happy birthday, crazy and old friend!

To my dear friend who’s as old as time, thank you for gracing us always with your beautiful smile and for sharing your life and love to everyone around you.

Happy birthday to you, crazy woman! Your presence makes me feel really old, like ancient old but it’s okay because you know you have been around ever since! Have a great day and have fun today.

You remind me of the olden and simple times, my crazy dear. So simple that we don’t have electricity back then but those times were the best for me. Happy birthday, woman!

Hello to this old man who still acts and thinks like he is a teenager and calls it experience. Happy birthday to my young and crazy buddy! Enjoy your special day!

If I could just fly to you, my dear crazy best friend, I would. I haven’t seen you in a long time. I want to be there for you to celebrate with you on your special day. Happy birthday to you!

Never ever forget that you are precious to me, like water and air. You are one of the reasons why I love being crazy me and alive. I am forever thankful to you and I love you. Happy birthday crazy friend.

I hope that no matter what happens, we’ll be crazy together forever. Loving each other, supporting one another, being each other’s critic and pushing each other’s patience to the limit. Happy birthday crazy buddy!

There will never be another bestie in my life because there can only be one who matters the world to me. Thank you for being my crazy friend ever since we met and I wish you a happy birthday today!

I promise to be there for you whenever you need someone to rely on and talk to about anything in your life like you are to me. Happy birthday to you and to our crazy friendship.

If I can magically transport myself from here to where you are now, I would because I don’t want to miss your big day, crazy woman. Happy birthday to you!

How I wish that we’d be there for each other now until forever. Don’t ever forget that you are important to me even if you get crazy sometimes because I know that our friendship is more than that. Happy birthday crazy!

Let’s get loud, bring the drinks out and party like there’s no tomorrow because today is your big day, crazy buddy! It’s time to have fun and blast all your troubles away! Happy birthday to you!

I’m sure you will love this surprise gift I have for you. It’s a brand new Ferrari! Ta-da! Are you kidding me? I’m not that crazy to get you one of that! YOU are the crazy one. Happy birthday to you!

When the clock strikes 12 tonight, I dare you to bungee jump with me on top of the world’s tallest bridge! Why not! I know you love crazy and extreme sports and I know you will not back out of this! Happy birthday friend!

Today is your big day! Why don’t we drive around town with the music on so everyone knows that the craziest human being is here! Happy birthday to you crazy fella! Enjoy your day and have a blast!

One day, when you become wiser and mature, you won’t be able to do all these crazy stuff anymore. So take this chance and grab the opportunity to be as crazy as you can be on your special day. Happy birthday to you friend!

It’s the time of the year again where you can wear your favorite dancing shoes and get ready to party because this has been our tradition ever since. To make your birthday as special as any occasion. Happy birthday crazy Christmas goose!

We remember this day as the World’s Crazy Day because today is your big day! Happy birthday, idiot! I wish you stay crazy until the end of your days! So be crazy as you can be today!

Today is your birthday and your one day ticket to go bananas as you can be and do all the weird things you like to do. Happy birthday to you, crazy!

People always say that once you get older, you should start acting like a grown up and stop acting childish. But I say, let them talk and don’t listen to what they say. Life is short. So have fun and be crazy all you want. Happy birthday!

Turning another year older doesn’t necessarily mean you become smarter. Your birthday is just a reminder that you can be more creative and be crazier than last year. So happy birthday and good luck this year!

Birthdays are there to remind us that it’s fun and a must to be a kid sometimes. So never let the opportunity pass to be crazy and be young at heart again. Happy birthday friend!

I know we all hate getting old but birthdays are created so we can go back to being the exact crazy biatch we were before. So enjoy your beautiful day today and be the biatch you are! Happy birthday beeeyatch!

As you celebrate your birthday today, I wish that God continues to bless you with good luck and a lifetime full of love and joy. Let us rejoice and be crazy now until the break of dawn. Happy birthday crazy woman!

I get so excited whenever your birthday arrives because it is the only time in a year where we can both be out of our minds for free! Yaaaaay! Happy birthday crazy bestie!

Your birthday only comes once in a year so I wish you shake off all your problems just for this day and bang your heads as crazy as you can. Happy birthday my insane friend.

Crazy for me is not just about stupid decisions and making silly faces. Being crazy is being you and doing the things you love to do without thinking about what other people might say. So I wish that you learn to be crazy on your birthday. Happy birthday to you!

I hope one day, you get to see yourself in my eyes so you realize that your presence matters and you are wonderful even if you get crazy most of the times. Remember that you are important to me. Happy birthday insane friend!

Happy birthday, my crazy friend. I wish that on this amazing day, you’d be blessed with all the good things this earth can offer. I hope you have fun!

I want you to know that as your one true crazy friend, I will always be here for you no matter what happens. Through thick and thin and through heartaches and accomplishments, you can depend on me. Happy birthday crazy twin bff.

I hope you realize that I will never leave you until the end of my days. To my dear crazy friend who’s crazier than me, happy birthday to you! I hope you have a blast today! Have fun!

I hope you know that you are my go to person. My in case of emergency contact person. My partner in crime. Cheers to you and our crazy friendship. Happy birthday to you my crazy best friend.

My friend, why don’t we have a day off and celebrate the day you were born. I’d like us to just relax and drink some wine so we can catch up on things that we may have missed to talk about. I miss our talks. Anyways, happy birthday crazy friend.

On your birthday, I am giving you a chance to have fun and enjoy a relaxing and pampering session. I know that you deserve it and badly need it. So go now and enjoy. Happy birthday crazee friend!

For once, can you not care about what other people may say and just be yourself? Let go of your insecurities because your family and friends and especially me, accept and love you for who you truly are! Happy birthday to you crazy bff.

To the only person I adore, happy birthday to you! You are one of the coolest and craziest people I know and I wish you all the best on your birthday.

I know you have days when you doubt yourself and you don’t feel well but don’t you forget that you also have me. I’m just a call away to remind you of all the wonderful things you do. Stay crazy and beautiful, friend. Happy birthday!

To my best pal in the whole wide world, because of you I started believing in me and started reaching for my goals. I wouldn’t be here without your help. Thank you and happy birthday, crazy!

I will throw the most majestic and memorable birthday party for you because I know that you very well deserve it. I can never thank you enough for all the good and crazy things you’ve brought into my life. Happy birthday my dear crazy best friend.

I wish you’d be the happiest person today because today is your special day! You deserve to have the best birthday ever and I will make sure that it happens no matter what. Happy birthday to you crazy old bestie.

I don’t care at all if the world doesn’t know about you because you are the world to me. You’ve brought so much happiness and craziness in my life and I am forever grateful. Happy birthday to you my crazy friend.

To the most special person in my life, happy birthday to you. I wish that life gives you all that your heart desires and wishes come true. Have a blessed day ahead.

As you turn another year older and hopefully wiser this day, I hope that you will hear me out when I say that I am proud to be called your friend. Congratulations to us because all our sacrifices was not put to waste. Happy birthday to you crazy friend.

Happy birthday my crazy and amazing friend! I wish that more blessings will pour on you on your birthday and may you have the best years to come. Have fun and enjoy your special day!

To my partner in crime, just ring me if you feel the need to be crazy and you want an accomplice. I promise not to report you but support you every step of the way! LOL. Happy birthday, crazy bestie!

If I were to decide now if I want to be friends with you again, I will, without hesitations and without batting my eyelashes. No one can make me think otherwise. So to my equally crazy friend, happy birthday to you!

I’ve known you since we were little and If I were to go back on that day I met you, I swear, I will still choose to be your friend again. Why not? I know you will choose me too because we’re both crazy. Happy birthday, friend!

Surely I will do my best to be the most powerful person in the galaxy just so I can be there for you because you mean the whole world to me. Happy birthday crazy little buddy.

I can’t really say that we are just friends, because to me, you are my best friend, my accomplice, my bff, my twin, my buddy and more! So to my everything, happy birthday crazy friend!

Don’t you dare get crazy and forget that I am here for you no matter what because I promise to love you and accept you for who you are. That’s how much I care for you. Happy birthday to you, my crazy friend.

To my dearest crazy friend, I wish you the happiest birthday ever! You’re the first person I look for when I feel alone and sad for you never fail to make me smile again. Thank God I have you!

May this special day of yours be full of joy and may you always be surrounded with people who love you for who you are. That is my birthday wish for you. No matter how crazy you are. I love you and happy birthday!

As we celebrate your birthday, I hope that you enjoy as much as you can and take time to relax because you deserve all the great things this world can give. Your happiness is my happiness. So happy birthday to you, crazy woman!