Love Messages for Girlfriend – Sweet Love Quotes for Her

Having a girlfriend to share some of life’s most precious moments is such a blessing. So, if you are lucky enough to have a girlfriend, make sure you let her feel how much you appreciate her presence in your life. Take time to send her sweet love quotes messages even if there is no special occasion to celebrate. If you are struggling with coming up with the right words to say, you can use these love messages for your girlfriend as your guide.

Love Messages For Girlfriend

I keep falling harder, and deeper into the chasm of your love.

If I would describe you, one word is not enough. You may get bored because I have a very long list of all the great things you had. I love you.

You are all I need in this life. I promise to cherish and love you unconditionally.

We have that undying trust and understanding that I think makes our relationship strong. May we keep it that way forever and get even more closer to each other.

You can’t imagine how much I needed you in my life. Thank you for always staying by my side.

To have someone who takes care of you genuinely and supports you endlessly is so priceless. Having someone like you is like owning a pure gem.

A day that is not spent with you is like an empty canvas. Being with you is my favorite hobby to do.


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We are like the famous Tom and Jerry, whose bonding is teasing, chasing, and bickering with each other. But I know, deep inside, we really cared for each other and cannot survive without each other.

I always thought that you were too perfect for me, but I love it when you showered me with your affections. So, I decided I will do my best to match your perfections.

I feel like I won a big prize because I have someone like you in my life. You make my everyday so unpredictably beautiful.

The full moon represents completion, thus I wanted to say that you are my full moon. I love you.

I don’t want to keep saying I love you to you because I might lose the magic of those three words. You might get used to me saying it and bored you. So, I just keep expressing my I love you through actions. I’m so cool, right?

Your love alone is enough for me. Please keep giving me your love.

Baby, you played so many roles in my life. Being my partner, my teacher, my supporter, my happiness, and many more. How can you play so many roles, by the way?

I may not be a perfect and ideal boyfriend, but my intentions and love for you are true. Every beat of my heart speaks my truest feelings for you.


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Love is indeed magical, for my stress would just suddenly disappear when you are with me.

The love we share is so special. I keep praying to God for it to last because I do not think I will ever find someone better than you in this lifetime.

We rarely see each other due to busy schedules, like work or business trips. A lot of factors affecting in our communication, like low battery or no coverage. These are just one of the obstacles in our relationship, but whenever my phone rings, I hope it is you.

If I would choose where I want to be, would it be in your mind or heart? I would rather be in your heart because the mind can easily forget, but the heart will always remember.

Just a day without you is already hard. How about a life without you? I will totally be miserable.

Romantic Love Messages for Girlfriend

If I would write a poem to describe the love I had for you, it wouldn’t be enough. Be it hundreds or a thousand lines. Because my love for you is too intense and strong that even words wouldn’t be able to carry it.

A treasure that I had a hard time finding is now holding my hand, giving warmth into my system. I love you, my girlfriend.

I manage to survive because of your support and constant motivation. You are just making me love you more.


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Every morning I wake up with such a wonderful feeling of being inlove with you. It was such a wonderful feeling.

Only genuine intentions and real love could win the girl with a beautiful soul and heart. I am glad you accepted me into your life.

I already know love and experience love. But loving you makes everything feel new.

You were like a magnet that pulled my heart closer to you. Since then, I never regretted being attracted to you and getting closer to you.

The longer we stay together in this relationship, the more I fall for you. So be confident of who you are because that is whom I fall inlove with. I love you.

I can’t think of a day that I am not thinking of your beautiful face, of your sweet affection, and of your cray personality. I can’t think of even one moment without your precious presence.

Life keeps pushing you until you are at the edge of the cliff. I thought I would fall, and it would be the end for me, but you came at the right moment and pulled me up to a safer zone. You save me.

If only days are longer then maybe, I could spend longer with you. But the day ended so fast I couldn’t get enough of you. And now here I am deeply missing you.

Since day 1, I was mesmerized by your beauty, and now you just keep getting even more beautiful in my eyes.

Once upon a time, I got lost in the middle of my journey. I was at the center of the ocean with no islands on sight until a silhouette of your ship came approaching, only then did I start to hope again. And now, I am sailing this journey with you.

I just take a glance at your beautiful eyes. I never thought I would be staring at it forever.

I Love You Messages for Her

My love, I hope you feel the intensity and genuinely of my love for you. Always remember that you are so special in my life.

If only you could see how my heartbeat so frantically every time you are near and with me, you would see how insanely inlove I am with you.

In my life, you are the sun that brightens my day and gives warmth to my night. Thank you. I love you.

I am always grateful that our paths crossed in this life. What made it wonderful was when we fell in love with each other.

As a man, believing in fairytales makes us look so uncool. I never thought that fairytales could, indeed, happen in real life until you came. As your prince, allow me to express my love for you.

This is just the time that I feel happy being dragged by someone when it was you who was pulling my hand. I will go wherever you go, baby.

Love Texts for Girlfriend

Your smile makes me feel relaxed and happy. I like this feeling. I love you.

My schedule may be full because of my work, but my mind is full because of thinking of you.

The best and most beautiful happened to me was when I met you.

Loving you has now become a part of my routine. Making you feel my love is my goal every single day.

The sun may have given light in the whole universe but not in my system. It was your that does.

I feel like my heart cracks if I won’t be able to see your angelic face and hear your beautiful voice, even just for one day.

You don’t know about it, but your smile is the lacking recipe I am looking for to sweeten the bitterness of my coffee.

Your kiss is the vitamin that makes me active all day.

Sometimes, love for someone cannot be described because it is meant to be felt.

Funny Love Messages for Girlfriend

You have the decision to be with someone else other than me, but instead, you choose to be with someone ugly like me. Love is indeed blind. Just kidding, love.

I could compare your beauty to a Barbie doll because you are that beautiful. The only difference between you and Barbie dolls is that Barbie dolls are always smiling, unlike you who are always grumpy. Smile, love. You are beautiful!

The reason why I still did not update my relationship status on Facebook, because there is no “madly in love” option. What should I do?

I want to kiss your lips, but I tasted your lipsticks instead. I want to kiss your forehead, but I tasted your foundation instead. I still love you, though. Makeup tastes good, anyway.

I’m sorry love if I don’t want to say that you are all I need in life because how can I give you a beautiful life if I won’t desire money and wealth, too?

Love may be comparable to prisons, but how can I complain when the guard is mesmerizingly beautiful?

Do you want me to express my love for you in words? Babe, the Meriam dictionary is too thick! Do you want me to recite every word on it?

You are my sun that brightens my day, but every time you get angry with me, you became my make my day like a cold night. Please forgive me, love!

Love, please don’t cry if you miss me. I know, I’m so handsome and irresistible that you couldn’t live a day without seeing me. I’m on my way now, okay? Don’t worry.

Babe, you look so beautiful at any time in the day. Especially, how you look when you wake up in the morning from a deep slumber with drools.

Fights between us started to entertain me. I don’t why, but I love your angry face. Except for those big fights of us, of course. Your face is scarier. I could only shut my mouth.

Love Quotes for Her

I’ll tell you a secret. You are the only woman I love this much.

Love could be anything. And loving you is like a satisfying blessing from heaven that completes my whole being.

Love is not just about being together all the time. It is also about surviving being apart.

I get attracted to your beauty, but I fell inlove in who you are. I love you.

Thinking of you became my hobby, and loving you become a necessity.

You are both my weakness and strength. I weaken when you cry, and I feel stronger when you smile. That’s because I love you.

A love that will never end, a smile that will never wilt, and a warm one that will never vanish. That’s my love for you.

They say love shouldn’t be territorial, but I already made boundaries in your heart, so that no strangers could come in. I’m just protecting your heart.

Never once in my life that I have doubted this love we shared with each other. My trust is stronger, love.

A glance at you makes my heart jump. A touch of you makes my heart tingles, and a kiss of you makes my heart frantic. I am inlove with you.

Your presence makes the wild waves on me calmer, you calm down my mess-up system. I love you.

Sweet Messages for Her

Memories could be bad or happy, embarrassing or fulfillment. Whatever memories we had shared together, it is making me smile every time I think about it. I love you.

Sending a sweet message to someone so sweet. Keep being sweet because that’s how you make me fall for you.

When I am in mess, I think of you. And just like magic, it calmed me down. However, did you do that?

I get obsessed with finding things that could make you happy. Because seeing your smile is so addicting.

When I met you, I felt like I had found the reason for my existence, and that is to have someone who will love you endlessly.

Your love is what gives me strength in these times of my life. God is indeed so kind because He gives you to me when I needed someone so much. I love you.

I love you to the extent that I forget how to breathe. Thank you for teaching me how to live.

If only thinking someone could be considered as a hobby. Thinking of you, anywhere anytime will be my favorite hobby.

Loving you is like the four-season. As peaceful as the spring. As mesmerizing as the autumn. As cool as the winter and as warm as the summer.

I get short of words to describe you because nothing sounds better than saying you are mine.

My worries fly away when you kiss my head, my pain goes away when you kiss my lips, and my love gets stronger when you whisper those three words. I love you, too.

Do you want to know why you are constantly in my mind? It is because when you cross in my mind, you decided to stay in there.

Don’t let me explain how did I love you and why I did so. Because it is like trying to combine oil and water. It is impossible. Impossible to explain it because it just happens.

I will love you until you will feel like no one can ever love you the way I did.

Sweet Love Message For Girlfriend

I like it every time I make you laugh. I want to smile when you smile, and I wanted to cry when you cry. I love just every bit of you.

Thinking about the time we have spent together has been my consolation of missing you. So always remember that wherever I would be, I am thinking of you.

I love you from the deepest of the ocean and ‘til the highest mountain in the land. I love you like I never did before.

If I could pick a star to give to you, I will. Just to show you that all I want is to make you happy. Just to let you see, I am willing to do anything for you. I love you.

If you can see through my eyes, I hope you can see how much I love you. I hope that the twinkles in my eyes every time I stare at you are as clear as the ocean.

If you are feeling insecure about yourself, just stare at your reflection in your eyes. You would see how beautiful you are.

Among all my favorite music in my playlist, your laugh is my most favorite of all. Please keep laughing but not without a reason, you might look like crazy. Just kidding, love. I love you.

I learn how to sing to express my love for you. I learn how to write poems to describe the beauty of your soul, and I learn how to joke just to make you laugh.