Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Messages

Not all couples are lucky enough to be able to celebrate a wedding anniversary. Therefore, if you know anyone who is celebrating this special event, then you should send them some of these wedding anniversary wishes and messages. You can also send these messages to your spouse on your own wedding anniversary. The messages don’t need to be extraordinary. What matters is that you remember them in this very special occasion.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

It’s another year of your happy marriage. May you always have the blessing of God, and your happy marriage will stay the way it was.

It’s been years, and we are still together. I am very lucky to have found you in this life. Happy Wedding Anniversary, love.

Happy wedding anniversary to both of you. I hope that you’ll stay happy together till the end.

Wishing your marriage to last a lifetime. May you two love each other until your hair turns grey and white. Happy wedding anniversary!

To the amazing couple I know, Happy wedding anniversary! May you keep loving each other forever!

Meeting you is the most beautiful thing that had happened to me. Happy Wedding Anniversary, dear!

May your marriage life be full of happiness. Happy anniversary to both of you!

Wishing your marriage to last forever. Stay in love and never stop caring for each other. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

May you overcome any odds against the both of you and stay forever. Best wishes to your Wedding Anniversary!

I wish for an abundance of blessings in your marriage life. Happy one year of marriage!


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May God is the center of your love so that your marriage life will be full of blessing and love. Wish you all the best for your anniversary!

The only thing I did not regret in my life is accepting you to be part of my life. Sharing all the things I have with you feels like we have become one. Happy anniversary, my love!

I wish for another milestone of a blissful marriage to both of you. Happy marriage!

Even in sickness and death, I will still love you with all my heart and soul. Everything may change, but not my feelings for you. Happy 30th anniversary, my darling!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

If I will be asked, what is the best thing that happened in my life? It was when I accept you in my life. I am so thankful for all the love and care that you’ve given to me. You are the best wife in the world, Happy Anniversary!

You light up the darkest days of my life just like how you become the light of our family. Thank you for accepting to be part of your life. Happy Marriage anniversary, my honey.

You make me feel that I am floating in the clouds every time I am with you. Happy Anniversary, my baby!

I am so happy that you are still the person that I love since the 1st day. I will never forget how you change my life. Happy Anniversary!

You are the reason for what I am now today. Being around you always make my day complete. I love you so much!

I feel like I find the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle when I meet you. Without you, I won’t have this beautiful family that we build. I love you, my wife!

I am the luckiest man on earth for having the chance of marrying the most precious woman in the world. Happy Wedding Anniversary to both of us!

My feelings for you never change. I still feel like it’s the first day when we meet. I can still feel that butterfly in my stomach, and it feels great. I love you!

Thank you for staying with me. You never make me feel alone. Happy Marriage to us!


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You are every man’s dream. Having you as my wife is the greatest blessing I had. I will cherish every moment with you. Happy Anniversary baby!

You do not only possess the beauty, but also you have the golden heart that makes me fall in love with you every single day. You are the best wife for our children. I love you so much!

You are like a battery that recharges me every time I am so down. You never fail to amaze me and fall in love with me every day. I am so blessed. I love you!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband

I won’t bother counting years being with you, for I know, that we will be together forever. Happy Anniversary, my hubby!

If change is constant, then let’s make our love for each other constant. So we will love each other every single day. I love you!

You don’t know how much you make me feel so lucky to have you. You never fail to make me feel love. Happy Wedding Anniversary to both of us!

You are the most considerate guy in the world. You always understand me even if I act in a very nonsense way. I hope we always stay like this. I love you!

You still give me that my-heart-skipped-a-beat feeling. You fill your love to me that gives a burning sensation in my heart. Happy Anniversary! 

God has truly blessed me with a person like you. I can’t ask for more, my love. Happy one year of marriage to us!

You are every woman’s dream. Having you as a husband is the best thing that happens to me. I never regret saying yes to your proposal. I love you!

Thank you for being so honest and pure of your love. You are not just a handsome husband but a good husband as well. Happy Anniversary baby!

I can’t ask for more. You are the best thing for me. I never thought I can still see the bright side of life. More memories to both of us!


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I pray to God to bless our relationship and to have a long-lasting love. Happy anniversary, my love!

If things won’t go on your way, remember that I am always there for you. Happy 42nd anniversary of love!

If I am to describe you, perfection fits very well. After a year of being together, I am certain that you are the one that I am looking for. Happy anniversary, my love!

I am glad you have become a great husband. You do always a good thing that every husband should do. I am so lucky to have you. I love you!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends

Every single thing matches perfectly with both of you. You are like fries and ketchup. No wonder you are still into each other. Happy anniversary to both of you!

 You are an inspiration to our circle of friends. I wish you to stay strong and be grateful to each other companions. I love both of you!

 I really knew that the both of you will find each other. I am so glad your path cross each other. I congratulate you for your one year of being officially husband and wife!

Both of you are the strongest couple that I have a witness. It seems like no one can detach your bond from each other. Happy one year of being an official family!

Your relationship proves wrong to many that a bunch of pennies is needed to grant a very happy married life. Love and understanding each other is enough foundation for a long-lasting marriage. Happy Anniversary!

I am the number one fan to both of you. It still amazes me to see the spark between the two of you. A love like this is one of a kind nowadays. Happy anniversary!

 Many couples wish to have a relationship like the both of you. Happy wedding anniversary!

 Your relationship is so perfect. It’s like no one can touch or ruin the bond you share with each other. My best wishes to both of you.

I feel like you find the red string of heart to each other. Which results in happy married life. May you always love each other!

Congratulations to the two happy love birds on another year of your happy marriage. May your love stay strong always.

Wedding Anniversary Messages for Couple

I congratulate you on your one year of being together after the wedding. I hope that you will be truthful with your love for each other always.

I wish for a healthy and full of love anniversary to both of you. Happy wedding anniversary!

I wish you a never-ending love for each other. Happy one year of marriage!

Your relationship with each other makes me realize that a happy marriage is possible. If God is the center of your relationship, anything is possible indeed. Happy wedding anniversary!

I am so delighted that your marriage long last till this year. I hope it will continue and bless you for a more prosperous love. Happy anniversary!

I have never seen a lovely couple like the two of you. You both deserve each other’s love. May God bless your marriage and be happy always. Happy anniversary!

Guinness world of records should recognize your relationship as the longest one. Kidding aside, I wish you good health and more love for each other. My heartiest wishes to both of you!

I can’t still believe that the two of you are still together. After all the things that you have been through, you both made it. No one can take the bond that you share with each other. Happy anniversary!

Thanks for inspiring me that a happy marriage is still possible. Happy anniversary!

With today’s generation that the relationship is being pressured by standards and expectations, you two prove that love shouldn’t be all about that way. Happy Anniversary!

The only thing I can say is that you are truly meant for each other. It’s like a complete jigsaw puzzle that finds every piece that is needed. Happy wedding anniversary!

May the affection you two share become stronger as the year passes by. Happy wedding anniversary!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Brother

I never thought your spoiled attitude would find an amazing wife. Wish you more anniversary, my brother!

I hope you have already gone through your childish antics and won’t give any hard time to your wife. Wish you all the best on your anniversary!

I know from the start that you are going to be a responsible man and a husband. You never disappoint me. You are the best. Happy anniversary!

The only thing that I ask for your marriage is to stay in love with each other. May you will be able to conquer every tough choice in marriage life. Happy anniversary!

I’m glad that you make God the center of your marriage life. I am so proud of you for being a good brother and husband. Wish you a very happy anniversary!

Wish you a blissful marriage. May all the happiness of marriage life be with you always. Happy anniversary!

May you always put God as the foundation of your marriage. I wish for both of you that your love for each other grows each day. Happy wedding anniversary!

The only thing that I wish for you is to be happy. I hope that you will stay with each other forever. Happy one year of marriage!

I always know you as a lazy brother, and now I am so proud you’ve become the man that will make your son and daughter proud. Seeing you happy is the only thing I wish for, a happy anniversary!

May you always be faithful and give all the love and care to your family. I wish you with all my heart a happy year of love!

Thanks for following the footstep of our dear father for being a good husband. Let us show the world that guys like us still exist. You and your wife deserve each other. Happy anniversary!

My dear brother, I wish you a prosperous marriage life. Happy anniversary!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister

Happy wedding anniversary to my beautiful sister. May you continue to have great married life with your partner!

A fabulous Happy Anniversary to both of you! Continue to care for and love each other. You both deserve the love you give for each other.

You made this far. I’m really glad to see your marriage going well until this year. May you stay in love and always care for each other. Happy anniversary!

Dear sister, you are now accomplishing another milestone in your marriage. I hope your unconditional love for each other will remain forever. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Happy Wedding Anniversary to you, my sister! I really envy the love and trust you had with your husband. May you two keep that kind of relationship stronger and intact forever!

Your honest and kind nature makes your marriage strong. Your husband is really lucky to have you. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Dear sister, I am truly happy to see how successful your marriage is. And now another year had passed, and you are celebrating another wedding anniversary. Wishing you more wedding anniversaries to come!

You are one lucky person to be one of those who had found their one true love. I am wishing you a happy anniversary! May your love and care last for a lifetime!

You look perfect together, and your love is so wonderful. Your strong relationship with each other is what other couples wish for. Happy anniversary!

Another milestone of your marriage has come. Seeing you happy and in love really made us happy. May your marriage be wonderful and a successful one forever!

I know you will be a great wife to your future husband someday. Seeing you have a happy family is proof of it. Happy Wedding Anniversary, sister!

Another year and another chapter of your marriage had unfolded. May you stay in love with each this year and in the coming years. Happy Anniversary, sis!

Anniversary Messages for Parents

Happy Wedding Anniversary to both of you. I wished nothing but to keep seeing that happiness I see in your eyes.

You are the epitome of true love. Thank you, mom and dad, for showing us the significance of love. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

As I grew up, you showed me that love should be accompanied by commitment and trust to have a healthy relationship. May you celebrate this anniversary with full sweetness and happiness.

I grew up seeing how amazing it is to be in love with the right person. You are my favorite loveteam among all the loveteams I watched in dramas. Happy Anniversary mom and dad!

I want to congratulate you both for taking this far. Marriage is not an easy thing, but your love is stronger more than anything else, which brings you to another blissful anniversary!

You never let fights and temptations ruin our family, and I am grateful for that. You stay for each other in worst and happiness. Giving us a complete and happy family. Thank you and a happy anniversary, my dear parents.

Congratulations, my lovely parents, for taking this far on your marriage. We feel proud and happy to witness an amazing and strong marriage. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

They say true love will never fade. No matter how many years would pass by, it will remain strong. Your love story is a great story to be shared with everyone. Happy anniversary!

You didn’t let us have an incomplete and unhappy family. You stayed strong and honest with each other. Thank you, and happy anniversary to the great couple I know.

You two are great lovers. You showed us what it is like to have a great marriage and a meaningful life. May you both enjoy this another year of your marriage life. 

Happy anniversary to my amazing parents. I hope happiness will be with both of you all throughout your life.