Romantic Valentine Messages and Wishes

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to express your love to a special someone. While most people would give the fanciest gifts, there are cheaper ways to express your feelings towards your loved one. In fact, sending romantic messages does not come with a fee. But if you say the right words, your partner will surely appreciate the gesture. If you need help in coming up with the sweetest Valentine’s Day message, check out these Romantic Valentine Messages and Wishes.

Romantic Valentine Day Messages

My love for you reflects eternity. Happy Valentine’s Day, love!

You are enough for me, and your love and presence complete me. I am so inlove with you.

Falling inlove with you over and over again is the favorite thing I would do. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I started to love sweet melodies because of you. You had made me see the beautiful sides of life. I love you!

If there’s sweeter than the chocolate, it would be you. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweetheart!

You are the sun I am willing to stare at. Even if my eyes would hurt because of your glare, I will still be happy because I am staring at you. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sunshine!

Wherever you are, how far you are, the bond we have created will remain stronger than ever. Our hearts will remain tied with each other. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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One of the greatest things I receive in my life is you. Thank you for being my valentine. I love you, always.

You are a rare kind of flower that I will be willing to hunt no matter which country you will be found in because you deserve to be recognized and cherished. Happy Valentine’s Day!

My life without you is like a day without a sun. Happy Valentine’s Day!

This would be another day you’ll gonna feel how I love you. Because today I will make you feel so special. Happy Valentine’s Day!

You are the kind of person that I will never get tired of loving, because every day you just keep amusing me. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my life. You are my oxygen, so please don’t ever leave me. I will die.

Without you, I feel like a corpse trying to live. Happy Valentine’s Day!

My heart bleeds and rejoices with you. Whatever you feel, it is reflected in my heart. So, never hesitate to let out what you feel inside, I will always welcome it because I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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I have a long list of reasons why I should do well in my life, and you are the first thing that comes to my mind. I want to make you proud of me. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Let’s spread our love in the air so everyone could feel how great it is to be inlove. Happy Valentine’s Day, love!

Valentine Love Messages

Ask me how much I love you, and I wouldn’t be able to answer it. Because nothing could measure how much I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

You are the other half that completes my being. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wish you will find arms that will be willing to wrap you with love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

A mixture of love, commitment, pain, and happiness is the perfect ingredients to make a delicious and balance cake of life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I ask God for a sweet present on Valentine’s day, and he gives you to me. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Holding your hands are one of favorite thing I would do whenever we are together. The warmth of your hands always brings that undeniable happiness to me. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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To be loved is the sweetest thing I feel. To love is the most amazing thing I have done, and to be inlove with someone who loves you back is the most beautiful feeling. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Your love is like a color palette that brings different kinds of feelings and emotions in me. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am a ship sailing into the mysterious, unpredictable sea. But I never feel scared because I know you are leading me to the right path. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day, darling. I hope you know that I have already written your name in my heart, so I will keep loving you till my hair turns gray and I will perish in this world. I love you.

You are a bird that flies me to different places. All the moments we spent together were an adventure I would always want to have in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love you. I love your morning look. I love your fresh look. I love how you look at night. I love your crybaby look, and I love your smiling face. I love you, every little bit of you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

If eternity does not exist, so I just vow to love you ‘til I perished in this world. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Romantic Valentine Messages for Girlfriend

My princess, I vow to make you my queen forever. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I feel like I wasted so many hours if I can’t spend a day with you. This Valentine’s day, I want to spend every hour a day has with you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

The story begins, when two hearts begin to beat each other. The story becomes so beautiful when it keeps beating. I am glad, our love was that beautiful story. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I will do everything to give you the best security that will keep you happy and feel safe. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your mind functions like a roller coaster, but I am glad I was able to keep up with it, and that’s because I love you. You may not be perfect, but I will never ask you to change because that is how I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Treasure does still exist even in this 21st century. I can’t believe I am keeping one of those, and that was you. Happy Valentine’s Day, my valuable treasure! I will surely keep you in the safest place, and that’s my heart.

This is the day I want to make you feel how much you mean to me. I want to make this day better than our last date. I want to let you know how much you matter to me. Happy Valentine’s Day!

You give me happiness, peace, and love. So I will give you more than those things. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

If I won’t date you, what would be the meaning of meeting you. That’s what I thought when I first met you, and it was because, at that moment, I had already fallen inlove with you. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!

You are the biggest achievement of my life. I never regretted taking so much effort just to find a way into your heart. Happy Valentine’s Day!

It was at that moment when your gaze met mine that my heart gives the signal. That signal was a beat. A beat of love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

My heart is jumping with excitement because the day of love is coming, and I will be celebrating it with you. It makes me happy. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Romantic Valentine Wishes for Boyfriend

I don’t know if this is reality and fantasy. All I know is that I am very happy every time I am with you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

You are the reason why my eyes are sparkling a thousand hearts. Because you always make me feel so loved. It was such a great feeling. Happy Valentine’s Day!

My eyebags are the proof that I always slept late at night because of thinking of you. Oh, man. You keep bombarding in my thoughts, even in my dreams. I’m badly smitten. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, darling! I just want you to know that I love this feeling of being inlove with you. I hope we can keep it this way longer. I love you.

Whether it’s Cupid doings or fate, I am thankful to them for letting us cross our paths. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I don’t want gifts on Valentine’s day. Just you are enough for me. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I can already imagine a future with you. The love I had for you just keeps growing day by day. Happy Valentine’s Day!

We were destined to meet and fall inlove. But the decision to make this love work was ours. I am glad we did because it has been wonderful loving you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Fighting this life with you makes everything bearable. Thank you for staying at my side. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I love how you make me feel your love for me in any way you know. I am enjoying every moment with you. I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day.

This is so far from illusions or dreams. This is real, this true. My love for you is real. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I am living such a good life, because of you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

You got everything a girl could ask for, for her man. It would be foolish of me if I let you go. So I am caging you in my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Day Messages For Husband

My dearest husband, I was wondering if you already know how much I love you? Well, I love you more than I love my designer bags. Happy Valentine’s Day.

There’s only one thing I want to say to you this Valentine’s day, and that is I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day, honey.

I felt like I owe God a lot of things because not just He has given me a great husband but also a beautiful family. Let’s make this work ‘til the end. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I hope we will be blessed with a strong and long-lasting marriage. All I asked was a lifetime with you. I love you.

With you, everyday feels like Valentine’s day, because you are so romantic. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Every Valentine’s day, I am always reminded of how we started our relationship, and my heart flutters just like the way it did before. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart. I am glad you were able to keep with this temperament of mine. Only you can really endure my craziness.

Your appearance change. Your likes change and your opinion in life, too. But never your love for me. Happy Valentine’s day.

When most women complain about their husbands I was overwhelmed by your love and care. Thank you because you always kiss away the frustrations in my head. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Thank you, honey, for fulfilling your vow. I always wear this bright, sweet smile because of you. I love you.

I wanted to make your life beautiful, just like how you gave me a wonderful family. I know we are getting older, but let’s celebrated Valentine’s just like the way we did before. I love you.

I feel the security whenever you hold me tight in your arms. I feel your sincerity with every word that comes out of your mouth, and I feel your love by the way you kiss me. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I know we’re too old for this kind of thing, but our love never gets too old and rustic. So romance is still very alive within us. I wish we could keep like this forever. 

Valentine Day Messages For Wife

I want to give you a love, that you never had with anyone else. Because this is the only way I know that could make you feel that you are enough and deserve to be loved this much. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I was blessed with an angel, a wife, and a mother of my child. What more could I ask for? Happy Valentine’s Day, my everything.

I promise to give you a family that you dream for. This is my only payback for you for giving me so much love, care, and attention. I love you, my wife. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

Our wedding was really the best moment of my life. It keeps flashing in my mind how beautiful you are in walking down the aisle. I hope we can be wed again in the future. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I love you seems like not enough to express my love for you. That’s why I’ve decided to just show it to you every day because no words could properly express the depths of my love for you. I hope I am succeeding. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I want you to feel my love not just on Valentine’s day but every single day we spent together. I may always go home late from work, but I hope you feel in my hugs every night how much I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day, dear.

I love how you make me feel confident in my masculinity. I love how you let me love you just like the way I wanted. Thank you, love. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I love how your hair became messy, and your forehead became sweaty, and you never complained. It makes me want to work harder, so I could lessen your burden. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Thank you for creating a family with me. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Making you happy is now becoming my obligation that I am willing to do because I like the feeling when I see you smile. Happy Valentine’s Day.

When I am in pain, just a simple touch of your warm hand and eases away. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I am living in a reality of loving you. I hope we can keep the romance within us burning ‘til the last breath of our life. Happy Valentine’s Day.

You are everything for me. A loving mother to my children, my wife, my dream, and my life partner. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Valentines Wishes For Crush

You know, you could make this day memorable for me if you agree to be my date. Will you be my date?

When everything around me seemed to be a lie, you were the only true thing. You are a real person, and that’s what I love about you. Happy Valentine’s day.

Your beauty was mesmerizing, that it got me stuck when I first met you. Happy Valentine’s day to the most beautiful girl I know.

They say it’s love when your heart flutters at the sight of someone. Mine did when I met you. Does this make your heart flutter, too? I hope it does. Who knows, the next Valentine’s day, we might already be a loving couple. 

I have been in silence for too long. Years of secretly loving you, I think this is the best time to express this out. Yes, I am inlove with you.

Only when I met you, was when I learn what love is. You make me understand the feeling and meaning of love. Happy Valentine’s Day.

If only too much love could kill, I might be dead right now. But I think I am still alive because of the hope that maybe you could be mine. Will you date me?