Halloween Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Halloween is an event that’s celebrated in many countries around the world. Although it’s often associated with scary stuff, it’s still one of the most festive events for both adults and kids. Whether your concept of a Halloween is spooky or funny, sending a Halloween message to a friend or family is one way to celebrate this festivity. Here are some Halloween wishes, messages, and quotes to send to a family or friend.

Happy Halloween Wishes

As the clock hits 12 midnight the dead will rise from their graves and would come knocking on your doors. Do not fret, just give them food. They might be just hungry. May your Halloween night be full of screams!

Wear your best costume so you can get lots of treats. Wishing you a fearful Halloween!

Let’s play in the dark to feel Halloween. Just a friendly reminder, if ever you see something, just pretend you do not see it. Happy Halloween!

You are getting more weight that you almost look like a pumpkin. Happy Halloween and eating!

Let’s gather and bring anything that you want. Just prioritize the pumpkin for our food and candle for our light. Just for you to know ghost hates the light. Happy Halloween!

Candies or costumes? You should choose both of course! Happy Halloween!

Choose the creepiest costume so that you could enjoy giving scary vibes around with kids. Happy Halloween!

I am so envious of you every time Halloween happens. You do not have to struggle to find some creepy costume, for your face is scary enough. Just kidding! Happy Halloween!


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Do not let yourself of being the victim of Halloween pranks. Let’s become the prankster and scared the hell off to this young fella. Happy Halloween!

May the spirit around you talk to you and grant your wants in life. Happy Halloween!

On this Halloween day, all I wish is you guys will enjoy this night. Just a reminder not to step on that door or else. Happy Halloween!

To my crush who has not still noticed me, I hope you will have the best Halloween tonight! Happy Halloween!

The graves are preparing for tonight. Be prepared as the darkness takes over tonight. Scary Halloween to all of you!

May you guess the living and the dead. Or else you will get the chance of playing with a ghost! May you have the scariest Halloween ever!

Happy Halloween Messages

This day is our teeth’ nightmare. Let’s eat all the sweets and candies on the table. Happy Halloween!


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Suit up the best costume this Halloween, and be the Hallo-queen of this creepy night! Make the kids scream! I wish you all a Happy Halloween!

Get ready as you are about to witness the history of the creepiest Halloween in your life. Let’s rock this night and enjoy this Halloween night!

Halloween is never complete without this pumpkin and candy stuff. Let’s cherish this whole evening! May you have a sweet Halloween night!

Let’s become a monster and make this Halloween a kid’s nightmare. Let’s scare them till they scream! Happy Halloween!

I assure you that this night will be your greatest nightmare and adventure at the same time. Just don’t take anything seriously. Happy Halloween!

This night we will celebrate together with the ghost as we do our spirit of the glass. Be prepared, and don’t you dare to run! Happy Halloween!

Be careful wherever you go tonight. One single mistake and the ghost may follow you forever. Bring these candies to increase your resistance to being scared. Happy Halloween!

It’s all fun until you have been tricked by a ghost, and you will be tied with him forever. Good luck with being goofy tonight. Happy Halloween!


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I really appreciate the time we spent together this Halloween. It’s been fun hanging around with you guys. 

Be spooky on this Halloween season. Let us filled this Halloween with fear and let them scream at the top of their lungs. Wish you a scary Halloween!

This spooktacular night may we enjoy and cherish the moment of eating sweets without being scolded. Happy Halloween!

You are not safe as long as darkness is around you. Just because you stayed at home does not mean that you are an exception in this spooky Halloween. As you read this, do not look at the window. Happy Halloween!

Take all your Halloween crafts and let us pleased the dead. Our main target is the living, and we will let them scream in horror! Happy Halloween!

Halloween Wishes for Kids

Let’s horde more candies, my cute armies. This is our only chance to eat a lot! Happy trick or treat!

Yay! The long wait is over. Now you are going to enjoy every single piece of candy. Fill your pumpkin as you fill your stomach!

It’s the best day for you and the worst day for your teeth! Just this time, young kid. Tomorrow no more candies! Happy Halloween!

I think it really feels so cool to effortlessly be creepy. Just by looking at you, you give chills in my spine already! Happy spooky night!

May you have a magical night on this Halloween day. Let us remember to not scare the ones with a heart ailment. Enjoy eating candies!

Wear the best costume this Halloween night. Let’s play all night just like on what you wish for. 

Remember all the spooky stories I shared with you? They are all going to meet you tonight, so do not sleep. Happy Halloween!

It may be scary, but it’s a thrill at the same time. We would have a lot of adventures tonight, so be prepared. I hope you will not pee on your pants! Happy Halloween!

Let’s rock and roll on this Halloween night! Eat candies and wear the creepiest makeup you can make. Happy Creepy Day!

Protect yourself at all costs. Do not let yourself be being slaved by creatures you do not see. Happy Halloween! By the way, who is that guy behind you?

You look so cute, my little one. I was expecting you to be scary, but it turns out you are so lovely. Anyways, do not play with the kid under your bed. Happy Halloween!

Imagine you are chosen as the creepiest-looking costume at this party, and you are not even wearing one. What the best Halloween!

Happy Halloween Wishes for Him

Oww baby! You are the ugliest Frankenstein ever! Your smile is so sweet and yet creepy! Gosh!

I know that we are both oldies now. But who cares? A party is a party. Do you want some creepy couple outfit? Let’s enjoy this night!

I always know that we are looking good together. Will you be my witch tonight?

Stop stressing yourself now, honey. Let’s enjoy this night and put all your worries inside this pumpkin basket. Come and let’s drink. Have fun this Halloween season!

Do you want some little tricky tonight, my loves? Where do you want to have some fun on this cold Halloween night?

Oh, I almost mistook you for wearing a costume. I guess your face is enough, my love. Kidding aside, Happy Halloween to you!

I am so sorry, for I could not celebrate with you on today’s Halloween. I hope that you are having some fun out there. Happy Halloween!

You have the scariest costume at this party. You totally nailed it, baby! Where did you even get that costume? You are so stunning and creepy at the same time!

This kind of stuff is what you really like. For once a year, you could totally act like a kid. Anyways, enjoy your little fancy Halloween stuff!

I don’t understand why you are wearing a marvel superhero even if it is Halloween. Anyways, boys are always weird when they act like a kid. Just enjoy this day of being nonsense!

Halloween is best known as the day of the dead. Aside from giving trick or treat, this is also celebrated to remember our loved ones who passed away. Happy Halloween!

You are really having fun tonight. Your inner child is awakening you now. Happy Halloween. I am glad that you are having fun, my baby!

Halloween Wishes for Her

Those little pumpkin costumes fit you very well; you look so adorable, love! I always love you. Happy Halloween!

May you experience a lot of adventures and thrills on today’s Halloween! I love you, and I wish you a Happy Halloween!

I wish you won’t do anything that will expose my girly scream. Just behave, my love. Happy Halloween!

As I criticized your costume now, I could say that the dead would rise from their grave because you look so astonishing. Ghost, zombies, vampires, or any creepy creature would bow down on you!

Let’s ride this broom and feel the witch inside us. I wish you a Happy Halloween, my love!

Expect to feel some creeps, my love. I won’t stop until I could hear your scream begging for me to stop. Happy Halloween!

I do not have to choose between trick or treat. Having you in my life is the best treatment I received. I am wishing you the best this Halloween!

If you expect me to protect you from all of this creepy stuff, just run for I will join them and scared you out. Happy Halloween! 

I know it is Halloween, but I still want to express my love for you. We are like Batman and Catwoman that look so creep and cool at the same time. Happy Halloween for both of us!

All the ghosts in this house would go out because you are creepier than them. Kidding aside, you look so beautifully scary on that outfit. I love you, and Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween for Friend

I want you all to have fun and hear your laughs, but I prefer to hear you scream. Happy Halloween!

You are wearing a white dress plus that face. That’s enough to make all the kids on the street run for their lives! Happy Halloween, bestie!

This is a day to let you express your creepy ideas on this Halloween. Show off your talent and win the award tonight!

I hope that you can relax tonight despite having some creepy costumes that surround you. Happy Halloween!

This is not the time to procrastinate. Let’s have some fun and be scary to each other. Happy Halloween!

Let us show our perfectly carved pumpkin. Who has the best pumpkin in this group? Of course, the one with a lot of candies! Happy Halloween!

This is the night that we will become the hunter of the kids. Our main objective is to let them scream and cry tonight. Happy Halloween, and let’s do it!

Be safe and never be clumsy in this darkness. We would never know who we stumbled upon! Happy Halloween!

Let us expect this night to encounter a lot of creepy antics. Let us not be mad and just enjoy the show! Happy Halloween to everyone at this party!

All I wish on this Halloween is to gift the friend that I like a piece of sweet candies. So please show yourself, and let’s enjoy this Halloween party!

Do not expect some love tonight. Always be alert, or else your chicken-hearted personality will be exposed in the camera. Be prepared, and let’s start our adventure in this Halloween special! Happy Halloween, everyone!

Oh boy, I think even the ghost is too shy to scare an innocent fella. But still, I hope you can enjoy this party. Happy Halloween!

Halloween Wishes for Family

May this simple celebration is enough to make your family gather together. I hope you are succeeding in scaring your child and laugh about it. Happy Halloween to all of you!

The purpose of this celebration is to have fun and horror at the same time. Aside from that, this will help us to remember our late relatives, and share some experiences when we are with them. Happy Halloween to all family out there!

May we spread some positivity on this Halloween and take out all the bad vibes. Wishing all the families at this party have a Happy Halloween!

This Halloween will be full of joy and horror, which is enough to let us feel the presence of Halloween. I really hope we get to enjoy this celebration tonight. Happy Halloween!

I wish to see a family with a Halloween costume wear by them. I wonder how cute it will be. Happy Halloween!

I just got the perfect stuff to scared out these little kids in this house. May we share some screams together. Happy Halloween

The ghosts are mostly attracted to the innocent ones. So be careful now,

If I will be a Zombie at tonight’s party, are you willing to be eaten by me? Happy Halloween!

There has been humor of roaming clowns in the street. So kids, if you do not want to encounter one, stay at home and be safe.

Sweet candies and dark creepy outfits are the two best things for the Halloween family celebration. Happy Halloween to my fam!

This is the night to showcase our inner child. Now my cousins assembled and let our parents scream! Let’s make our Halloween night the scariest night in our life!

Funny Halloween Wishes

It has been an easy day for you. No efforts to look creepy for tonight’s Halloween party. Kidding aside. Happy Halloween to you!

If ever a zombie apocalypse will break out. They will not eat you, and you do not have to ask. Happy Halloween!

This is your day, your holiday. Your creature-like being has been waiting for you. They are in the woods waiting for your homecoming. Happy Halloween!

Stop roaming around the graves. Your friends might get up and drag your feet because they miss you. Happy Halloween!

It is time to make you pee on your pants. Do not ever try to escape from us because you are not going anywhere. We are going to hunt you down! Happy Halloween!

Ghost and zombies are not really creepy. Your face is. Happy Halloween!

Ghost stories, graveyard stories and etc. This stuff is one of the things that make Halloween interesting. But do you know what is creepier? It is the kids eating candies all night without brushing their teeth, Ew!

I know that you are that person that does not easily get scared. But can you just at least cooperate? What is the point of all of this creepy stuff if we will not be able to witness you scream! Anyways, I really hope a lot of scary stuff will go hunt you tonight. Happy Halloween!

Have you ever imagined walking peacefully and then suddenly someone grabs your feet? Not just that it is not someone’s hands, it is yours! Happy Halloween!

If we see a headless ghost, do they notice that we saw them? Or does it all about feeling and instinct? Happy corny Halloween, guys!