Top 200+ Happy Birthday Wife Quotes and Wishes


Birthdays are opportunities to shower your loved ones, especially your wife not only with gifts but also with your undying love. It is important to make sure she feels special on this day by letting her know how much you appreciate the things she’s done for you. We know that sometimes it’s hard to find the words to express exactly how you feel, here are some birthday greetings for your wife that may help you let her know how much she means to you. …More

240+ Christian Birthday Wishes and Quotes


Many people find it hard to write something meaningful on greeting cards. It might take them so much time thinking how to put into words the things they want to hope and pray for the celebrator. It might also be hard how to incorporate God’s love. Birthday wishes for the Christians come in many features. It might be a life verse from the Bible that will give encouragement and strengthen one’s faith, tokens and gifts. Below are the top 40 Christian birthday quotes, wishes and words of wisdom. …More

Sweet Happy 18th Birthday Wishes


Eighteenth birthday is one of the highlights in everyone’s life. It is a very special day that you get to celebrate with your friends and loved ones. A simple birthday greeting may be enough, but it should be genuine and should come from the heart. Sending someone your birthday wishes can definitely inspire them to do better in the future years to come. Below are unique and heart-warming wishes to make her special day the best she can ever have! …More

Best 190 Happy Birthday Blessings


Sending happy birthday blessings to a person you love is such a good gesture. You’re not only letting the person know that you think about them on their special day but you’re also making them feel that you really care for them. Sending birthday blessings will bring out lots of positive emotions in them, including optimism and hope. So if a special person in your life is celebrating his or her birthday today, and you want to send your blessings, feel free to browse through these happy birthday blessings below. Choose something that you find appropriate for the person you are sending the greetings to. …More

Happy First Birthday Wishes


Babies are a joy to have! They are life’s biggest blessing and a great gift that comes straight from heaven. So if your baby is turning one year old today, that certainly calls for a one big celebration. Sure, your baby may not be able to remember any of these things when he or she grows old, but as parents, this is one of those special moments that you’ll surely cherish. Aside from celebrating your one-year-old baby’s birthday, you should also take time to compose a special birthday message that your baby can read when he or she grows old. When it comes to this, here are the top happy first birthday wishes for your baby. …More

The 200+ Happy Birthday Mother in Law Quotes


When you decided to marry your spouse, you have gained a whole new family and that includes your mother in law. Although most people often have horror stories about their mothers in law, this is not really the case for everyone. But whether you’re lucky enough to have the kindest mother in law or not, you should take time to thank the woman who gave birth to the person who became your partner in life. So on your mother in law’s birthday, take time to thank her for all the wonderful things she has done for you. Here’s a list of the best mother in law happy birthday quotes to help you get started with your birthday message. …More

230 Birthday Wishes for Boss


Although most employees don’t always have a good relationship with their bosses, it’s always a good idea to develop a warm and cordial relationship with your superiors at work. So if your boss is celebrating his or her birthday, take this opportunity to express your appreciation and gratitude. Remember, your boss serves as your mentor at work, who guides you in every step of the way. If you need help in coming up with birthday wishes and messages for your boss, check out these top birthday wishes for boss.

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes


Birthday is a perfect time to have fun. In fact, a birthday without enjoyment is just incomplete. So whenever you greet someone a happy birthday on his or her special day, make it a fun and memorable one! Whether it is your sister, brother, boyfriend or best friend, sending a birthday message that’s full of humor is one way to exude happiness on this very special day. If you cannot think of a funny birthday message to send, here’s a list of the funny happy birthday quotes and messages. …More