Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes

Cousins are critical members of our family; they are like friends with whom you share the same blood.
They are the ones that you can turn to and say all the problems that you have in mind without the fear of opening up your secrets.
They make your life fun and interesting as well though you may have some fights along with misunderstandings as well.
In the end, they will stay with you too.
Here are some happy birthday cousin wishes that will help you greet satisfied birthday cousins to your favourite ones and your closest cousins.

Thank you for being a blessing in our lives, I can only wish you a happy birthday cousin dear!

I have to thank you for being alive and showing me how to be the cool kid, cous, happy bday!

Cheers to all the times we shared you & I and all the new ones we will start making from now.


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Thank you for always being my buddy in all the things I do I support you too have a good day.

Happy birthday cousin, thank you for filling our worlds with joy & happiness, we love you so.

May you always remember that I will try my best to be there for you when you need me most.

There will be times when you feel you are not alone but hey I’m here for you cous, all the best.

I may not know every little thing about you but I promise to try my best to, have the best day.

There are so many ways I can greet you a happy bday but a message is what I want the most.

There will be days when you will feel blue but today is all about you so make use of today too.

Happy Birthday Brother Wishes

I just want to tell you that our love for you is truly infinite, have a happy birthday cousin dear.

In this world, there is only so much you can have and you’re one of the best in my life now.

I want you to know that you are the best friend that I have always had and I’m glad for that.

Cous, may you enjoy this wonderful day and fill it up with tons of love and happiness for now.

Happy Birthday Mom Wishes

Happy birthday cousin, you are a close friend to me so I wish you would always keep me near.

May you have wonderful blessings come your ways cous for you are the best there is for me.

Let us go and celebrate this day for this was the day you were born ages of years ago, cousin.


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My gift to you is my presence and I do hope that would be enough have the best day ever now.

Truly, I think you are one of the best part of our family, I wish you a happy birthday cousin!

I know I may not have much but I promise to dedicate my time for your special day, so enjoy.

All the love sent to you so that you may finally get all the things that you have wanted, dear.

Cousin, thank you for making aunt’s and uncle’s life happier, we owe you a lot for that too.

Today, forget about everything else and just focus on having fun coz you deserve to, my dear.

I am honored to know someone like you so for now just have a really happy birthday cousin!

There were times when I was annoyed at you, that is true but still I care have a good bday!

I want you to know that you are meant for the great things, do not worry about it at all, dear.

Of all the people in the world, you know me best so for this day let me show you I do care too.

We have fought about the most random of things but were are still there for each other, cousin.


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Happy birthday cousin, all that I am happy for is that I have someone like you in my life too.

All that I can wish is that you have the best time today, you know that I care for you so much.

I still remember playing with you like when we were kids back then, I still miss those times.

Have the best bday and remember that no matter what happens, I’ll support you, my cous.

I think one of the reasons I am happy is coz you are here for me too happy birthday cousin!

For the times that you have taught me something new, here is my thanks to you, happy bday.

You showed me the world in a different light & cous, I will never forget about that, enjoy it!

What you need is some time to party and just enjoy your day, you deserve to so just try hard.

Thank you for being another role model for me so for now just have a happy birthday cousin.

I think you were born in this world to add happiness into it and you sure did, so happy bday.

You are the first person I think of when I am ask about the closest one to me, happy bday cous.

I don’t make friends easily but we instantly clicked have the best day of your life for today too.

Happy birthday cousin, thank you for inspiring me up to be the best person that I can be ever.

I promise you get to be the best man when I get married someday, so have the best day today.

I want you to know that you are important in my life and that I will always treasure you most.

In my heart I hold the people that are dear to me & be assured that you are there as well, girl.

Cousin, you taught me how to love & showed me how it can change my life & it did, enjoy too.

You have shown me how to be wise & kinder, so I did, now just have a happy birthday cousin!

Today, cous what you should do is to live out another new chapter, go and make it different.

May you keep on being optimistic like you have always been, with a bit of cheery on the side.

By now you should be discovering even more facets of the world we live in, have a good bday.

Happy birthday cousin, thanks for letting me be a part of your special day for this very day!

I do not know how life can be happier but with you in it so keep being in it, happy bday to you.

A miracle: that is exactly what you are, making me believe in the impossible right to this day.

You came into the world and filled it up with smiles and for that I am always so thankful too.

Having you as my friend is one of the best thing I ever got this holiday happy birthday cousin!

This world has surely turned into a better place with you around, have the best bday ever too.

Stunning is what you are so thanks for the stay in my life, keep on having fun from now on ok?

You are what they all call the epitome of the perfect cous & there is no one else, happy bday.

I can’t even find someone that is more intelligent & courageous as you are, have the best day.

Thank you for being the person that I can share all my worries with, you inspire me, my cous.

Happy birthday cousin I sure hope that there is someone who will show you what the world is.

For all the times you picked to be with me instead of anyone else thanks & happy bday to you.

You shared so much with me from love to happiness and I thank you for every little thing now.

This new day all but signifies another milestone in your life, do that happy birthday cousin!

As your little cousin you’ve always protected me & I owe you my life for that so enjoy today.

Thanks for being the best cous there ever is in this world & inspiring me too, happy bday!

You helped me in all the ways that you can all the time so have the best time as well today.

You are the one who pushed me to be wiser & to grow up too so happy birthday cousin dear.

I think you are my reservoir of good luck so thanks & just have the best time for your big day.

Your bday is a gift to you so that you can start another 365 days of your journey called life.

Make your day as cheerful as you are & remind yourself that you live coz you have a purpose.

Happy birthday cousin, thanks for understanding me even when there are no words spoken.

Back then you were just this cute little bundle wrapped in a cloth now you are all grown up.

You made a good young gentleman, you dazzle everyone around so just have the best bday!

Respect is all that I have for you & I hope you know that too, may you enjoy a wonderful day.

There really is not anyone in this world that I would rather spend today with but you my cous.

If I was given a chance to choose who to be my cousin, it’s you always happy birthday cousin!

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When you feel like you are alone, just call me ; I will be there by your side, happy birthday!

Do not worry, when it comes down to it, I promise you can rely on me, enjoy today, my cous.

I wish you would tell me that there is more to this life than what we know, I’d understand.

You have always been kind to me so I can only wish you the best too happy birthday cousin.

You sure set a good example to the rest of the family, cousin so just enjoy your special day.

I am glad to have the most intelligent and beautiful cousin there ever existed, happiest bday.

Darling, the progress may be slow but believe that there is more to it now, happy bday to you.

Happy birthday cousin, thanks for both the happy moments and the funny ones as well now.

My wishes are all yours for I love you more than you know enjoy it too happy birthday cousin!

I feel like such a lucky person to have someone that is my relative but also my best friend now.

May this very day mark the new start on your life & may you just have tons of fun enjoy it too.

I do wish that finally you will get to meet the love of your life, have the happiest bday ever too.

I see today as a very shiny day as well probably coz you are here so do enjoy your day now.

Keep growing up to be as strong & as big as you possibly can, cous, and enjoy your big day.

Happy birthday cousin, you had my heart in your small hands the first moment I saw you then.

Though you are all grown up now you still see the world in a positive place, I’m happy now.

Persevere against the dying of the light and remember I will always be here for you, my cous.

Through all the ups & all the downs in life, you stuck with me, thanks & enjoy your big day!

You are my favorite, cous from the very first moment your eyes laid on mine, have fun today!

I promise that today you will get all the pampering that you need to have, so just enjoy it well.

Happy birthday cousin, you are the product of the love shared between two people, remember.

The world has sure turned into a better place with you in it so have the best bday ever today.

Darling, keep dreaming and make it big too, I wish you will enjoy your special day fully too.

There is no one to tell what you can’t or can do but yourself so do the impossible, my cousin.

Happy birthday cousin, thanks for all the smiles along with the laughter that you gave to me.

You made every decision & it has brought you to this so far so I’m happy for you enjoy it too!

I remember every moment that we’d spent together & I can’t be any happier I wish you best.

I feel so fortunate to have you so do well today & just have a lot of fun, we love you so much.

The girl who was my playmate then was now my very best friend too happy birthday cousin!

Things are always so much better whenever we are together, I just have to tell that to you too.

There are no explanations needed to say that I do love you a lot, babe happy birthday cousin!

I wish that you would just keep on having the most fantastic bday of your life happy bday now.

A blessing is what you truly are to us & so I hope that you will truly have the time of your life.

You are one of my reservoir of joy & love, you never run out of good things do enjoy your day.

Happy birthday cousin, no matter what other people try to tell you, remember that I am here.

Friends may be forever or so they say but cousins are there for life so cheers to your big day!

I have achieved to be where I am now simply coz you were there for me all the way, my cous.

No one else might have the courage to tell you but you are awesome happy birthday cousin!

Remember this day for you are the best person there is in the world, do enjoy it a lot, cousin.

I think it was a blessed day years ago that you were born as a joy was given to the earth then.

For me you are one of the best friends there is in this life & one of the coolest as well, cous.

The best time to celebrate your best day is today so just have tons of fun & enjoy your day.

Happy birthday cousin, thank you for being the gift to all the people you have met so far now.

By this time of your day, I hope that you are having tons of fun & partying til you finally drop.

You never know when your last day would be so make every day feel like it’s your bday, dear.

The world is extraordinary but so is everything else just like you are so do enjoy this life too.

Having a person like you in my life is truly a reason to rejoice all day happy birthday cousin!

Exceptional: that is one of the things that you are which is why I just have to tell you that, ok?

For this bday I do hope that you would just enjoy the day away by having tons of fun as well.

You know exactly who I am & still you love me just the same so thanks a lot for that now cous.

Happy birthday cousin, I am proud of all the things that you have accomplished in your life.

One of the best people there are in the world is you so keep on being the way you are, cous.

Knowing you will always be there for me totally comforts me, truly dos happy birthday cousin.

Lovely are the moments that I get to spend with you, that is the truth of it, believe me in that.

This is a party for your special day along w/ all the happy memories we have shared together.

Celebrations are what make things so special so let us do one on your big day, okay, cousin?

Happy birthday cousin, thanks for being the light when I was in the darkest of my days then.

I still consider you the knight in my life, always trying your best to give me what you want.

You are truly an integral piece of this life for you are the best thing that ever happened to me.

Cous, thanks for all the high fives, all the kisses and hugs that comforted me back then, cool.

Happy birthday cousin, just know that we love you & we will try our best to make you enjoy.

Take some seconds to just let go of everything so you can have tons of fun for this day now.

There is no one in the world that can be as close to me as you are so thanks & enjoy today.

May you have a lot of bday to come for you truly deserve every moment of celebration too

Happy birthday cousin, I get to pick you as my favorite but I also liked the other choice too.

You were always good at weighing the good & bad so thanks so much for everything as well.

Believe me or not, I do care a lot about you so I wish that you’d have a really good day today.

For there is no one that will ever be able to replace you, here in my heart, no one else, cous.

Happy birthday cousin, I am glad to have someone like you in my life, you make me happy.

No matter that you’d grown up still makes me want to fight but I had made my promise.

You need to rest up so that you’d have tons of strength to do all that you want to do well.

You are superb and I can’t help but be happy you are here for today, enjoy your big day now.

They all say that life is what you make it, well I am glad to be here with you, cous, enjoy too!

Happy birthday cousin, no one else can tell me who you are in my life: they don’t know you.

Thanks for all the times we spent together back then & just have a happy birthday cousin!

For showing me that you care for me like I care for you, here’s a cheers for you, enjoy it well.

Never will I forget how blessed I am to have you here in my life, to stand by my side always.

Remember that the best things there are in this life comes in three, that is the truth of it too.

Happy birthday cousin, each day is a new page & I hope you read each one thoroughly too.

There is not much I can say but that I hope you fill your pages with kindness and loyalty.

There is always a time for everything & now it is to have fun and just enjoy it really well.

You know all the flaws that I have and never hold them against me thanks and enjoy today.

The world is tough but you make it a whole lot easier for me since, happy birthday cousin!

There is a distance between us but also a bond that no one else in this world can break.

Let us be strong enough to be there for each other when we need it the most, enjoy it well.

I am truly blessed that you make me feel so special all the time, do have fun as well cous.

Through the bad times in this life, you stuck with me & so I wish you happy birthday cousin!

I have always wondered how to tell you that you are awesome, now there is no need to do so.

May you actually light up your dreams into coming true for your existence is a miracle too.

Important, that is exactly who you are, a new character to a new fairy tale ending, enjoy it.

Love has so many reasons to be afraid of what’s around it but never you, happy bday too!

I can only wish that you would be happy enough to just have fun & laughter on your day!

Let no one else in the world tell you the things that you can or cannot do, have fun as well.

I no longer want to be the person you don’t care for, I want to matter, happy birthday cousin!