Happy Friendship Day Wishes and Quotes

Friendship Day is a special day dedicated to friendship. This is the perfect opportunity to greet your friends and send them a message of support and thanks no matter where they are in the world. You do not need to send extra-long messages. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. So here are some of the Happy Friendship Day Wishes and Quotes to inspire you into creating your own message for that special friend of yours.

Happy Friendship Day Wishes

To everyone, Happy Friendship Day. Sending good wishes and my love on this special day. I love you, everyone! 

Let me greet you during this day of friendship. May our God bless our friendship more and let us live with good memories together. 

To my dear best friend, Happy Friends’ Day! Thank God for blessing me with a good friend like you.  

To my buddy boy, thank you for the beautiful friendship. Please remember that you’ll always be special to me. Enjoy the Friendship Day! 

My best friend, thanks for all the support you have given me and for encouraging me to be the best I can be. A joyful Friendship Day to you!

A blissful Friendship Day to my dear friend. Thanks for being there whenever I need you for encouragement, advice, and inspiration. Thank you for all the wonderful things you have shared with me. 

I feel so blessed to have you all in my life. My life is filled with happiness when you are around. Happy Friendship Day, everyone! 

A fun Friendship Day to you, my dear friend. Thank you for being my wings in every chapter that I go through. May our friendship continue to bloom as time passes.


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Friendship is the best thing we share. Nothing can stop us from being friends forever. Have a fun friendship Day, my best friend. 

You are the perfect friend to me because you are heaven-sent. My wish is for us to be good friends forever. I wish you a joyful friendship day! 

Happy Friendship Day, dear. Thank you for giving me the chance to be me. That’s what a real friend is. Nowadays, it’s challenging to find real friends who understand me. Thanks for being my friend.

Hugs and kisses to the most special friend I have. A blissful friendship day to you. Miss you a lot!

Real friends are hard to find. I thank God for giving me an honest and charming friend. I promise to keep you forever in my heart. Happy Friendship Day, everyone!

Friendship Day Wishes For All Friends

To all my amazing friends, happy friendship day! Thanks for being my friends. 

Have a blissful friendship day, my friends. I hope that our friendship will never change. 

To all my faithful and loyal friends, happy friendship day! Thank you for the love and care without thinking about anything in return.

To my friends here and there, I wish you a fun celebration during this friendship day. Happy friendship day, dear friends! 

To everyone, have a fun friendship day! Thank God for giving me an angel on earth through all my friends. Thank you for the care and love. 


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It’s good to have someone who walks with you in every path you take. Thank God for the gift of friendship. Have a fun friendship day to all!

Dear friends, thank you for taking care of me and for being there all the time. Cheers to our friendship! A joyful friendship day to everyone! 

Thank you for being my friends. I hope nothing will change in our friendship. Happy friendship day, everyone!

It’s such a blessing to meet you. I hope our friendship continues to grow stronger. Have a blessed friendship day, everyone! 

Thank you for being one of the reasons why I am happy. Have a joyful friendship day!

You are everything I am looking for in a friend. You bring happiness, fun, and security to my life. Love you, everyone! Happy friendship day!

Each friend is precious to me. Thanks, everyone, for being a good friend to me. Have a fun friendship day!

Have a blissful friendship day, dearest friends! I’m already a winner in life for having friends as good as you are. 

I am blessed to have friends as good as you are. Thank God for giving you to me. Have a fun-filled friendship day!

Dearest best friend, you are one of a kind. You are everything a friend is. Thank God for letting us meet. I hope our friendship stays forever. Happy friendship day!

A fun friendship day to you! I pray that we’ll stick to what we are now in our friendship.

To have a friend as good as you give me indescribable feelings. Thank God for giving me a best friend for life. A joyful friendship day to you!

Friendship Day Wishes for Best Friend

Being a best friend is a precious gift to me because you know everything in my heart. You are one of the few people who know me very well. Dearest best friend, happy friendship day!

Bestie, I cherish all the fun memories with you because you will always be in my heart for life. I miss you so much. A wonderful friendship day! 


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When I’m with you, I’m at home. Life seems so easy because I am blessed to have a special friend. A fun friendship day!

You have been one of the best things I have had in my life. We share every detail of our lives with each other. I miss you! Happy Friendship Day! 

Life has given me so many reasons to be grateful, and one of them is you. I am lucky to have you as my friend. Thank you for accepting the real me. A fun friendship day! 

Thank you for appearing in my life when I least expected it. You came at the right time, dear friend. A blessed friendship day to you!

I don’t know what I did to have a best friend as sweet as you. On this friendship day, I am grateful for having you as my friend. You are a special gift to me. 

In this challenging world, it’s a stroke of luck when you find a person, whom you can fully trust. I felt blessed when you came into my life, and I lest more blessed because you are more than I deserve. Happy friendship day!

Dear best friend, you’re always in my thoughts although you may be far away. Have a fun friendship day! 

I know that ours is not a perfect friendship. However, I know how truly we care for each other. Thanks for being there through the ups and downs. A blissful friendship day to you!

Happy Friendship Day My Love

It’s a blessing to have a lover and a friend at the same time. Thank God for your life. Have a fun friendship day, love!

Happy friendship day to my lover. I am happy I can call you my friend too. Thank you for understand me always. Love you! 

We started as friends before we became lovers. Thank you for showing me how important I am. My love, a blissful friendship day!

You’re my lover and my friend. Thank you for being you. Have a joyful friendship day, my love!

My love, being a friend, and my lover is the greatest blessings in my life. Have a wonderful friendship day! Love you!

I am glad there is someone I can lean on all the time. Thanks for being my best friend and my lover. Have a blissful friendship day, love!

Thank you for encouraging me to be the best I can be. You are indeed a wonderful friend and a loving lover. Cheers to more years together! Have a happy friendship day!

Your presence has brought so much joy and peace into my life. Thank you for giving me a shoulder to lean on in every chapter of my life. A blissful friendship day! 

To someone who is my best friend and my partner, remember that I will forever treasure you. You are my strength and my wealth. Happy friendship day!

It’s something strange but sweet to have a partner who also happens to be my best friend. I know there’s always a friend I can lean on. A fun friendship day to you!

Thank you for bringing light into my life. I’m blessed to have you. A fun friendship day, love!

Funny Friendship Day Wishes

Meatballs and spaghetti best describes our friendship. We complete each other. Happy friendship day!

Not everything can make a person happy. However, you, my friend, are the exception to the rule. A fun friendship day to you!

Every day feels special when I am with you. You always bring fun, and you have put color into my boring life. A fun friendship day!

This day reminds me of how special our friendship is. Thanks for a wonderful year filled with fun. Cheers on this friendship day. Happy friendship day! 

Other people might not think you’re the kindest person, but you are the most special person to me. You’ll always be my best friend. I wish you all the happiness on friendship day.

I can’t believe there is someone who lifts me when I am down, and who sticks with me through thick and thin. You are a unique individual. Happy friendship day! 

I don’t know how you feel when you are with an amazing person such as myself. I guess you are so lucky to have us in your life. A fun friendship day! 

Do you think how fortunate you are for celebrating friendship day with me? Please remember I love you always, dear friend. 

I know I am a weird person, but you are almost the same as me. Thank you for tolerating all my weirdness. Happy friendship day! 

I know that you will help me with whatever I need help with, even carrying a dead body with me. Happy friendship day! 

I know good friends keep us sane, but with you, it’s the opposite. Thank you for the fun adventures and for teaching me to live a carefree life. Have a joyful friendship day! 

I don’t know what kind of effect we have on each other, but thanks for making me feel I am the best among your friends. A fun friendship day!

I feel like I am always watching a comedy show when you’re around. Thanks for being a fun friend. Happy friendship day! 

I promise to be there for you and not make you lonely. That’s why I always bother you. A fun friendship day to you! 

I know that the universe conspired to bring us together. I thank the stars for this nice friendship. Happy friendship day!

A blissful friendship to you! Let’s celebrate this special friendship that we have and forget about how weird vagabonds we were.

On this friendship day, let’s remember those wonderful memories, and think about any mischiefs that we can add to those memories. Happy friendship day!

Friendship Day Quotes

To the most amazing and adorable girlfriend, happy friendship day! Thanks for being a good girl.

You are the forever bubbly, fun, and cute girlfriend. I am happy to have a super friend like you. Happy Friendship Day! 

To my dear girlfriend, thanks for sticking with me through ups and downs. I know that our friendship will last forever. A blissful friendship day to you! 

We may be far away from each other, but nothing has changed in our friendship. Please remember that I always keep you in my heart. A joyful friendship day to you!

You are like a rare gem that is hard to find. I hope that our friendship doesn’t end. Cheers to another year of our friendship.

You are so dear to me. I can’t find a girlfriend and a person who is kinder and more generous than you are. Happy Friendship Day!

My dearest girlfriend, I always thank God for giving me the coolest, kindest, and generous female friend. Thanks for being my angel on earth. Have a joyful friendship day! 

I am so blessed to have a female best friend in my life. We are like sisters because we know each other so well. A toast to our friendship on this friendship day. 

I thank God for giving me someone who understands my every core. You know me more, my dearest female best friend. May our friendship continue to prosper. 

I found you so attractive when we first met. However, as time passed, I saw more something deep more than your face. You are such an amazing person, and I am so fortunate to have a female best friend. 

I am living a beautiful life, and you are one of the reasons why. On this friendship day, let me thank you for giving me a special place in your life. I will cherish all those wonderful moments together. 

Happy friendship day, my dearest female friend! Thank you for adding joy and adventures to my life. Enjoy this special day!

Friendship Day Thank You Messages

May friends come and go in our lifetime, but the true ones stay forever. Thank you for being one of the constant friends in my life. I’m grateful for everything!

Thank you, my dearest friend, for bringing all the best in me when we became friends. You’re an epitome of a good friend. Have a bliessful friendship day! 

Thank you because you are the only one who can understand me. I am grateful that I have a true friend who makes me so proud. 

You are a friend who doesn’t leave me no matter what. Thanks for not giving up on me. Have a joyful friendship day! 

Dearest friend, thank you, and love you! I am glad I found a friend who is always true and loyal. It’s seldom to find a friend like you. 

I thank God for having a friend who guides me and advises me whenever I need guidance. Thank you, dear friend, for all the things you have done for me. 

Thank you, dear friend, for showing me what a real friend is. You are the best of all the friends I have. I couldn’t ask for me. 

My friend, you are a rare gem, someone who is difficult to find. Thank God for giving me a loyal and honest friend. Thanks for teaching me many good things. 

A fun friendship day to you, dear friend. Thanks for trusting me and for being there during my words days. Hugs and kisses!

My precious friend, you are my angel on earth because you are always there at all times. Thanks for all the help you give. A joyful friendship day! 

There are many friends in my life, but you have always been so special. I know I can lean on you anytime. Please know that I will do the same. Thanks a lot for everything! 

You are the light that guides me, especially during difficult times. Thanks for your friendship. Have a fun friendship day!

Thanks a lot for being the most precious friend to me. I know that I will survive every life’s trials because you are always there. A blessed friendship day! 

Life is more fun, and challenging times get easier when you are around. Thanks a lot, dear friend, for all you have done for me and with me. 

Your existence has brought colors to my life. I thank God for letting us meet, and I thank you for the joy and fun you share. 

There is no perfect way to thank you for your friendship. Thank you for showing me how to be a good friend. Have a memorable friendship day!