Farewell Messages – Best Farewell Wishes

It’s hard to bid farewell to the people close to us, whether it’s our colleague, classmate, friend, or significant other. Still, saying goodbye is a great opportunity to let them know that you will miss them and that you will treasure all the memories you have with them. However, for most people, saying goodbye doesn’t come easy. So if you need help into coming up with a beautiful goodbye message, here are some of the best farewell messages and wishes.

Farewell Messages

Among all the people I’ve met in my life, you are one of the best. Good luck on your journey. Farewell!

Parting is normal in life. Someone leaves and someone comes. It doesn’t matter as long as we keep our friendship forever. Farewell, my friend!

May you have everything you deserve in life. Take good care of yourself always. Goodbye, until we meet again.

For the time you stay here with us, we have already made many wonderful memories together. We will always treasure those memories, and we will miss you always. May God bless you in the new destination you will take in your life!

You are such a competent employee. You are the dream of every boss. It’s not a wonder why you are going to a bigger place. Farewell to you and good luck.

We may choose a different destination that forces us to part ways; always remember that our hearts will always stay close to each other wherever we go. Farewell to you, my friend!

Being our teacher, you just didn’t teach us about academics but also about the meaning of life. We really learned a lot of things from you, teacher. Thank you for being the great teacher we could ever have. Farewell to you!

You know that I hated goodbyes but more importantly, I hated parting with you. So let’s not bid farewell to each other, instead let’s just say let’s see each other the soonest we can, my dear friend! Farewell to you!

I will really miss those moments we cried together and laughed together. Take care always. Farewell to you!


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We truly appreciate the genuine care you have for us, and being with you, we feel so secure. Thank you. We hope that wherever you go, you’ll still keep in touch with us! Goodbye.

Best Farewell Wishes

Farewell to you, my buddy. Always remember that you have a special place in my heart.

Time flies so fast. Now that you are leaving, I hope that we will still keep in touch with one another. Let’s keep messaging each other and share stories like how we used to be. Take care always!

Instead of being sad about someone’s farewell, let’s take this chance to remember all the good things we shared together. I look forward to what you can do in the future. Farewell!

I wish you a fortunate future. Wish you a meaningful journey ahead. Farewell, my friend!

Please stay in contact with me even though you are going to a very far place. I will miss you so much. Wish you a safe trip! Farewell!

I know for sure that you are going to be a successful person. Always remember that you are already part of my life. Take care!

Goodbye to my most caring friend. Wherever you plan to go, please take good care of yourself. Think about yourself, too, and I hope that happiness is with you wherever you go. 

 I did not expect that this time will come. It has not yet totally sink in my mind that you are leaving now. I wish you a bountiful of good luck in your life!

 I hope you will go to a better place wherein you can grow yourself and become a better person. Adios!

May you always remember me wherever you go. Take care always, my friend.


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I really hope you are going to find a lot of good friends on your journey. I wish you a blissful journey!

Thank you for becoming my best buddy. You never fail to make me feel lonely. I will miss you. I hope this won’t be the last time we will see each other.

Farewell Message for Colleague

Thank you for all the knowledge that you share with me. I learn a lot from you. I really hope that you will do fine in your journey right now. Bye!

 The aroma of this place won’t feel the same now that you are leaving. But life must go on. Take care always and goodbye!

 I know for sure that a bright future awaits you. But I can’t help but be sad knowing that this will be the last day for you in this office. I wish a goodluck on your new journey!

Goodbye, my most favorite colleague. I know that this won’t be the last time we will meet again. Take care always!

You are so supportive that’s why I am truly going to miss you. I wish you luck with your new place.

I am so proud of you but I can’t help being sad knowing that your promotion will let you leave here in the office. Wish you luck in your new role in this company.

May you will be blessed with the new chapter of your life. Thank you for being a good friend and colleague to me!

I never feel tired in my work because of your witty antics. It’s always fun whenever you are around. See you around, my friend.

You are one of the smartest and skillful employees here, and we utterly feel sad knowing that you are leaving now. May you find good memories in your new workplace. Take care!

This office feels like a home because of you. You are our light in our darkest moments in this work. We wish you a happy journey in your new job.

I will truly miss you. A day without you won’t be the same anymore. Goodbye!


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We will all miss the positive vibes that you spread in this office. Please stay in contact with us. Goodbye!

Farewell Message for Boss

Farewell, one of the best bosses that I have. We will miss you!

You act like a mother and father to us. You treat us like we are your own daughter and sons. Goodbye, our beloved boss!

Thank you, our beloved boss, for all the knowledge that you share with us. I know for sure a good future awaits you. 

We will miss you for sure. We will miss all the guidance and the tons of advice that you give to us. Farewell to you, our great boss!

Farewell to one of the great exemplars of a leader in a company. We never regret growing under your supervision.

It’s sad to hear that you are going to retire now. We will always cherish all the good things that we share together in this company. Farewell, boss!

Goodbye to you. It’s hard to bid farewell to the best person in this company, but we won’t stop you from leaving, for we know that this is for your future. Take care always.

May you will stay in a good place. We hope that you are always taking care of your health. Goodbye, big boss!

We consider you as our second parent; we will miss your guidance. We wish you a safe journey in your new chapter.

You are made to be a great boss. Now we say goodbye to the greatest boss we ever had.

We will miss you being around here. We will miss your crazy ideas. We will never forget someone like you. Farewell!

We feel so happy to have you as our boss. Working under your provision is truly great. We will always bring with us your teachings. Thank you, and farewell to you, sir!

Farewell Message To Employee

Your great contribution to this company will never be forgotten. Goodbye!

Your presence, your hard work, and your dedication to this company will be missed by us. Good luck and take care always!

May the others be inspired by what you’ve done for this company. I will miss your passion and dedication. Farewell to you!

Being a workaholic person, you contributed a lot to my company. Thank you so much for your service. Will I ever find someone like you in my company? I hope I will. Best wishes!

It won’t be the same without you. We will always remember you and all the great things you’ve done. Goodbye!

We are so inspired by your hard work. Because of you, we learn to become motivated in everything that we do. Take care always!

The goals we achieved in this company are because of you. It will be so hard to find a replacement like you. Farewell!

You always strive for the best. That’s why you always inspired us. Always remember that you are in our hearts.

Thank you for all the help that you give to every one of us. All I can ask is to take care of yourself at all times.

It makes me sad knowing that, tomorrow you are not here anymore. But life must go on. May you will achieve all your goals in life. Take care always!

Goodbye and best wishes on your career. It may not be the same without you, but we know you will be at the right place now. 

 Even when you leave, each person in this four-walled office will always be inspired by your works. Farewell, dear. May God bless you on your journey!

Farewell Messages for Friend

We may not see each other now, but this does not mean we will untie the bond we share together. See you soon!

I don’t want to say goodbye to you, my friend. Because I know for sure our paths will cross each other someday.

See you soon, my dear friend. Take good care of yourself and may God guide and protect you always!

May God blessed you with the new journey of your life. See you the soonest we can! I will surely miss you!

You bid farewell too early. I have not yet return any of the good deeds that you have done for me. I should have the chance to do it but anyway I wish you good luck on your journey!

May you have a prosperous adventure in your life. Keep missing me, for I will miss you always, too. Goodbye and see you soon!

I hope that you will not change when we meet each other again. Farewell to you!

May we share a lot of achievements and goals when we meet again. I will miss you, my friend!

It is so hard for me to say goodbye to you. But I will take this moment as a new start for both of us. May we cross each other paths in the future. I will miss you!

We may go on a different route in life but always remember that you are always in my heart. Goodbye!

I know that this goodbye is for both of us. The bond that we have now will be much stronger if we will meet again. Farewell to you, my friend!

Just thinking about all the memories that we share together, I can’t help but become teary-eyed. I will truly miss you, and I hope we will stay in touch with each other!

You are my very first friend, and the very first person I share my secrets with. You are a trustworthy person. But now that you are leaving, it really makes me sad. I hope we will see each other again!

Time runs as fast as the cheetah. So it feels so sudden that you are going to leave now. Let’s make a lot of memories when we meet again in the future. Goodbye for now!

Farewell Wishes for Teacher

I didn’t expect that you are going to leave now. You are my favorite math teacher. But for now, I wish you good health and be safe always. Goodbye for now.

Farewell to the best teacher that we had. Our country should hire more teachers like you!

You are the greatest mentor that I have. It saddens me knowing that, tomorrow I won’t be able to hear your words of wisdom. Anyway, take care always and goodbye!

To the best teacher in this school, I truly appreciate your teachings to us. May we have another teacher like you. Goodbye!

This is one of the examples of tough times. Saying goodbye to a nice person is really hard. But life must go on, and everything has a reason. So I wish you luck in the next chapter of your life, my dear teacher!

Goodbye to you, teacher. We are so lucky enough to witness a great teacher like you. 

I can’t help being sad knowing that you are going to leave us now. We will always remember all your advice and teachings that will surely bring us to the right path. Goodbye!

If every school has a teacher like you, then for sure today’s generation are in good hands. That’s why I hope they can find a good replacement for you. We love you, teacher!

Time, indeed, flies so fast. It seems like it was my very first day of being a grade 7 student, and now we are going to college life. I will truly miss you, the teacher who taught us a lot of things. Farewell to you!

Farewell Wishes to Students

Thanks for always being attentive and cooperative in my class. May you all be able to achieve all your goals in life. I wish you all good luck and farewell!

I am so proud to all of you that you manage to survive this middle school. I really wish that all of you will stay close to each other. Goodbye!

I wish you all a blissful journey in the next chapter of your life. I am so thankful to be able to witness students like you. It has been a great opportunity for me. Goodbye, all!

Always remember that you will have a special place in my heart. I really hope that you will pay me a visit after you achieve your goals in life. Farewell!

We may encounter a lot of disagreement and stress, but I am so thankful that you still respect me as your teacher. Goodbye to all of you, my dear student.

I am so grateful that I am given a chance to be your mentor. Good luck to all of you in your future. As for now, let’s say goodbye!

To my dear students, I am so blessed that I am handling this section. You may give me a lot of stress, but I cannot deny that I learn how to love all of you. May you learn a lot from me. Farewell! I hope that you can make good use of all of my teachings. May all of you achieve greatness in life. Good luck and goodbye!