Thank You for Birthday Wishes

When your birthday comes, you will usually get bombarded with birthday greetings, messages, and texts from people. In this day and age of the Internet, it’s now so easy for people to greet you wherever they are in the world. You might even be surprised to receive a greeting from a long lost friend! It feels great to receive wonderful greetings on the most special day of your life, so it just makes sense to thank the people who remembered you on your birthday. If you don’t know what to say, check out this list of Thank You for Birthday Wishes.

Thank You For Birthday Wishes

Thank you for making my birthday extra special. You made me feel loved with greetings and for showing me that you cared about me. Take care!

I am so touched by your birthday wishes for me. Your message is among the best gift I have received on my special day. Thank you so much!

I am so grateful that you made time to wish me a happy birthday. I will forever treasure what you did and pray for you always.

I want to thank everybody who made my birthday worth remembering. Your heartfelt greetings have made me extraordinarily happy. May God shower you with blessings!

Thank you for the heartwarming words you sent me for my birthday. I will pay it with love and prayers from the bottom of my heart.

What wonderful birthday greetings and a gift I received from you! I appreciate them so much. I feel so blessed for having you in my life right now.

Knowing that you are there on my special day makes me feel so ecstatic. I am thankful that you cared to wish me a happy birthday.

I am so happy to know that you did not miss my birthday. Rest assured that the efforts you made to make me smile on my day are very much appreciated.

It is a huge blessing for me that I was able to celebrate the day with all of you. I have never been this happy in my life. Thank you for everything.

How sweet of you for making me happy with your warm greetings. This day will not be special without you. I love you all so much.


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I am sincerely very happy to see you at my party. Your genuine care and heart-melting messages will be cherished forever. Thank you very much!

I was overwhelmingly happy to have you around on my special day. You are blessings and I wish you all more success in your life.

Thank you for letting me experience such a wonderful birthday. I would not be very happy without your welcoming gestures and gifts. I will cherish them all in my memory.

Your mere presence is more than enough for my birthday to be exceptional and very memorable. I’m so happy about your sweet messages and gifts.

You are the reason why I am so happy on my birthday. I never thought you would make such efforts to come and make my day very memorable.

Thank You Everyone For The Birthday Wishes

May God bless you all for celebrating with me and making my birthday amazing. You filled my heart with pure happiness that will be eternally treasured.

You truly are my lucky charms and you never failed to make me feel loved and so happy. I wish you lots of success for your kindness.

I feel very thankful for having you in my life and for sending those beautiful greetings on Facebook. I will forever carry those heartfelt messages with me in my heart.

All your delightful messages are appreciated very much. If ever I missed replying to some, I apologize. I wish you happiness just like what you made me feel on my birthday.


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No words can describe how happy I am today for your astounding messages. You guys are angels in disguise for your kindness and love. Thank you.

Thank you very much for giving me a wonderful experience on my birthday. I truly appreciate you all. May God shower you with blessings.

The joy I feel right now is uncontainable. I’m at the top of the world with your superb greetings and wishes. My birthday is complete.

Thanks for Birthday Wishes To Family

You are the reason for my existence. I feel so blessed to have a very loving family. Thank you for giving me a memorable birthday celebration.

You are the best! Without you, I couldn’t have had such an amazing experience on my birthday. How I wish I can return the favor someday.

Thank you for making my world colorful. Having you as my family is the best gift I received and will ever receive on my birthday.

Receiving those sweet messages from you makes me feel blessed with all the best things in the world. Thank you for existing in my life.

My birthday was a reminder for me that I have so many wonderful people around that truly care and love me so much. Thank you.

How awesome it is to have such loving people like you in my life. I will forever appreciate everything you did for me and my birthday.

Let me express my gratitude for all the warm greetings I have received from all of you. They were very inspiring and I will never get tired of thanking you.


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Such a priceless gift having you as my family. Every day you shower me with unconditional love and support. Thank you for celebrating the day with me.

It was very fun to spend my birthday with you, not because of the food and gifts I received but because I was surrounded by people who I know truly care about me.

Through ups and downs, your family is the only one that will truly stay with you. Thank you again for spending the day with me.

Thanks for Birthday Wishes To Best Friend

Hey best friend, thank you for making my birthday superb. You always make me happy and feel loved. I will be forever grateful to have you in my life.

I received a few gifts on my birthday but your existence is the best among them. I couldn’t be happier knowing I always have your back no matter what. Thank you!

You made my day very memorable with your heartwarming birthday wishes. I am so fortunate knowing I have a best friend with an amazing personality who truly cares about me.

I was not surprised you didn’t my birthday. With your kindness and good qualities, I can only expect the best. Thank you very much, bestie!

I never had a doubt I’ll be celebrating my special day with you. Thank you for the love and inspiration you give me every day, best friend!

I received a lot of messages on my birthday but yours is the best one and the most special to me. You may not know exactly how dear you are to me but I truly am grateful to have you.

Thank You for Birthday Wishes on Facebook

I want to thank everyone who greeted me on Facebook on my birthday. I could truly feel they were heartfelt. You made my day very special.

I did not expect so many people would post on my wall to express their greetings and birthday wishes for me. Please know I sincerely appreciate your efforts.

Pure happiness is what I feel today for having many people wish me a happy birthday on my Facebook wall. Wherever you are, may God shower you with blessings.

Hey beautiful Facebook friends, I want to express my gratitude for all your kind gestures and efforts in making my birthday so special. I appreciate you all.

Your greetings made my birthday complete. I couldn’t be happier and grateful for those lovely messages from lovely people like you. Thank you all so much!

This is an appreciation post for all the beautiful friends who wished me a happy birthday. Thank you all so much for taking the time to greet me.

I may not have met some of you personally but I know for a fact they are of pure hearts and kindness. Thank you for all the greetings.

I have learned that many friends on my Facebook are truly nice people. I appreciate the kind gesture. I’m sure to spread kindness to others in no time.

I wish for the best things in the world for everyone who spent a few seconds of their life to wish me a happy birthday. I want you to know that you made me very happy.

All your Facebook greetings for me on my birthday are very heartwarming. I may not mention your names individually but I am truly grateful for you all.

I am posting this to express my happiness to everyone who greeted me on Facebook. You know who you are and I want you to know I will be including you in my prayers.

Wow! My Facebook is so much brighter and colorful because of all the greetings from these genuine people. You guys made my day very special. Thank you!

Thank You Text for Birthday Wishes

I want you to know that you made me so happy with your birthday greetings. You are one of the few people that I consider very significant and I appreciate all your kindness.

I was so flattered after reading the birthday message you sent me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for taking the time.

You really brightened my day with your birthday wishes for me. I will always pray for your good health and more success. Thank you for the effort.

I could honestly feel that your messages weren’t just words but sincerely written. Everyone should have someone like you in their life. You are the best!

You never failed to brighten my day and fill it with colors. You did it again when you sent me those beautiful messages. If only you know how thankful I am for you.

I truly believe this year will be amazing for me with your sincere greetings. You have been very lucky for me and continue to be. Thank you for existing.

We’ve been very good friends for many years, and I know for sure no one can make my birthday memorable than you. Thank you for your company.

I will never be exhausted listening to your beautiful words. Thank you for wishing me an amazing birthday. God granted it already by making you a part of my life.

It felt like it was the first gift I have ever received. I feel very happy and excited. Thank you for never leaving my heart.

We will grow old and grumpy but I will always feel young for every moment I will spend with you. I appreciate so much the heartwarming wishes. 

Funny Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

To everyone who took the time to wish me a happy birthday, thank you very much. To those who missed it, I don’t have anything to say to you.

Thank you for all your warm greetings and the amazing gifts I received. You’re welcome for that yummy birthday cake you enjoyed. See you again next year.

I appreciate so dearly the greetings you sent. Do you what could’ve complemented that warm message? A nice birthday gift. Just kidding! Thank you very much.

My heart is overwhelmed by all the sweet messages you sent. I know now for sure you are not jealous of how beautiful I become every year.

Let this be an expression of my happiness for every kindness you showed me on my birthday and over the years. Your grammar on the greetings you sent is a little concerning though. Haha!

Thank you for your messages. If weren’t for it, I wouldn’t have spent so much cash throwing a party for fools like you. Do the same on your birthday!

I want you to know your greetings forced me to throw a party I wasn’t supposed to do. It’s nice to spend some fun time with you though. I appreciate everything.

You sounded a little bit funny with your greetings for my birthday but it’s the gesture that counts, right? Thank you for taking the time to wish me a happy birthday.

You did make me very happy for celebrating with me. I just hope you’re not expecting any treat in return. I will see you again on my next birthday!

You really know when is the perfect time to make me smile. I appreciate everything you did. Please be on my next birthday, and make sure to bring a gift next time.

Thank You Messages for Birthday Gift

I was able to the gift you sent me on my birthday. I want to let you know that you made me very happy. I received a few gifts but yours is extra special.

A perfect gift from a perfectly special person in my life. I love it so much! Thank you so much for making my birthday truly remarkable.

I just couldn’t find the perfect adjective for the gift you gave me but I assure you I love it. Thank you for this. You made my day!

I was surprised when I opened the gift you gave me. You really know how to lift my spirit. The gift is astonishing and I truly enjoyed it.

You really have a special skill when it comes to giving gifts. I am overly satisfied with the one you give me. Thank you so much!

I nearly cried in joy for the gift you sent me. I have been wanting one like this ever since. Thank you so much for this wonderful present.

I appreciate the amazing birthday gift. My day was already special but you just made it extra special. I am so lucky to have you.

This was the perfect present for me. It suited me well. Someday I will pay back the kindness. Thank you again for the gift and for celebrating with me on my birthday.

Just wow! I don’t know what to say or how to thank you enough for this birthday present. You are an amazing person and I am so grateful for you.

I am out of words and just speechless! Thank you for this wonderful present. If only you know how happy you made me on my birthday!

Such a spectacular present! I don’t know how you do it but you just know how to make someone very special with your gift-giving skills. Thank you!

Awesome birthday gift! I am overwhelmingly happy I can just jump around the house to contain myself. I appreciate it very much!

It felt like a bright light shone on me when I unpacked the box. I was even starstruck and my heart was racing for a few minutes. What an amazing birthday gift! Thank you!

This message is to let you know that you picked the perfect gift for me. Everything about it is perfect! I will take care of it for as long as I can, thank you!