140+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Muslim Friend

At last! The day has come to celebrate the beautiful birthday of your dearest Muslim friend! Greet them with bliss by sending a lovely Islamic birthday wish that will bring delight to your friend’s heart.
Hence, you are in the right place to browse the best and unique Islamic themed birthday quotes and wishes to wish your Muslim friend a super happy birthday and make them feel that they are truly loved and appreciated.

For this very day, may Allah continue to bestow you more love and luck than you deserve in this life. Janamdin Mubarak!

I pray that Allah will pour down overflowing good karma straight from the depths of heaven, and you will become the most fortunate person in history. Happy birthday to you, dear!


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This day is remarkable because you have been born! Praise Allah Miya for your existence in my life! I am so blessed for having you beside me. Happiest Birthday.

I want you to close your eyes and state what your heart wishes and leave the rest to me as I sincerely pray to Allah to make that wish to beautifully transpire in life. Happy Birthday.

Tonight, as you blow off your birthday candles, my heart prays that may Allah hear all the hopes that you have within you. Happy Birthday.


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You own this fantastic day today, so unwind, be free, and have the greatest time of all. May Allah continue to bless you every day of your life! Wonderful Birthday.

Praise Allah for giving me a very wonderful gift- the gift of friendship that I have with you! Happiest Birthday to my dearest friend.

Happy Birthday Wishes

This day is the perfect day to give thanks to Allah for making you exist here in the world. You are a beautiful gift sent down from above. Happiest Birthday!

I pray that Allah bestows you unstoppable moments of love for this fantastic day of yours. This will be my forever prayers for you. I love you! Wishing you a happy birthday!


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Never forget that Allah is always there to talk to, He will surely and will always be listening to what your heart yearns. I wish that you will finally grip the dreams that you’ve been long chasing. Happy Birthday.

My prayers to Allah is for you to have a lot more days here on Earth so we both could still unwind more. Remember that you are very special in my heart. Have a happy birthday!

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By Allah’s grace, I am praying that you’ll reach all your goals in life. May prosperity stick to you like a magnet in whatever circumstances you are in. Happiest Birthday to you!

May Allah hear my prayers for you that he may always surround you with great euphoria and may he become your guiding light to the path of integrity! Wishing you a wonderful birthday!

Feel and indulge the oozing bliss that this day brings in your life. Don’t forget that I always pray for your safety and enlightenment may it be during the great and rough days of your life. Wonderful Birthday!

I pray that Allah blesses you with a never-ending bliss for this year and throughout all the years to come in your life. Have a fantastic birthday to you!

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May the Almighty One blesses you the light to guide you to the place where happiness never ends and smiles are forever genuine. Happiest Birthday to you!

I pray that Allah will always bless you the value of sheer honesty and a great and worthy living. Wishing for all your dreams to transpire in the perfect time. Happy Birthday!

My heart earnestly prays to Allah that he blesses your life with abundance and unconditional love. I wish you a super happy birthday with all my love for you!

Indulge this year’s liveliest and fantastic birthday of yours. I ask Allah to give you the gift of unending bliss and ceaseless joy as you journey to life. Wonderful Birthday!

We were absolutely lucky that Allah gave you to us. You are a beautiful blessing that has ever transpire and this day is the perfect day to celebrate and be thankful for your existence. Happiest Birthday!

May you receive more beautiful wisdom and knowledge of life. May you solely be at ease and happy in all things that you do in life. That is what my heart prays to Allah for this special day of yours!

The perfect day to give thanks to the Almighty One is during the very date of your birth. Treasure it deeply, love it and acclaim it. Happiest birthday to you.

May Allah bless you with great prosperity and a long, joyful life! Wishing you to have an amazing birthday celebration!

With the grace of Allah, you have prosperously fulfilled another remarkable year. It is indeed undoubtful for you to attain many more successful years ahead! Fantastic Birthday.

My heart prays that Allah will bestow you a life with total bliss and joy! I wish you have a beautiful birthday celebration.

Praying that with Allah’s grace, what your heart wishes will finally come to life and may you have more years of living a life full of happiness. Happiest birthday to you!

My wish for this lovely day of yours is that may Allah make you the luckiest and happiest person in the world! Cheerful birthday to you! Stay Blessed!

Allah has given you another bountiful year full of bliss to your life because you truly deserve it. Have a great birthday.

Another fleeting year for you and once again you’re celebrating your birthday. I pray that Allah will bless you unconditionally with health, fortune, and bliss! I wish you all the greatness for your days and years ahead! Happiest Birthday to you! Stay blessed and wish you have a fantastic celebration!

With Allah’s grace, may you have a life full of love, fortune, and success! I wish you an incredible birthday.

May Allah bless your life with a great intensity of happiness, ceaseless amazing surprises, and breathless accomplishments! Happiest birthday to you, my dear friend.

I sincerely hope that this extraordinary day of yours is a day full of blessings with Allah’s grace. May He make you the luckiest and happiest person alive in the world! Fantastic Birthday to you! Stay Blessed.

As you blow off each of the candles on your birthday cake tonight, I silently ask Allah a favor to guide you throughout your journey and to protect you at all costs! Have a great birthday, sweetheart!

My loveliest and heartiest wishes for this special day of your life! May Allah continue to bless you throughout your journey. Wonderful Birthday!

My heart is truly grateful to Allah because he sent you down from heaven to me! This special day of yours is indeed extra special to me, big time! Happy Birthday!

With Allah’s greatness and divine grace, I am indeed fortunate that he gave me a person that is so loving and adorable in my life. I wish you nothing but unending happiness on your birthday.

This day belongs to you, go out, be free, and enjoy this day with all your might! I ask Allah to bless your life with more and more lovely moments to jubilate! Wonderful Birthday to you.

Praise Allah for you have fulfilled another beautiful year of your life. My heart prays that may this new year brings forth happiness to you. Wishing you a successful and glorious birthday.

Dear, Allah cares for you so much. And because of that, he has given you this beautiful and bountiful life of yours. Now your job is to live life with a great purpose. Just know what your heart desires and do good things to have it. Have a fruitful birthday!

Allah is indeed great for sending such an amazing friend like you in my life. I’m praying for this special day of yours to be full of incredible and blissful moments.

Allah is truly generous, I feel so blessed that he gave you to me, a person who is very sweet and lovable.

Birthday is a beautiful day to give thanks to Allah for giving us the wonderful gift of life. Hence, we are given the great opportunity to witness the beauty of all His creations. Let’s cherish, respect, and appreciate this life of ours. I wish you a fantastic celebration!

Birthdays are there to welcome a new life with enthusiasm and to finally move on from the past. Welcome this new coming year with open arms and may Allah lead you to the right path of incredible success. Happiest birthday.

With Allah’s unconditional love and glory, I am greatly pleased and honored for having an amazing father/mother/wife/husband in my life. May Allah blessed you with healthy and wealthy living.

Allah is truly the definition of greatness. He is the one and only creator of all things in the universe. For this birthday of yours, praise Allah for he has bestowed you this beautiful life.

I only know that my thank you isn’t enough for all the things that you have passionately done for me all these years. May Allah give you the gift of joy and peace. I hope you have an amazing birthday!

I am always grateful to Allah for he has given me the most wonderful gift in this world- an amazing friend/lover/sibling like you! This lovely day is very important to me for it belongs to you. Happiest Birthday!

You are like the star glowing with such radiance in the sky, you’re as beautiful as an angel and as rare as a diamond. Indeed, you’re one of Allah’s greatest masterpieces. Happy Birthday!

Your birthday is a mark for a new start of another year of your journey. I pray that Allah will send down Angels to protect and guide you for the years to come. Blissful Birthday!

Allah once sent a gift to me. A beautiful gift that has filled my life with much love, bliss, and laughter. That gift means so much to my heart. It was you.

I have never hesitated the plans of Allah for me because of the fact that he gave me an amazing father like you in my life. My only wish for you is to celebrate this day joyfully, more wisdom and a long life for you.

May Allah give you the gift of eternal life! This is my heartiest wish for your special day. Happy Birthday!

May Allah’s tender and soothing hand touch your heart and may you be at ease for another extraordinary year has passed by in your life. I hope you feel his warmhearted love on this special day of yours. Happiest birthday!

May the Almighty One bless your life with more prosperous and glorious years to come. I wish you a great birthday.

I hope Allah will always be there to guide you not just for this day as you jubilate your special day but everyday through thick and thin for the rest of your life. Wish you a great birthday!

For your extraordinary day today, I wish that Allah grants you the things that your heart has been long wishing for. You deserve the best because you are genuinely a person with a good heart.

You are my most treasured gem, believe me, but you’re really someone that is very close to both my heart and soul. Happiest Birthday, my dear Muslim friend.

You are very special to my heart and I pray to Allah that he may shower you more blessings because you are a good person to me.

You have been an amazing person from day one! I can’t think of anything happening in my life without you being part of it.

I will always be thankful to Allah for letting our paths meet regardless of everything, I was not expecting it to happen.

Things that you don’t expect to happen often happen to you so just prepare for unexpected things to transpire.

Happiest Birthday to you, my only wish is for you to have the best that you deserve in every venture that you want to give a try in this life.

May Allah bless you the great luck that He can give you for you truly are worthy of it, my pal.

This day is indeed a wonderful day for it is the day when you are given the chance to breathe life and I am super thankful to the Almighty Allah for that given fact. Happy birthday!

There are some days in life when all you have to do is to have your eyes closed and imagine how fantastic the days that await you.

Strive harder in life and by the end of it, life will prove you how hard work pays off well, trust me.

I wish you a great birthday, my Muslim friend. May you have the greatest day of your life and may you enjoy this day to the fullest because this day absolutely belongs to you.

Life may outdo you yet still I am here to wish you a super happy birthday, my Muslim pal.

My only prayer for you is for Allah to grant you the opportunity in making your fantasies come to reality since you work enthusiastically than anyone I know.

Just blow off your birthday candles and make your heart’s wish because things work out when you wouldn’t dare to expect anything at all.

I am so grateful because you have become part of my life and I am very glad that you have always been by my side no matter the situations are.

My only wish is for you to have a fantastic celebration today and I vow that I will do the best just for you to have it.

You are a beautiful gift to all people that you have met and here I am, extremely happy because I have crossed paths with you today.

My heart knows that ever since day one, you are a special person. Just know that I am always here as your friend, ready to lend a helping hand whenever you need it.

I am always ready to help you whenever storms are raging in your life. Feel comfortable to talk and complain about things to me, I am here.

I offer you my power of support as the best birthday gift that I can give to you, believe me, my expertise to back you up is lit.

To my Muslim pal, I wish you a happy birthday! Let us be grateful and celebrate the big fact that you are wholesomely breathing!

Today is the best time to live life with great joy. Happiest Birthday to you Muslim friend!

You have provided me with such an extensive amount of your love and I can’t resist the urge to simply do something very similar for you, friend.

Each minute feels like I am very favored when I am just right beside you, thanks a million, dear.

Life is about ensuring that you hear yourself out and you accomplish something you truly like.

It’s when we are together that I have the most joyful days of my life, so let’s stay together.

For years we have been separated but still, our friendship has never faltered and I am glad because of that.

The key to a cheerful life is to consistently pray and be grateful for all the things that you have.

In His amazing ways, you will figure out that Allah is unstoppably looking out for you, fulfilling you.

You have a stunning life that awaits you, my guts have been telling me that so keep smiling and go on with your life cheerfully.

There are two significant things in this life: love and joy and I wish you’ll receive those two. Happy Birthday!

Cheerful birthday to my Muslim friend, the waves might be unruly, but I will do my very best to be there today on this special day of yours.

Always remember that I am ready to listen to your joys and pains in life, you got me. Happiest birthday to you, my Muslim friend!

I appreciate you for being you. You are respectful, kind, faithful and there’s too many to mention, dear.

Each day is a great wonder as you are and so my heart is hoping that you know how happy I am to celebrate a miracle like you today.

Be kind and always value humility throughout life that is the beautiful lesson which you have thought me, my dear friend.

You are the reason why I have realized the importance of faith in this life. I deeply thank you for teaching me that.

You have given so many opportunities for me without you even realizing it and truly I am thankful.

May Allah grant you all the things that your heart desires and wishes, may He also bless you with great bounty in this another chapter of your journey to life.

This extraordinary day only comes once every year so make it memorable and phenomenal. Have a fantastic birthday celebration!

I can’t just perfectly express in words how I love you so much. I wish you have an amazing birthday ammi jaan.

I pray that Allah gives you a bountiful and glorious celebration today. Have a blissful birthday, my friend.

I always wish you a great birthday each year and there’s no denying that each year, you become greater and lovelier. Happiest Birthday to you, aapa.

You are a knickknack of a gift from Allah and I express my fullest gratitude toward him for you. Cheerful birthday to you, dearest daughter.

Wishing you an extremely upbeat birthday with an expectation that this would be the most fantastic birthday ever.

I don’t have anything to ask from Allah since I already have you in my life. To my beloved wife, I hope you have a great birthday celebration.

Today, as you jubilate your birthday I want to express my gratitude to you for being nice to me, for the things that you always do for me and for always protecting me. My wish is that we can stay together, forever. Happiest birthday, friend.

If you keep thinking about your past then it can lead to harm the future that’s waiting for you. Make a fresh start with this New Year and I pray to Allah to clear all obstacles in your way. Wishing you a cheerful birthday.

Wishing you a year with bounty. My friend, you deserve to receive the best because you have been with me during my ups and downs in life, with holding hands you walked with me to surpassed many obstacles and without you, I wouldn’t have the chance to stay breathing.

I cannot see Allah but I can see you, you taught me a lot of things in this life and I am certain that you are a true replica of Him. I wish you an amazing birthday celebration abbu.

Thanks to Allah for another successful and remarkable year for you. I am praying to Him that may this another chapter of your life be filled with laughter and bliss. Have a prosperous birthday.

Birthdays are intended to overlook the past and welcome the future with another energy. Get a grip on this new year and may Allah show you the best approach to incredible achievement. Wishing you an extremely cheerful birthday.

Let us appreciate this very day that you have been born into this world and give thanks to Allah for always uniting us every year to celebrate your special day. I wish you the best of the best for many years to come.

You have never left me in this complicated journey so I guarantee to do likewise for you, make the most of your birthday!

May this wonderful day of yours be celebrated with more laughter and amazement, more phenomenal than the previous one that we had.

I will forever be your supporter in this life but when I see that you are doing things wrong, I vow to address your mistakes and correct them instead for your own sake.

My hugs and kisses are still on its way to your place, how I wish we are not living so far away from each other, my friend. Happiest birthday.

You might not have any idea about it but I am really glad that I am able to meet a person like you who is very adorable.

Happiest birthday to you, my Muslim friend. I have a gift for you and hoping that you will like it, my dear.

I just want to let you know that in this world, I value you very much more than a diamond. Happy birthday, Muslim friend!

Wishing you a cheerful birthday, Muslim friend. My prayers for you is that may Allah continue to bless you because truly, you are the kindest person I know.

Among all my friends, you have a great spot in my heart and I will always remember you in my life. Wishing you a great birthday, my Muslim friend.

My life is just so full of joy and you are the source of it. I am very grateful to you. Happy Birthday.

Never turn away from the simple things in this life that can never fail to make you happy because those things are important to attain the most. They truly matter.

Always have faith in Allah because He will never fail you in this life. Tell Him what your heart wants and everything will fall into their right paces, believe me.

I have seen you grow up all through the years and I know deep in my heart that I will never find a better friend like you in this world.

We are the best of friends but if you don’t have any idea about that thing then I think you already know that at this moment, thank you.

For never failing to brighten up my downfall and hopeless days, I am here to say thank you! Have a great blast on your birthday!

Each birthday is a wonderful opportunity to be thankful for the fact that you can still feel yourself breathing, take the plunge and enjoy.

Step out and make your life all the more energizing and amazing by taking the best experiences that you can.

Though there are times when things won’t work as it’s expected, you have my shoulders to cry on. I’m just here.

If you have the determination, then you are able to create a change in this world if you wish to, just take things slowly but surely. I’m here by your side supporting you at all costs, my friend.

Even though storms come in our lives, we will surely get through it, we will survive the roughness and toughness of life, I certainly believe it.

Remember that I always care about everything that you do and feel. I am with you when things fall apart. Wishing you a happy birthday, my Muslim friend!

Happy birthday to my Muslim friend, my heart recognizes you as the most incredible person that I know and you have to believe me with regad to this.

This day is the start of another bountiful year to continue to carry on with your life, so I am telling you to make the most out of it.

Despite the fact that some things just don’t fall perfectly, it is still a priority to make sure that you are happy.

You have to acknowledge that one great fact that things are not going to work as it is planned at all times and that is just alright, have fun!

You have been granted one more year to do all that you wish to do so put it all on the line, live life cheerfully and completely.

There is still a great deal of favors waiting for you, so much that it overflows on its waiting place, trust me on this one.

There will be a lot of moments that is loaded up with wonderful surprises and bliss. I hope you experience that in your birthday! Have a great one!

You will vanquish each challenge given to you since Allah will invigorate you to do it.

Allah will give you a great amount of joy since you acclaim Him each day of your entire life.

It is by means of not stopping the genuine kindness that you give and show to other people that you are able to receive great amounts of blessings, my heartiest birthday wishes to you, my friend.

You are a magnificent person to me and I just know that I can’t have someone much better than you, I certainly believe that now.

I am always proud of the friendship that we have and will always be, I tell you, there’s no way that I will be ashamed of it. Happy birthday to you!

To my Muslim friend, wishing you a happy birthday! I am hoping that you’ll have a great celebration today because you deserve greatness.

We admit that life will never be simple and easy but it is worth risking for so continue to live the life that you want. Happy birthday!

Sometimes it is worth swimming against the natural flow of this world and prove to everyone your stand in this life.

Do the things that fulfill and give bliss to you but also don’t forget to go for the things that make you human.

When life drags you down, pray and have faith in Allah because he’s love will take you up, trust me on that.

Feel free to love and cherish yourself since that is the status quo going to be from this moment onwards.

For each action you do, you will have and experience that snapshot of fulfillment when you do things properly.

Be just at all times, listen to both sides regardless of everything, I am always here to give my full support on you.

Your birthday is that one perfect day to just think about your happiness and do the things that you really want to do in your life.

Let us release ourselves out from our comfort zones and go on an amazing adventure since it is your birthday today, let us continue to do the things we love most.

When things are falling apart, I assure you that I am just here for you to hold your hand and conquer and overcome the battles with you.

May this day be loaded with pure happiness just for you, I wish you a great and prosperous birthday, Muslim friend.

Never let people disregard you just because of your beliefs and religion. Happiest birthday to you, my dearest Muslim friend!

You are my companion and I won’t let anybody ruin the bonds that we have, make the most of your beautiful day!

Wishing you a happy birthday, Muslim friend, I hope you already know how I cherish you so much in this world.

This day is the day to be grateful for your existence, my heartiest happy birthday, my Muslim friend. The best is all for you!

Wishing my Muslim friend the happiest birthday ever, may all your days be as blissful as how this day is.

May Allah never stop to bless your life. Happiest birthday to you. I wish you endless joy for the rest of your life.

I pray Allah will fill this special day with many moments of love and bliss just for you. Have a magnificent birthday to you.

May Allah grant you the strength and the right resources to complete all your tasks on time. I wish you a happy, happy birthday.

Happy birthday to you. May Allah continue to give more years loaded with His pure love and blessings. I celebrate you! Cheerful birthday to you.

May Allah preserve your soul genuine and pure from this world’s profanities. May he give you the might to remain pure until the end of time. Happy birthday to you!

Receive all my sincerest wishes overflowing with Allah’s blessings and love. Have a brilliant celebration. Happy birthday!

I pray Allah will give you enough resources so you can perfectly do your job in making this world a great place to live for the sake of all. Wishing you a great birthday.

Regardless if Allah won’t make all your obstacles smaller, I deeply pray He will uplift you for you to be able to conquer them all. Happiest birthday, my friend.

May this new beautiful year bestowed by Allah become one more opportunity to share the happiness of life to those people you deserves to experience it too. Have a wonderful birthday!

Beyond your creative mind and dua, I hope Allah favors you with His grace on this special day of yours and beyond. Happiest birthday to you.

May Allah bless your life with unending prosperity. My heart wishes you a super happy birthday, dear.

Beyond all your prayers and hardships, I pray Allah bestows you ceaseless moments of happiness. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, my pal.

Allah will surely fill your heart with bliss that never fades away and surprises that bawl for celebrations. Wonderful birthday to you, my friend.

Always remember the blessings you have received, it’s another way to say thanks to Allah for an amazing length of time spent. Cheerful birthday to you, my dear companions.

Beyond your yearnings in life, May Allah shower you tons of blessings for this special day and beyond. My heart wishes you a happy, happy birthday.

It’s another brilliant day for the most fortunate and most adored individual I know. Praise to Allah for everything. Blissful birthday to you.

May the blessings from Allah’s tender hands be with you all throughout your life. Wishing you a wonderful birthday celebration.

Beyond your deepest desires, my heart sincerely pray that Allah will favor you with such bounty for me. Happy birthday to you, my best companion of life!

May this wonderful day remain as another token of Allah’s unfaltering guiding light for you to see the right path in life. I wish you a happy birthday, sweety.

I am always excited to feel the happy atmosphere of your birthday because you are someone that is beyond special to me. May Allah forever blessed this wonderful day.