New Year Wishes For Boyfriend – Happy New Year Love

New Year is one of the most anticipated events around the world, so it feels great to greet your boyfriend on this special occasion. If you are looking for inspiration to write sweet New Year wishes to your boyfriend, then this list is for you. Here, you will find the sweetest New Year wishes for your boyfriend to help you express your love for him. You can copy these messages or personalize them a bit. 

New Year Wishes for Boyfriend

To my ever handsome boyfriend, a prosperous New Year to you. I never want anything from you, but for you to be happy, blessed, and have good health. I love you!

It is 2022 now, and we are still together. I feel so blessed and thankful, for I am lucky to have you in my life. I want to apologize to you, for I have nothing could offer but my endless love for you. Happy New Year, love.

The smile you always wear was my favorite view. This New Year, I hope that you will still be wearing that smile more often. Happy New Year!

Among the things that I would bring with me this year are you and your love. Thank you for showering me with so much love the other year. Happy New Year! Let’s cheers for more love for us this year.

This year 2022, my wish is that we will keep loving each other for more years. Happy New Year!

Together, let’s say goodbye to the year 2021. May we move on from the fights we had and bring with us the memories we share together. Happy New Year.

Years, days, and months end, but my love for you will never be unless I die. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, love. This year 2022, let’s make it our resolution to never stop loving each other. I wish nothing but for us to be triumphant over the odds in our relationship.

I wish I could make you happy and special this season, just like how you made me feel like the most beautiful girl in this world. Happy New Year, babe!


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For the years we spent together as a couple, I realized one thing: I want to grow old with you. I wonder how it would feel, but I know that it’s gonna be great. Happy New Year, love!

You know me well enough that even if I do not say it, know what I feel. Thank you for being the best boyfriend I could ask for. Happy New Year, my cool lover!

As the year 2022 starts, I hope that we will keep holding each other’s hearts and that our relationship is stronger than ever. Happy New Year, baby!

It’s 2022 now, and it means another year to fill with great memories. May you be in good health this whole year. Happy New Year!

My New Year resolution is to keep pestering you…with my love, of course. Happy New Year!

You are my lucky charm and my pillar. With you, I surpass the challenges in my life. May you live a good life. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year My Love

They say my eyes sparks at the mention of your name. I hope you are seeing it, too. My heart is overflowing with so much love and respect for you. Happy New Year, love!

At the moment when I feel so void and unmotivated, you came and fill in every space of my heart with your tender love. I hope you will receive more love, not just from me, but also from all the people around you. Happy New Year!

So much had changed in me when I met you. You came into my insipid world and filled it with life. I hope you will never get tired of me. Happy New Year!


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It is rare to find the right match for you, so I feel lucky to have met you. You show me what pure and genuine love is. Happy New Year!

May we fill this year with so much love for each other. May we have a lot of time for each other to create memorable memories. Happy New Year!

It’s another year, but your love still feels so fresh and genuine. I hope I am making you feel so much, love. Happy New Year, love!

Before, one of my childish wish lists was to meet my prince charming. I never thought it would come true the moment I met you. Happy New Year, love! I hope we will be each other prince and princess forever.

Greeting new year with you is one of the happiest moments I had with you. Happy New Year, love!

A festive New Year to you, love! Thank you for filling my year with magical and fairytale-like experiences. I love you.

I treasured every minute, every second, and every moment I had with you, including spending this New Year with you. Happy New Year!

Dear love, a marvelous New Year to you. I hope God is always with you wherever you go to keep you safe. Every day I pray for your well-being, so please look after yourself.

Thank you for being the best partner in my life. I promise to do my best to be a girlfriend you will be proud of. I love you. Happy New Year!

It seems like it was just yesterday when I have been daydreaming of meeting someone like you, and now we have been spending a lot of New Year together. Happy New Year, love.

For another 12 months this year, may God fill your life with all the things you dream and desire for. Happy New Year, my love!

Another year and a new chapter of our love story open. May the love we shared will last forever and will grow even stronger than before. Happy New Year!

I am enthralled to spent another 365 days with you. Let us fill each day with great and sweet memories. Happy New Year!

Romantic New Year Love Messages for Him

I saw the beauty of life when you came into my life. I feel content with your love. I hope this happiness and contentment will last forever. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, love! Let’s wear green to bring luck into our life. May we achieve all our goals in life.

Most people wear the color of the year to bring luck to their life the whole year, but I don’t think we need it because I know that our love does not just happen because of luck. It is real. Happy New Year!


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Just like how red symbolizes romantic love, you symbolize my life. You are the precious treasure that I will forever keep in my heart. Happy New Year!

In between the 24 hours a day in 1 year, God has let our path cross and tangle. I couldn’t thank him enough for He brought such a fine man into my life. Happy New year, babe! I love you.

May our relationship this year be lucky as wearing green. Happy New Year, love!

How would you like us to spend the next 365 days of our life? Would you like it to be full of red and roses or a magical enchanted life? For me, I want it both for I know anything with you will be exciting as before. Happy New Year, my loverboy!

My new year’s resolution is to fill you with sweet kisses and hugs. A magical year to you, my life!

God initiated the first accident of letting us meet. It’s all up to us how we gonna make this work. Say, a date tonight? A romantic year to us, love!

I don’t think my life will ever be this beautiful without you. Just like how dull a house could be without a garden. Happy New Year!

You are the sun in my morning, the moon in my evening, and the oxygen in my life. You’re my everything. Happy New Year, babe!

You are the singer, and I am the dancer. You create the music while I dance with it. We are part of each other’s life. May your year be as meaningful as a song. Happy New Year.

Let’s end the year with a kiss of luck and happiness for our new year together. May this year be as fulfilling as ever. Happy New Year!

Celebrating the new year with the man I could dream of makes this season extra special. Happy New Year to the best boyfriend ever!

Happy New Year Messages For Boyfriend

Your presence was enough to lift the heaviness in my heart. I love you, sweetheart. A blissful new year to you!

Just like how chips would take even better with a dip was like how my life will be amazing with you. Let’s cheers for another year of more amazing adventures together.

You are the sun that brightens my day, and you are the moon that comforts my gloomy day. Thank you, love, for sticking with me. I couldn’t ask for more. Happy New Year.

We may have fought many times before, but I am glad we still keep and cherish our love for each other. Happy New Year! Wishing for more great moments with you.

Laying down in your arms, with your heartbeat as the background music, with the moon shining brightly in the dark silent night. I can’t help but swoon at the romantic air around us. Happy New Year, love!

I hope God will bless you with the same spirit of tranquility and romance that you bring into my life. Happy New Year. I love you!

A year may look long, but time passes by so fast. So let’s cherish every single moment of our life with a blissful atmosphere. Happy New Year!

As the year went by, my love for you never deteriorated. In fact, it keeps growing and growing into something potent that I don’t think I will ever love anyone else other than you. Happy New Year!

Your love is so pure and genuine. You were always there in everything I do, showing great support and respect. This year, let me repay it with more love I give to you before. This will be my resolution. Happy New Year!

I hope that the burning passion in our love will be as lively as the New Year’s festival. Happy New Year, darling!

As the clock hits 12, and the fireworks shoot in the sky, I want to great you a Happy Happy New Year. I pray to God to guide us to this another year full of new challenges.

I used to daydream, celebrating the new year full of romance. I can’t believe it came true. I love you, honey. You make my dreams come true. Happy New Year!

As the countdown finish, I want to say I love from the bottom of my heart. This year’s resolution of mine is to make you the happiest man alive. Happy New Year, babe!

You are my healing pill. Your presence caress my heart and lifted up every heavy burden in it. Welcoming this year with the knowledge of going through more challenges doesn’t worry me much because I know I have you. Happy New Year.

Let’s shout with everyone else and greet each other with a Happy New Year! Let’s make this year fulfilling and fun more than ever!

Funny New Year Messages for Boyfriend

Another year to celebrate with my beloved boyfriend. It is another year to pull some pranks till you pee on your pants. I cannot wait for it to happen. Ha-ha! Happy New Year, babe!

I wonder why you keep sticking around with me, babe. With this face, I know you know no one gonna steal me away from you. So chillax, babe. Happy New Year!

Another year to waste, my love. I hope you are going to find work now. Anyway, Happy New Year!

I really hope that it is still you who am I going to argue for the next year. Happy new year!

Let us put some spice this year now, my love. I am now ready to take new adventures with you. 

I really hope that your new year’s resolution from last year won’t be the same this year. But I know it is going to be the same, anyway. 

Dear, I want you to know that I will not envy your successes because I know I will benefit from them as well. Just kidding. Happy New Year!

If you are expecting that nothing will change this year in your life, then you are wrong. I hope that you are prepared for something exciting that is about to happen in your life. I love you!

I guess this is the time that I will start my diet. So now, for you to show your loving support, please order some fries and a burger. Thanks!

I think it is about time to visit the gym, my love. I do love your chubby body, but I think you will look hot with abs and muscle. What do you think? So get up and go to the gym!

I really wish that you will be promoted, so you can earn more. With that, I can buy more things that I like! Happy new year!

I hope that the things that bother you a lot will disappear immediately, just like how you bloated so fast this year. 

It’s always been a shiny year, and I will still expect it to be shinier this new year. Thanks to your bald head, my love. Happy New Year!

I want you to know that I love you regardless of how you look. But hon, just for your own sake, please get up and lift some weights, you pig! 

Everything this 2022 year may change but not your role as my husband. Now, wash the dishes! 

I always tried to become a good girl for you. But I still fail and make some mistakes. I promise that I will still be the same and won’t change a little bit. Peace out!

New Year Messages for BF in Long Distance

It’s been two years since we last met. I really hope that I can get to see you after this pandemic ends. Happy new year!

I really miss you. I miss everything about you. Happy New year!

The worst thing that could happen to a couple is to be apart from each other. I really miss you. Happy New Year!

Being in a long-distance relationship is not a hindrance to our love for each other. Remember that I always think about you, and I will always love you. Happy New Year Day!

Every time this new year comes by, I always remember our memories together. It’s so sad that this happened twice, now, now. I hope that pandemic will end soon. Happy New Year!

You may be far away from me, but you are always here in my heart. This feeling cannot be stopped. Happy New Year!

There is a lot of negative stuff around, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship. Always remember that I have always trusted you since day 1. I hope that this distance won’t become a hindrance to our love. Happy New Year Day!

The important thing is that we know that we love each other. That statement is enough for me. Happy New Year!

New years with you have always been special. I wish we could always spend every new year together. I love you, darling.

I hope you have a great time in the celebration of the New Year. Always remember that I keep dreaming of you because I keep thinking of you. Happy New Year, love!