Monthsary Message For Girlfriend – Happy Monthsary Quotes

Having a girlfriend is a blessing. This is why it’s worth celebrating the day you got committed to your girl. Each month, you should take time to greet your girlfriend with a happy monthsary to let her feel how special she is in your life. You do not need to have a big celebration. In fact, it’s not necessary to give her a gift. A short but meaningful message should be enough. Do you need help with coming up with a monthsary message for girlfriend? Check these out.

Monthsary Message For Girlfriend

When I woke up this morning, I felt so light and happy. I realized it is because today is our month. Happy Monthsary, sweetheart. I love you!

Every monthsary of ours reminded me of all the moments we spent together. And I realized how perfect those moments are with you. Happy Monthsary!

I never expected such an amazing and memorable thirty days with you. Happy 1st monthsary, babe!

Happy monthsary, darling! I hope you can feel how much I love you, for I can’t find the right words to describe it to you.

Happy monthsary dear! For another thirty days of our togetherness, you just keep making me fall for you over again. I love you!

I tell you, love, you wouldn’t be able to measure my love for you because it is infinite. Happy Monthsary to you! Let’s make most of the time on this special day!

My sunshine, my peace, my angel and my love thank you for being everything for me. You are such a loving person that I can’t resist falling to you over and over again. Happy Monthsary!


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When I started to love you were when I started to love my life, too. I also learn to appreciate every little thing in life because of my nature. Happy Monthsary!

Every moment spent with a brought smile to my lips. You are such an amazing and lovable girlfriend. Happy Monthsary. I miss you!

I was really amazed at how you can still make me smile during those vulnerable days of my life. Maybe, additional to it is that I am inlove with you. Happy Monthsary!

Spending time with them has always been so nice and special. Maybe it is because I am spending time with the girl I love. Happy Monthsary!

Mornings for me are beautiful because it means another day to spend with you. Happy Monthsary, love!

Romantic Monthsary Messages For Her

You were there in every moment of my life to cheer for me and to let me feel loved. I don’t there’s something more special than having you by my side. Happy Monthsary!

I am truly grateful for how you can understand me when no one else would. Thank you, my love. Happy Monthsary!

Just looking at your eyes, I feel like you will be the only one I will love. Happy monthsary!


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I don’t what had gotten into me. But every time I am with you, I am a completely different person. This trait that I am only comfortable showing on you. You make me feel welcome to act in any way I like. I love you!

Your love makes me feel vulnerable. Makes me feel so open. It is as if you can open everything that I am trying to hide. That’s why being with you, I feel so free. Happy Monthsary!

Another month to celebrate the love we shared for each other. I love you darling, more than how high the sky is and is deeper than the deepest ocean. Happy Monthsary!

I only need you to complete the puzzle in my life. So please stay with me. I love you so much! Happy Monthsary!

If I am a captain of a ship, you are my henchman. My faithful supporter in every sail I take. Thank you, love, for accompanying me in every journey I take. Happy Monthsary!

I can’t explain how much I love you, so I will just let you feel it. Happy monthsary, darling!

I only believed in miracles when I started loving you. Because it is such a miracle and a blessing that my love, loved me, too. Happy Monthsary!

I love you. No need for flowery words to express it to you. Just feel it. It is overwhelming in my heart. Happy Monthsary, sweetheart!


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1st Monthsary Wishes For Girlfriend

I found true love just right where you are. And now, I have been cherishing this love for a month. Happy 1st monthsary, baby!

You just make me feel so happy that I haven’t even noticed it’s been a month since we were together. Happy 1st monthsary!

Happy 1st monthsary, honey! I am really glad you came into my life. Today is our one month of being together, and I am wishing for more years for us.

You never fail to put that smile on my lips. You make me so happy more than you can imagine. I love you, babe. Happy 1st monthsary to us!

One month has been amazing. For that short time, we had already made great memories. I wish for more with you, love. Happy 1st Monthsary!

For the last 30 days, my days, felt like paradise. I feel so happy, contented, and at peace. Let’s cheers for more months together. Happy 1st Monthsary!

Our one month of togetherness has been a mixture of memories. Of us fighting and showing affection for each other. I am glad we make it. Happy 1st Monthsary!

I can’t believe you are such a great lover. If only I knew I should have courted you earlier. For the past 30 days was like we are getting to know more of each other. Happy 1st Monthsary!

2nd Monthsary Message for Girlfriend

We’ve made it to two months, love! Happy 2nd Monthsary to us! May we celebrate more monthsaries in the future!

I never regretted asking you to be my girlfriend two months ago. Because being with you is truly great. Happy 2nd Monthsary!

The last 60 days have been a roller coaster. We fought, we laughed, we cried, and we forgive. I am glad we had survived those roller-coaster feelings. Happy 2nd Monthsary!

I don’t know, but you’ve become sweeter than before. And I love it, darling. It’s making my heart flutter. Happy 2nd Monthsary!

It has been a great journey with you, love. For two months, I enjoyed the feeling of being inlove with you. Happy 2nd Monthsary!

The two months with you have been sweeter than the candies. Happy two months, honey! May we keep this love for more months!

When our eyes met, I know I had to court you. I feel like that was the right decision I have ever made. Happy 2nd Monthsary!

Just a glimpse of you could take away the frustrations and sadness in me. Happy 2nd Monthsary, baby! I love you!

It’s been two months, but I feel like I cannot live without you anymore. Happy two months, babe!

My life changed when you came into my life. It became even brighter than before. Happy 2nd Monthsary!

3rd Monthsary Message for Girlfriend

Three months with you had been great, what’s more with more years with you? I know it would totally be amazing. Happy 3rd monthsary!

You fill the void in my heart. You are my pill of life. I feel like I was brought back to life when you came into my life. Happy 3rd monthsary!

Time really flies faster when you are happy. Can’t you believe it? It’s already been three months, love. Happy 3rd monthsary to you!

The more I spent time with you, the more I wanted to be with you. I love you more than you can imagine, babe! Happy 3rd monthsary!

The more we spend monthsary together, the more I think of eternity with you. I love you. I hope our love will last forever. Happy monthsary!

Your presence may be far from me, but I can still feel your love for me from here. I hope you can feel mine, too. Happy 3rd monthsary to us!

Hey love! It’s our third month together. What should we do to fill this day with sweet romance? Oh, I can’t wait to be with you. I love you!

As long as you’re with me, I know I can be myself despite the judgment of people around me. I love you. Happy 3rd monthsary!

4th Monthsary Message for Girlfriend

It’s already 4 months. Four months had passed, and I feel like I still haven’t clearly expressed my love for you. So, today, I want to tell you that I love you, so much.

Our love was so precious for me I will never trade it for anything. I love you so much, babe. Happy 4th Monthsary!

Happy monthsary to the most beautiful woman in my life. Keep it to your mind that I love you so much.

Your smile is like sunlight that brings light in my darkest life. Your love brings color to my boring life. I promise to keep that love to me forever. Happy 4th Monthsary!

We have pass four months in our relationship, I think we can pass more months together. And let’s mark each month with great memories. Happy 4th Monthsary!

My queen, happy monthsary to you! I don’t want anything in this world but you. So I hope you can stay with me for a longer time. Happy 4th Monthsary!

Today is a memorable day that reminds me of our memorable moments together. Happy 4th Monthsary, to you!

I know I am hard to handle, but you still stayed with me. I am grateful for that, love. I hope you know that I love you so much. Happy 4th Monthsary!

It’s been great, the four months of us being together. I am craving for more months with you. I love you! Happy 4th Monthsary!

5th Monthsary Quotes for Girlfriend

It has been five months, babe. I am grateful to God that we reached this far. Thank you, love, for loving me. I love you!

Happy monthsary, honeycomb! For the last five months, I unlocked a new meaning of love. A meaning I only found in you. Happy 5th Monthsary!

I wonder what good deed or how many good deeds I have done in the past that God blessed me with such an amazing girl like you. Happy 5th monthsary, babe!

Happy 5th Monthsary! Spending my life with you is truly an adventure!

We became better and better each month, and I am truly happy about it. I feel like we could last longer with this love. Happy 5th Monthsary!

We met five months ago. Then we fell in love and decided to be together. It’s been five months, babe! Happy 5th Monthsary to us!

I am so happy we had made it this far, babe. We have spent our first five months together meaningfully and happily. Happy 5th Monthsary!

Happy 5th Monthsary, love! We had made it this far. I think we can last for more years together. Let’s keep fighting to keep this love forever, love.

I am so thankful you have said yes to me five months ago. There lot of better men out there, but you have chosen to be with me. Thank you, babe! Happy 5th Monthsary!

6th Monthsary Quotes for Girlfriend

It’s been half year since we were together. Another half-year for our anniversary. Can’t wait for it to come. I love you, babe!

Six months have passed since the day you stole my heart and the day you let me have yours as well. Thank you, love, for loving me. Happy 6th Monthsary!

Embracing you in my arms brings warmth and calmness to my heart. I wish I could wrap you with my arms for long. Happy 6th Monthsary!

It was your eyes that attracted me to you. While it was your character that captured my heart. I could spend a million years just staring at your beautiful eyes. Happy 6th Monthsary!

You made my six months meaningful. I couldn’t ask for more but to be with you, forever. Happy 6th Monthsary!

Meeting you makes me believe in magical feelings. You enchanted my heart as no one else would. Happy 6th Monthsary!

I don’t read novels, but I’d be willing to if it is about your story and our love story. Even if it consisted of thousands of pages, I would not get tired. Because it is you, it is us. Happy 6th Monthsary!

Every month seemed to become better and better, and our love became strong than ever. Happy 6th Monthsary!

Monthsary Message for Girlfriend Long Distance

Happy monthsary, beautiful woman! If only I could just fly our distance, we could have spent this day together. I miss you every day!

A long-distance relationship is not easy, but we have made it this far because you are such an amazing woman. I love you, babe. Happy Monthsary!

I never felt the distance between us because our hearts have always been closer. I love you, babe. Happy Monthsary!

You made me someone I can be proud of, and I am grateful to you for that. Thank you, as well, for being strong in our relationship. Happy Monthsary, baby! See you soon.

The miles that separated us seem like an invisible line. Because wherever I go, I can always feel your presence with me. I love you. Happy Monthsary!

Happy Monthsary, darling! We have been away for so long I can’t wait to come home and be with you. I love you always!

Long Monthsary Message for Girlfriend

I never thought we could get happiness from another person. I never thought that I could find the happiness I have been seeking all my life, to you. I love you, babe! Happy Monthsary to you. I wish to spend more days with you!

You have engraved such a special space in my heart that even if a million years would pass, I don’t think I will ever forget you and your tender affection. Happy Monthsary, sweetheart!

True love seems to be so vague until you came, and give it a clear meaning. Only then do I totally understand what love is and how to love and care for someone. I love you so much, babe! A blissful Monthsary to us!

Since the day you join me in my world, it has become brighter than before. I am glad you also welcome me to yours, love. Let’s always be open to each other, so we could always understand each other.

Every time I see you cry, I wish I could be your tear. So I will be part of every agony you feel and help you release the heaviness in your heart. Happy Monthsary, love. Always remember that I am here beside you, whatever happens.

Amazing things came into our lives unnoticed and unexpectedly. That’s what I felt the moment you said the sweetest yes I have heard in my life. Thank you so much, love, for keeping up with my weird attitude. I love you, always.